15 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

15 years of marriage for the spouses an essential date. During this time they achieved a lot together, overcame difficulties and, possibly, misunderstanding. It's time to sum up and celebrate 15 years of the wedding, prepare congratulations and think what to give to her husband and wife. But first you need to find out which wedding is celebrated on this day.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the wedding called

The fifteenth anniversary of the wedding is called the Glass or Crystal wedding.

This name is given to this anniversary of the wedding is not accidental. It is considered that by the 15th anniversary: ​​

  • Husband and wife were able to prove each other their loyalty and love. Relations between the spouses became clean and transparent, like crystal.
  • Their family union became tempered, like glass.
  • However, their feelings remained fragile and could break like crystals, which must be treated very carefully and carefully.
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How to celebrate

You can celebrate the 15th anniversary of the wedding in different ways:

  1. Solemnly, massively and magnificently. If you are supporters of celebrating family holidays on a grand scale - Crystal wedding - a great occasion for a big family celebration. Invite the celebration of your parents and witnesses to the wedding, family friends and numerous relatives.
  2. Calmly and familyly, modestly, inviting only the closest.
  3. Together, armed with crystal glasses and a romantic mood.
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Ideasplaces to celebrate the 15th anniversary of marriage:

  1. In a restaurant, a spacious cafe, a suitable banquet hall, and if you can afford your own home - you can hold an event at home. In this case, it is necessary to properly decorate the room - of course, with the elements of the symbol of the anniversary - glass and crystal.
  2. In a forest, park, in the garden of a country house or at a recreation center. Most of all this celebration option is suitable for the warm season.
  3. In bowling, in a sports complex( for example, playing paintball), on a skating rink, in a water park or in a sauna.
One of the traditions of this jubilee: after the toast given for a long happy married life, the "newlyweds" empty the crystal glasses and solemnly break them, mentally saying goodbye to the mutual claims and grievances, problems and adversities that they have experienced in 15 years.

This rite symbolizes a new period in the life of the spouses. The main thing is that this day will be remembered for a long time by the couple and became an incentive to the next stages of life together.

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Gift for the wife

Choosing a gift for his wife for 15 years of marriage, first of all you need to take into account her interests and preferences and, of course, the anniversary tradition. For example, from the husband it can be:

  • ornaments with rock crystal incrustation:
  • earrings,
  • pendants,
  • brooches,
  • rings,
  • bracelet;
  • jewelery with diamonds;
  • perfume;
  • crystal or glass refined sculptures.
On the crystal anniversary it is customary to give gifts made of crystal or glass, or containing elements of these materials.

Suitable gifts from guests are:

  • crystal candlesticks;
  • aquarium with goldfish;
  • crystal samovar - a symbol of home warmth and family unity;
  • original vase;
  • souvenirs from glass;
  • paintings under glass screens;
  • crystal ball - a reward for 15 years of married life;
  • glass and crystal dishes.

Original dishes, decorated with beautiful engraving with wishes or exquisite painting.

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What to give to her husband

There are a lot of options for her husband on the occasion of the Crystal wedding.

The answer to the question what to give to her husband for a crystal wedding can be:

loading. ..

  • crystal ashtray;
  • original beer mug with engraving;
  • unusual souvenir of optical glass;
  • crystal figurines: a cube, a triangle in a triangle;
  • crystal panel for office;
  • picture;
  • photo frame, finished with glass or crystal;
  • indoor aquarium.

If you want to make an original gift - present:

  • certificate for rest in a sauna or a country house;
  • tickets to the Dolphinarium;
  • tickets to visit the aquarium with exotic fish.
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Congratulations to

And, of course, when giving presents on the anniversary of the wedding, it's important not to forget about the beautiful verses:

Beautiful date - the fifteenth year,
In love, respect the family lives,
In the Crystal wedding, for service,
Acceptour sincere humble bouquet.
Crystal feelings, with its beauty,
Let them give you peace, and warmth and peace.
Crystal years, stored in the family,
And happiness, love is preserved in the soul.
Today's wedding is unusual, Crystal,
And want from the heart to wish,
To love and passion your bowl is pure
Over the years, it continued to shine!
You've walked a lot together,
And there are a lot of roads ahead of you.
We wish from dawn to dusk
Only sincere and devoted love.
Let the shattered crystal for luck beats,
On thousands of pieces crumbling.
Let together you feel comfortable and warm,
And happiness does not leave you, smiling.
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