Basal volume boost - plus and minus procedure

Every woman dreams of thick, luxurious hair. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of beautiful voluminous curls. A new cosmetic procedure - Boost up( boost anap) - will help to give a volume that is thin from nature to hair. It is a radical curl with which you can give a long natural volume to your head. The effect after the procedure is preserved up to six months, at this time one can forget about long daily styling.

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Photos before and after

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Bust ap is a new generation authoring procedure, the advantages of which provided it an incredible popularity among modern women.

Pros of fastening up:

  • stable result. The volume after the procedure is kept for at least 3 months, and the styling remains impeccable even in bad weather conditions and after a long wearing of the headdress.
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  • ease of styling. To create a decent hairstyle, you just need to dry your hair with a hairdryer.
  • gentle solution. The lavatory composition for boost ape delicately and gently affects the hair, because it does not contain ammonia. Cystiamine - the main active substance of the solution promotes hair restructuring. A propolis extract soothingly acts on the scalp.
  • has a minimal negative effect on the hair. This is due to the local nature of the procedure, because the agent is applied only at the roots.
  • reduction in fat content. Bust ap will become a godsend for owners of fatty hair, because chemical compounds have a drying effect.
  • gradual loss of volume. When the hair grows, the curl remains invisible and does not look ridiculous. The composition of boost ap loses its properties for 6 months, and the result goes away gradually.

The technology will meet all the benefits provided that it was carried out by a qualified craftsman using professional quality tools.

Keratin hair straightening - pluses, minuses and features of the procedure
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It should be noted some disadvantages of boost:

  • Although the procedure is considered sparing, thisstill perm, which can not be absolutely harmless, so the risk of deterioration of the hair( dryness, brittle) exists.
  • Technology boost means the use of metal studs, which can injure the hair. The result, of course, depends on the professionalism and work of the master.
  • Creating a similar radical volume - the service is quite expensive and not everyone can afford.
  • The duration of the procedure, an average of about 3-4 hours.
  • If the end result of the radical wave is not pleasant, this will have to come true and wait a few months until the hair grows back and gets its original look.
  • To date, not every hairdresser can perform such a service, so the difficulty lies in finding a qualified master.
  • The procedure is carried out on long and medium hair. You can not make the volume boost on short strands, the minimum acceptable length of hair is 15 cm.
  • Sometimes, the strands that have been exposed to the waving can be noticeable, so it will not be possible to make an ideally smooth laying.
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Technique for performing

Making the effective root volume to hair using the technique of boost is a fairly laborious and complicated procedure.


  1. The hair is thoroughly washed and dried.
  2. The upper locks are collected on the crown in a bundle, so that later they cover the curl and make the styling more natural.
  3. Fine strands are wound on special pins for boost ap, describing the "eight" around the teeth. Thus, the effect is "corrugated", reminiscent of springs.
  4. Curls are treated with a special wavy composition and fixed with foil.
  5. The product is allowed to stand for 20 minutes and rinsed off with plenty of water.
  6. A fixative is applied to the treated strands.
  7. After that, the hairpins are removed, the hair is washed, dried and laid.
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It is unlikely that it will be possible to carry out boost at home. The process of creating volume in this way is a painstaking work, and requires certain knowledge and experience. In addition, professional hairdressing remedies for boost are distributed only in beauty salons.

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Bust up should not be done:

  • owners of dry, brittle, previously discolored hair;
  • when taking antibiotics and preparations containing morphine;
  • at elevated temperature and weakened immunity;
  • during critical days( 3 days before and 3 days after monthly);
  • for pregnant and lactating women.
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