Examples of biorevitalization of the facial skin with hyaluronic acid

Every woman dreams of always looking young and beautiful, but they take their own year. After 30, the elasticity of the skin becomes less, dryness appears. Do not resort to the help of a plastic surgeon, and even cosmetic products do not have a visible effect. Especially for this, there is a newest method of face rejuvenation - biorevitalization.

  • Results before and immediately after the procedure
  • Essence and purpose of the

technology Results before and immediately after the procedure

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The essence and purpose of technology

Popular areas for the procedure are the lips, the area around the eyes, the area around the lips.

Biorevitalization of the lips - a procedure that allows you to moisturize, restore the color and vigor of lips. This method is indispensable for people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the lips, dermatitis, cracks in the corners and all sorts of viral and bacterial cheilitis.

Biorevitalization of the lips is carried out after the strongest exposure to the sun or cold. The procedure is carried out individually, on average 3 times with an interval of 2 weeks. The introduction of hyaluronic acid, as a natural component of the skin, allows you to make your lips beautiful, without causing allergic reactions or irritation.

This procedure is carried out only by a certified specialist who has permission to do so. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, identical to dental anesthesia, the injection is injected into the gum, after a time the lips lose their sensitivity. The doctor uses a syringe to dose hyaluronic acid, added to a special gel, which is removed after six months. It is impossible to use acid in its pure form.

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It is believed that the biorevitalization of the lips has no contraindications, but it should be for a while to give up the injection if there are herpes on the lips, with care to carry out contour plasty to pregnant ladies. During lactation it is also not advisable to have a session, but if you really want, then consult a doctor.

Problem areas around the eyes can be divided into:

  • swelling and bags under the eyes;
  • wrinkles;
  • pigmentation;
  • decreased skin elasticity;
  • hernia of the century;
  • circles under the eyes.

Biorevitalization around the eyes - injection technique. Under the skin, hyaluronic acid is added, added to the mesotherapy cocktail. Thus, in the crossed state, the acid lingers in the skin cells. A set of medicines, which is a part of it, is a complex of vitamins, as well as collagen, minerals, herbal extracts and natural antioxidants.

Preliminary specialist assesses the condition and specificity of the skin around the eyes, and determines how many procedures must be passed to the patient. Usually, this is 3-4 times, with interruptions of 3 weeks.

When biorevitalization is carried out, after the first procedure it is necessary to observe a number of rules: it is possible to apply cosmetics only after 7 hours, not to visit the baths and saunas for a week, exclude sun exposure.

After the first procedure, many expect a super effect. But in the first hours you can only see swelling under the eyes, bruises. This is a peculiar reaction of the skin, which has not a long-term period. The problem of swelling will quickly pass, as will bruises. The effect will become visible after a few days.

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