Sun stone and its properties

Solar stone is a bright representative of feldspar, the medicinal and magical properties of which have been actively used by mankind for more than one century in a row.

  • stone history
  • mineral description
  • mineral stone varieties
  • stone composition and physical properties
  • stone mineral deposits
  • mineral mineral properties
  • magic properties of the sun stone
  • sun stone and zodiac signs Application of the gem
  • Interesting facts about the stone
  • How to distinguishnatural sunny stone from forgery
  • Stone care
  • Photographs of solar stone and its products

History of stone

Unfortunately, in the history of mankind the sun stone was never appreciated and recognized as a valuable gem. But his magical and healing properties were in the honor in many countries at different times.

In ancient Greece, as well as in India, the sun stone was used in various magical rituals. One of them is direct contact with long-dead people. Such magical practices with a solar stone were also carried out by Indians living in the territory of modern Canada.

During the Renaissance, a legend was spread that with the help of a solar stone you can control the heavenly bodies. Of course, this legend did not justify itself, but attracted attention to the stone.

In 1824, the famous Swedish chemist Jan Berzelius gave the mineral the wrong name - "sodium spodumene".And literally two years later, in 1826, the German mineralogist August Breithaupt gave the gem his second name - "oligoclase".

The real popularity for the sun stone came only in 1841, after in South America, in the Andes, an unusually beautiful mineral was found, which in its coloring really resembled the sun.

In Russia, gemstones began to be actively mined relatively recently - in 1933 in one of the districts of North Karelia.

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Description of mineral

Solar stone or oligoclase is one of the jewelry-ornamental varieties of feldspar. The second name of the stone comes from two Greek words "olígos", which means "insignificant" and "klasis" - "refraction, breaking".

The mineral has a unique sparkling golden shimmering flicker. The color of the gem varies from lemon yellow to crimson.

Solar stone is distinguished by the presence of numerous inclusions of oxides of various minerals, including iron, which causes the stone to glow and play in the sun. This effect is called adventurousness.

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Varieties of solar stone

Depending on the deposit, the following varieties of sunstone are distinguished:

  • Oregon sun stone or gold labrador is a mineral, distinguished by a bright play of shades, although it is often not aventured in it. The stone has a unique golden-red luster, which is caused by numerous inclusions of native copper.
  • Mexican or "golden" sun stone - a mineral that has iron impurities in its composition, because of which the stone has a characteristic dark straw-yellow color.
  • The Norwegian Sun Stone is a mineral with a brownish-orange color. The stone is distinguished by its strong shine due to the numerous inclusions of hematite and goethite.
  • Sunstone Congo is a mineral that has a beautiful reddish or greenish color.
  • Indian sun stone is a mineral that has a bright reddish-orange color and has a unique shine due to the inclusion of biotite.

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Chemical composition and physical properties of the stone

Solar stone belongs to the group of feldspars. Its chemical composition includes:

  • albite( Na [AlSi3O8]) - 50-70%;
  • anorthite( Ca [Al2Si2O8]) -30-50%.

The chemical formula of solar stone: Na( AlSi3O8) CaAl2Si2O8.

Natural solar stone has a unique effect - adventure( optical effect in the form of flickering sparks).Due to the numerous inclusions of iron, hematite, biotite, copper, the mineral seems to glow and shine by hundreds of solar bunnies.

Often this stone has a rich orange-red color.

Its hardness is 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale, and its density is 2.66 g / cm3.The stone has a glass fat gloss, has a conchoidal fracture and perfect cleavage.

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Solar stone deposits

The most famous deposits of solar stone are in Norway, Tanzania, Congo, China, on Sri Lanka, and also in Canada, Australia, Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and Madagascar. In addition, fine mineral samples are mined in Russia, the United States, Switzerland, and India.

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The healing properties of the mineral

Modern lithotherapists advise using a sunstone with:

  • allergies;
  • headache;
  • angina;
  • is an inflammation of the lungs;
  • tonsillitis;
  • toothache;
  • heart disease;
  • liver disease;
  • various diseases of the intestine;
  • problems with the pancreas;
  • kidney disease.

It is believed that jewelry with a sun stone effectively calms nerves and even helps with mental disorders.

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Magic properties of solar stone

The magical properties of the solar stone are directly related to its unusually warm color. It is believed that thanks to her stone:

  • lifts the mood;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • gives a cheerful spirit;
  • adds strength and determination;
  • stimulates to active activity.

Sorcerers believe that a sunstone can awaken a gift to clairvoyance. He also develops intuition and helps to easily get out of a difficult situation. As a talisman the sun stone protects from all troubles and misfortunes. He is like an indefatigable ray of light that guides his master to the righteous path.

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Solar stone and zodiac signs

The sun stone has an unusually warm and positive energy. Most of all, according to astrologers, this mineral is suitable for Lions and Aries. He makes Lions more soft-hearted, and Aries helps to avoid conflicts. In Taurus, the sun stone is capable of inspiring hope and brightening their path with success.

And here the Pisces sun stone is contraindicated, since with decorations from the sunny stone Pisces will become suspicious and too gullible. Gemini's sunny stone will plunge into apathy and make them sluggish and lazy.

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Application of the gem

The sun stone is very convenient in processing. Most often, this mineral can be found in various jewelry: rings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, rings.

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Gem used in decorative art - it produces wonderful figurines, caskets and candlesticks.

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Interesting facts about the stone

  • In Washington, at one of the exhibitions is a unique solar stone weighing 258 carats. This amazing specimen was found in Mexico in the middle of the XIX century.
  • It is the sun stone that is the official stone of the state of Oregon( USA).
  • There is a legend about the solar stone, according to which on the first day of the creation of the world, when on the planet there was nothing but water, the charming Sun was adorned with its reflection all day. And one day the sun saw a beautiful moon and wanted to meet her, but the closer it came to the moon, the farther it turned out. Exactly seven days the sun tried to catch up with the stranger, and on the eighth wept bitterly, and then beautiful "sunny" stones rolled from his fiery eyes.
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How to distinguish the natural sun stone from the forgery

The sun stone is not very popular today, therefore, as a rule, you will not see a counterfeit. But for the certainty that before you are a natural stone, try the following:

  1. Hold the stone in its hand. If the mineral heats up too quickly, then most likely it is a fake.
  2. Try a stone for weight. A natural stone can not be too light.
  3. Try knocking a stone on a hard surface. If you hear a characteristic "empty" sound - most likely, the stone is not real.
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Stone care

As paradoxical as this may sound, but the sun stone does not like long exposure to direct sunlight - from this it can lose color saturation, and also shine. Therefore, the stone is best stored in a tightly closed case. This way of storing the sun stone also protects the gem from scratches and unwanted strokes.

Like any precious stone, the mineral does not like sudden temperature changes and excessive humidity.

It is best to clean the sun stone with warm soapy water and a special brush without the use of aggressive chemicals. After cleaning, thoroughly wash the stone under a stream of cold water, and then wipe it dry.

Such manipulation must be carried out at least once a year.

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Photographs of solar stone and products from it


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