How girls find their own style in clothes

Modern girls, given the rather large variety of styles in clothing, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which style suits them the most. And often it happens that the person does not have any sense of style at all. For such cases, there are a number of recommendations, following which you can determine in which style it is more profitable to dress a girl of this or that appearance, with this or that type of figure.

  • Choose your style
  • tsvetotip
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Body type
  • Pear
  • Hourglass
  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Selection of accessories
  • Color
  • Form

style choice is to give preference to not fashion trends, You need to orient yourself according to personal qualities, social status and position at work. The style is determined by the way of life.

You should understand your pastime, that is, where you most often come:

  • on the street( train, work on the street, walk with children, etc.), the following styles are suitable: sports, kazhual, urban chic, oververse, French, grunge,many directions of ethnic styles, including hippies;
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  • at work( sit in the office: classical, business, French business, Kazhal, work in production: sports, military, colonial or work clothes);
  • at social events, for evening entertainment, for a trip to the restaurant, opera, at the reception suitable empire, baroque, romantic, for a hike to a party and a nightclub: kazhual, disco, glam-rock, for walking and hiking in a cafe: retro, romantic, vintage;
  • for the house fit the following styles: sporty, comfortable sets in ethnic styles, rustic, pajamas, oversetsy.

When choosing a style, you first of all need to be guided by your external data, type of figure, eye color, hair, skin and so on, as the purchased clothes should be combined with the appearance.

Guided by its features and lifestyle, it is easy to determine the appropriate style. For example, a creative and sophisticated personality will give preference to a romantic style, retro, grunge, kazhual, ethnic orientations. Girls who have not yet decided on their profession and are looking for themselves will be chosen by more informal styles( grunge, bokho-style, ethnic).Fans of rock can pick up clothes in the style of glam rock, gothic or grunge rock, and active people will dress in sports or urban style.

List and description from the photo of popular styles in clothes search here
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To correctly choose the appropriate style in clothes, you must first determine your color-type. Make-up needs to be washed off, accessories to remove and attach to the face of only two pieces of fabric - blue and pink( coral) flowers. You need to look carefully, which color suits you best. If blue, then your type is Summer or Winter, and if pink, then you belong to Spring or Autumn. Often, the traits of color-types are mixed in one appearance and Spring can go some shades, for example, Winter, and the appearance of Winter will suit some tone of Autumn.

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People of this type can have light peach thin skin, their hair is light, can have a golden, wheat or honey tint. The eyes can be blue, blue-cornflower or turquoise.

Girls of the spring type, choosing a style in clothes, should focus on peach, coral, turquoise, light green, cream or plum shades. It will look good in dresses of yellow-green, orange, cornflower-blue and golden-brown colors. For this type of danger, white, black and dark colors.

Each style also has its own colors. Proceeding from this, the following color styles will suit the spring color: ethnic African, Empire, rustic, indie rock, hippy, colonial, safari, military, romantic, provence, boho.
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People of the autumn type have bronze, chestnut-copper, copper or red hair, and their eyes are brown, green or gray. For girls of this type it is better to have clothes of scarlet, yellow, or orange shades in the wardrobe. Dresses of brown, apricot, marsh, mustard, beige or brick color will also look good. These ladies should beware of white, black, blue, blue and gray shades.

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The following styles come in the colors: English, French, Colonial, Safari, Country, Empire, Baroque, some ethnic orientations( African, Egyptian, Greek).
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For this type, dark chestnut or light hair colors that have a light brown or ashy color are characteristic. The lady-summer has a light, pink or rather pale skin. Therefore, you need to create good bows with blue-gray, lemon, cherry-chocolate, gray-blue or tender pink dresses. Danger is represented by such colors: green, black, gold, white, beige and orange.

The following styles are suitable: marine, American, romantic, provence, vamp, vintage, indie rock, empire.
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For women of this type, hair and dark eyes are characteristic. They fit bright and spectacular colors: crimson, sky blue, malachite, emerald, indigo and the color of wet asphalt. It will look good clothes silver, purple, coffee, pink or lemon tint, and green light is given to a combination of white and black colors. But warm colors should be discarded( orange, warm green, brown and gold).

The following styles are suitable: business, ethnic Russian and gypsy, aviator, vamp, ganson, gothic, grunge, rock, glam-rock, disco, constructive, chanel.
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Shape type

Only five types of female figure are divided, which differ in proportion to the shoulders, waist and hips.

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This type of figure is dominated by the hips, which are much wider than the shoulders, usually the upper part of the body is longer than the lower one. Legs can be attributed to the broad-bone type of addition, also pear characterized by a lowered middle or narrow waist, which is quite pronounced.

For this type of figure styles are suitable, in which the emphasis is placed on the upper part of the ensemble, for example, Victorian and Empire, in which the middle and overstated landing prevails.
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This type of female figure is considered ideal today, as the shoulders and hips are equal in width, and the bottom and top of the body look absolutely in proportion. The waist is usually quite narrow.

For this type of figure in the design plan, any style of clothing will suit.
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This type is inherent in girls prone to fullness, characterized by a smooth line that goes from the shoulders to the hips. Usually the shoulders and hips are narrow, but the waist is not visible.

Possessors of this type can be approached by urban Kazehal, Empire and overuse.
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This type of figure has the same width of the line of shoulders, waist and hips. Due to the fact that the waist is not a pronounced silhouette has a rectangular shape.

This type of figure is suitable for styles that emphasize the waist, for example, classical, French, Baroque, Greek and so on.
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Inverted Triangle

This is how sporty girls with narrow hips and broad shoulders look. The upper part of the trunk is usually somewhat shorter than the lower one, it often happens that the legs are slender, and the upper part is massive. The waist can be broad, usually not pronounced. This style is suitable styles, in which asymmetry is allowed, wide straps and complex decor are welcome, which can balance the figure( empire, constructive, romantic).

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Selection of accessories

To not spoil the look of your outfit with an ornament, bag or inappropriate scarf, use the following recommendations for the selection of accessories.

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There are several ways to combine colors in an ensemble:

  • monochromatic( composing an ensemble within the same color and its variations, for example, a sky-blue dress, shoes and decorations of a dark blue color, a clutch of white-blue color);
  • achromatic( the ensemble is based on white, gray or black colors, for example, a black dress and red shoes to it);
  • contrast( in this case contrast and saturated colors, for example, red bottom and blue top) are used;
  • grisaille( the combination in the ensemble is different, but close to each other colors, for example, blue and turquoise, yellow and orange).
More information about the rules for combining colors in clothing read here
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The form of accessories should be selected for the main lines of your clothing. For example, under a strict suit with square sides and strict lines, you also need to buy imitation jewelry with sharp, sharp corners and faces, in the form of geometric figures. If in clothes the smooth and round forms prevail, accordingly also ornaments should be gentle, with smooth roundnesses.

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