What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Abkhazia

A gentle sea, soft sand, the charm of the mountains of Abkhazia create comfortable conditions for rest. You want to bring a piece of it to your family and friends as a souvenir. What gifts can you bring from Abkhazia to convey its color and unspeakable charm? Souvenirs, exquisite sweets or works of local craftsmen? There are many options, you just need to choose the right one.

  • Alcohol
  • Chacha
  • Wine
  • pots
  • Daggers
  • Herbs
  • Sweets
  • jam feijoa and figs
  • Honey
  • Gozinaki
  • Baklava
  • Dried
  • Churchkhela
  • Sauces
  • Tkemali
  • Satsebeli
  • Adzhika
  • Narsharab
  • Spices
  • Handmade souvenirs
  • Cheese Suluguni
  • Tea


Abkhazia is famous for its natural wines and strong drinks, such as chacha, cognac and tinctures. Here you can take part in an excursion to the winery, where they will talk about the qualities of drinks and offer tasting.

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Chacha is a natural product obtained from fermentation of grapes without the use of yeast and sugar. Its strength is 60 degrees, and you can drink it not only in its pure form, but also used for making cocktails. Chachu is better to buy factory, for example, Sukhumi plant. Since it is impossible to guarantee the quality of alcohol purchased from individuals.

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Wine is the most popular gift that is brought to the memory of the rest in the country of mountains and the sea of ​​Apsny. Luxury vineyards allow you to produce a large volume of a drink made from natural raw materials according to traditional recipes that have been checked by centuries. For the best aging, large clay jugs with the finished product are buried in the ground. When choosing a wine, pay attention that in the homeland of the drink you can get a fake. For wine it is better to go to the factory, where it is necessary to provide quality certificates. The most popular brands are Bouquet of Abkhazia, Lykhny, Apsny, Psou.

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To make true coffee in the east, Abkhazia uses a dzhezva, a kind of Turks. Traditionally, dzhezva are made of wrought copper and have thick walls and a long handle. Cooked in such a vessel coffee contains all the valuable substances of coffee beans, has a rich taste and unique aroma, so the Jezva can be the best gift to the coffee maker.

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Graceful daggers handmade symbolize the spirit of Abkhazia. Since ancient times, Abkhazians used daggers for hunting and in the household. Real daggers will not be allowed to cross the border, but souvenir copies will be a wonderful memorable gift.

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Medicinal herbs

In Abkhazia, medicinal herbs are grown in natural conditions, and here you can find almost any kind of plants specified in the reference books on medicine. This is St. John's wort, plantain, thyme, oregano, bark of buckthorn and oak, juniper, roots of valerian. Medicinal plants can be purchased in kind and in the form of flavored sachets or pillows for sleeping.

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In Abkhazia sweets are presented in great abundance especially in local markets. They are made on the basis of fresh and dried fruits, with the addition of honey, nuts and spices or in the form of jam.

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Jam from feijoa and figs

Similar confiture is a very tasty and useful delicacy prepared according to a special recipe, thanks to which the useful properties of figs and feijoa are perfectly preserved. You can buy them on the local market.

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Delicious and healthy product that is produced in the mountains of Abkhazia. The traditions of beekeeping have made it possible to accumulate experience in obtaining high-mountain honey with excellent taste qualities and health-improving properties. Clean mountain air, excellent environmental conditions and multi-grasses allow you to collect honey with an extract of chestnut flowers and propolis.

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This is a traditional delicacy of the Abkhazians, made from walnuts, almonds and honey.

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Puff pastry product soaked in sweet syrup with nuts. This delicacy is not stored for long, so it is better to buy it immediately before leaving.

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Dried fruits

They are very useful due to their natural origin. Dried figs, persimmons possess unique taste qualities and useful properties. In the market you can also buy inexpensive walnuts and hazelnuts. And in October, from Abkhazia, you can bring feijoa - a very useful fruit-rich iodine, which has an indescribable fragrance.

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This southern delicacy is made from fruits and nuts, covering them with grape juice. Thanks to the long shelf life, this sweet can be brought from Abkhazia as a gift.

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Abkhaz sauces will be an excellent present due to its unusual palatability and original design. There are several basic Abkhazian sauces.

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A thick cherry plum sauce, which emphasizes the taste of meat dishes. Green tkemali is prepared from green fruits in spring, and red and yellow plum, respectively, red and yellow sauce. The sauce consists of coriander, dried coriander, salt, pepper and a special kind of mint - marsh, which can not be replaced by the usual.

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Sauce with a great taste based on tomatoes and grape juice with seasonings and spices( cilantro, chopped walnuts, garlic, ground pepper), it is often eaten with shish kebab.

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Hot sauce based on tomatoes, hot pepper, Abkhazian spices and herbs. Recommended for use with shish kebab and fried meat. Adjika is called "Abkhazian oil", but because of its severity eat in small quantities. Depending on the composition, it can be red and green.

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This sauce is produced by thickening natural garnet juice with the addition of seasonings. Narsharab contains a huge amount of vitamins.

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The rich choice and indescribable aroma of oriental spices will not leave anyone indifferent, and the affordable price and the original design of the gift sets will make a choice for every taste and purse. In Abkhazia, mixtures of herbs( cilantro, coriander, black and red pepper, dill, laurel), nuts, basil and chabera seeds are used. The most popular is Ahhyla, which includes a lot of dry herbs, and hops-suneli.

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Souvenirs handmade

Amazing handmade souvenirs made by local craftsmen perfectly convey the color of the southern resort. These are woven baskets from vines of grapes, bamboo and boxwood, mortars for grinding spices, photo frames from natural materials, juniper products. Original dishes and vases from clay look original.

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Suluguni cheese

Suluguni cheese is a visiting card of Abkhazia. The technology of its manufacture means heating a specially prepared starter culture until it begins to fold. The resulting billet is left for fermentation in unsalted whey, and then cut into strips and melted in a cheese mold. Oats are often used for making cheese, but any other can be used.

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Abkhazian tea, grown on local plantations, is distinguished by its special taste qualities due to the observance of harvesting and drying conditions. The main types of Abkhazian tea: black leaf, green leaf and yellow leaf. You can choose green and black tea with additives: bergamot, jasmine, rose petals, immortelle, cornflower. Low cost and gift box design make tea a universal souvenir.

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