How to independently achieve the effect of burned hair at home

Hot and warm summer leaves a bronze tan, burnt hair and wonderful memories. However, you can achieve a beautiful effect of burnt hair at any other time of the year with the help of a stylist, as well as independently at home, using professional paints or folk recipes.

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Methods of staining

The effect of burnt hair is a procedure that results in the curls brightening a few tones from the original color. Lightening is done unevenly, while the hair should remain dark at the roots and become lighter to the tips.

This effect gives the colored hair a more natural look. Fashion for this procedure appeared in sunny California, so it is often called Californian melioration.

One of the advantages of the effect of burnt hair is that it visually adds volume and texture to the entire hair. Thanks to this coloring, you can easily hide the appearance of gray hair.

There are several basic techniques for creating the effect of burnt hair.

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Staining in the ombre technique implies a connection of the dark color of the root zone of the hair with a lighter color at the tips.

Most often, women prefer to take as a basis the natural hair color, lightening only the ends of the strands. To give the brightness of the hairdo, before the clarification, you can make a one-color painting or toning with a balm without ammonia.

It is worth considering that the colored hair after the lightening of the strands can acquire a shade of the previous staining. When lightening natural hair, you will get lighter strands.

Ombre can be safely done both on short, long hair. In the first case, the staining should begin from the middle of the length of the strands, in the second - from the level of the cheekbones. Depending on the desired end result, the bang may be involved in the clarification process, and the contrast of colors may vary.

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Is one of the varieties of ombre staining, with which you can create a romantic and seductive image.

For its execution, all the hair is divided into strands and combed, leaving the tails at the ends. These ponytails are treated with a coloring drug. This painting takes approximately 45 minutes. After that, the paint should be washed off, and the tint balm applied to the hair using different combinations of shades.

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No less popular method that combines coloring and highlighting. Very stylish, this coloration looks on short and graduated haircuts.

The main purpose of this procedure is to contrast between shades of roots and other hair, the color transition line can be sharp or smooth.

Careless lines and blurry outlines look stylish even when the hair grows and the color is washed off. This method of coloring can significantly reduce the number of visits to the hairdresser.

There are several ways to perform the balayage technique, for example, staining the tips on the occipital region of the head, brightening the strands in the face, the effect of burnt ends.

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This technique is a success for girls with natural blond and fair hair. Often mazhimesh used to visually increase the volume of hair, as well as to mask gray hair.

The technique for performing this painting involves the use of bezammia dyes, which include wax. Such a means lightens the hair no more than 1-2 tones, which allows you to maintain a healthy appearance and acquire a radiance.

Hair on the head should be divided into zones, apply the coloring composition, placing a special paper under each colored strand and wash off after 45 minutes with shampoo for colored hair.

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If you can not afford the services of hairdressers, then in this situation, you can try to dye your hair at home yourself. In stores, kits for coloring are sold, and fans of natural ways can use folk recipes to lighten the strands.

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Professional paints

Many paint manufacturers have in their arsenal a specialized line of products for creating the effect of burnt hair. In addition to the usual ingredients, this set includes a special comb, which is convenient to apply evenly and distribute the paint along the strands.

Also for creating the effect of burnt hair,

  • bleach brighteners,
  • blond series paints or any other shade lighter than the original shade will do.

Stylists recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Paints Garnier .They have in the composition of jojoba oil, wheat, olive oil and, thanks to this, they moisturize well and protect hair when staining. In the complete set there is a nutritious balm Garnier Nutrisse Creme.
  • Paints Palette Schwarzkopf .Have a wide range of shades: pearl, silver, golden blond, ashy. The orange oil contained in the coloring agent protects the curls during clarification. At its affordable price, the paint is able to lighten the hair for 4-5 tones.
  • Cream-paint for highlights Majimeches L'Oreal Professionnal .Wax in its composition has a very delicate effect. It is able to lighten the curls for no more than 3-4 tones, so it is not suitable for dark shades.
  • Coloring kit Wella Safira will achieve a beautiful natural result of clarification at home.
  • Paste Platinum L'Oreal Professionnal is able to lighten hair up to 7 tones, but at the same time, due to the presence of beeswax and nutriserid, it carefully garnishes strands.
  • Gel-paint L'Oreal Casting SunKiss .
  • Revlon Professional Gentle Meches System .
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Folk recipes

Recipe 1.
Using lemon juice you can create the effect of burnt curls on your own. It must be applied unevenly to the hair and leave in the sun for half an hour. The strands will become a bit lighter and will stand out from the total mass of hair. However, this method is suitable only for lightening natural hair.

Recipe 2.
Clarity of the strands can be achieved using a mask based on a decoction of white chamomile. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of pharmacy chamomile, pour 1 cup of boiling water and leave in a dark place. After about 1 hour, add 50 grams of cosmetic glycerin to the broth and insist for 90 minutes. Apply the mask to the desired strands for several hours.

Recipe 3.
Brightening effect has a combination of cognac and kefir.

  • 1 egg,
  • 2 tablespoons cognac,
  • 50 ml kefir,
  • 1 teaspoon shampoo,
  • half a lemon.

This mask should be wrapped with cellophane and a warm towel after application. Leave the mixture on the hair for 8 hours. After washing your head, use a nutritious balm.

Recipe 4.
Honey can not only lighten hair, but also improve their condition. Before its immediate application, you need to wash your head with shampoo and add a small pinch of soda. Preheat the honey in the necessary strands, cover the head with a film, and warm it from above with a towel and leave it overnight.

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Technique for performing

When doing household painting, it is important to follow the instructions that are present in the paint package. It will only be needed for mixing, but not for application and time of use.

Dyeing option:

  1. Divide the cuticle by two horizontal apertures in three parts.
  2. Assemble each zone in the tail one above the other.
  3. Staining is best to start from the bottom. On the comb, apply a thin coat of paint and gently comb the tail from top to bottom so that the comb on the top barely slides along the strands, and the pressure is stronger from below.
  4. Repeatedly repeated such combing, just every time you need to start it all lower and lower. Last time to process a paint only tips.
  5. After applying the hair, leave in the same position, do not twist, do not comb, do not touch, otherwise the paint will smear.
  6. Do the same with the rest of the hair zones.
  7. The most careful thing is to paint the top bunch. Since it is in this part are the most noticeable hair.

Do not use for more than 15 minutes. The difference in shades should be one, a maximum of two tones.

If desired, the staining can be repeated after about a week, lightening only the tips.

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