A sign if a bat flew into an apartment

Bats have always been considered to be creatures of the dark world. In legends and fairy tales these animals lived in dark caves, dungeons and instilled fear on people. Bats were also often called vampires because of the similarity with the depiction of bloodsuckers in scary legends and myths. Is it worth it to be afraid of winged animals in reality, and what do people say when a bat has flown into an apartment, a house?

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Flown through the window

Different peoples interpret the unexpected appearance of a bat in their home in their own way.

According to the Slavic folk signs the night animal flew into the house to the misfortune or death of someone close to them.

Also Slavs believe, if the animal did not simply fly into the dwelling, but attacked someone or circles over it, then this is a very bad sign. In many cases, it is considered a trait to the death of this person or a serious illness that can lead to death. However, troubles can be avoided by gently crouching the mouse, reading the prayer of Our Father Nash several times and releasing it to freedom.

In China, the appearance of a bat in the house foreshadowed prosperity and wealth, so the Chinese are not afraid, but welcome his visit. If the animal flew through the window at the time when all the family members were at home - a happy omen for everyone. If, however, one of the members of the family was in the house during the visit of the winged animal, this meant that everything planned by this man would be fulfilled, and the circumstances for him would develop in the best possible way.

In addition, the Chinese in almost every home you can find any object with a mouse, for example, a statuette or a picture of a flying guest. According to Feng Shui, these subjects attract health, money and longevity.

In Europe, as well as in China, they are well treated to the event when the mouse flies in the window. For Europeans, this animal means luck. In ancient times people even wore a cane with a tip in the form of a night animal - it protected from dark magic and spoilage.

In some nations, the animal symbolizes protection from evil. In the old days, talismans and amulets were made from his bones to protect him from evil forces, dark witchcraft and evil eyes. Also, many wore such amulets to attract success and good luck.

In Scotland, the beast is considered a servant of the Devil, and if he flew into the house, the inhabitants after his appearance have to sanctify their home to get rid of troubles and problems. In addition, the flying messenger is associated with the curses of sorcerers and witches, which he brings into the house on his wings. An old Scottish belief says that if a flying guest has flown up and fell to the ground again, then the witching time has come, when witches have power over all people who are not protected from evil.

Great value is attached to the unusual color of the winged visitor:

  • Red bats are able to scare away evil creatures, so their appearance in the house will help clean the room of dark forces and negative energy.
  • White bats( albinos) are also considered positive in the apartment, but, unfortunately, seeing an animal of this color is a rarity.

The value is also the one who will first notice the flying visitor:

  • If the youngest girl noticed the first rodent, then he brought her a message about her soon marriage.
  • For the head of the family, such a visit promises a major deal if his work is connected with business, or success in a project in which he participates and takes one of the leading roles, or simply good luck in another field of activity.
  • For the hostess of an apartment, an animal that has flown in may foreshow the appearance of a rival.
  • For an unmarried woman of older age - the appearance of a worthy and long-awaited partner.
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Flied to the balcony

Signs flew a flying creature into an apartment or on a balcony no different. Most often in a visit, young birds fly by chance, they have poor eyesight, which should be compensated by a good hearing. However, because of inexperience, they often make mistakes and fly to the balcony. In this situation, it is recommended to take a newspaper or a small blanket and gently guide the animal towards the open window, it will catch this hesitation and fly out on its own.

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You can not harm or kill an animal, as this is a big problem. Carefully, trying not to hurt the mouse, it must be released in the door or window. There is a belief that the one who killed a flying animal shortens his life and brings troubles.

It's a very bad thing to see a dead animal in the house. In this case, it must be carried as far as possible from the house and buried.

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Other signs of

  • Previously, with the help of bats, we were judged on the weather. If she did not fly into the house, but hit the glass or beat against the walls, then soon be a heavy torrential rain.
  • The appearance of a small creature at a wedding ceremony or a feast promises problems and troubles for a young family. But in Asian countries, such a guest - a sign that the family will have healthy children, and the couple will live in wealth.
  • A bat fights in a window or sits behind a glass - a sign symbolizes negative intentions against the masters who are outside the window.
  • If the mouse does not fly into the dwelling, but purposely flies around the house around 3 times, then this building will be in trouble. Most often it promises accidents, deaths, fires and such unpleasant events.
  • You can not bring an animal into the house, especially it was forbidden to do the children, even if the mouse was injured and needed care. In olden times it was believed that it attracted poverty and unhappiness.

The appearance of a flying animal in a dwelling is not always a bad thing. The main thing is how to set yourself up and what to believe in. In addition, mice choose only rooms that have good energy, and although they live in dark places, these animals will not fly into a house with a negative aura. Therefore, if a bat has flown into the dwelling, it is not necessary to think about bad signs, predicting troubles and problems, now it is precisely known that the house is characterized by positive energy.

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To dream of a bats in your home carries both negative and positive values:

  • The most common is a meeting with a stranger. It is necessary to pay attention to what emotions arose in a dream: if they are good, then in reality things will go smoothly, the bad - you need to be careful and be careful.
  • Unexpected appearance of a mouse in a room and a chaotic movement of it - to a short trip in the near future.
  • A flock of toothy guests in the house predicts a long, long journey.
  • If in a dream an unexpected guest not only flew into the dwelling, but also bitten it, it means that one of the friends tries to manipulate a sleeping person. If the blood flowed from the wound, then the culprit of the troubles will be a relative.
  • The mouse clung to the hair - you have to be careful with strangers and not reveal to outsiders your plans.
  • The flying guest flew through the door and began to circle around the person - to the increased attention of the representatives of the opposite sex.
  • Zverek sat on his arm or shoulder - to a violent romance.
  • A bat hanging upside down in a room - sleep warns that within the next 24 hours you need to be careful outside the home.
  • If you see how the animal flew through the window and flew to heaven, then this is a sign that troubles and troubles will be bypassed.
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