With what to wear a long and short skirt-trapezoid

The wardrobe of these girls can not live without a skirt - a symbol of femininity and grace. And a special femininity is characterized by both long and short skirts in the form of a trapezoid. Their popularity does not subside, it's not surprising, because such a style, depending on the length, will suit all types of figures.

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Fashion styles

As the cut and silhouette of the trapezoid skirt has not changed in the past decades, modern designers bravely experiment with draperies and decor, making each model unique.

So, in winter, a skirt-trapeze from dense, warm material, made in a variety of color solutions, will be in demand.

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Many designers decided not to dwell on the classic colors black, gray, blue, brown, and offered trapezium skirts aggressively red, pink andother shades.

Also on the catwalks you can often see the game on the contrasts, when two or more colors are combined, for example, burgundy and gray, or blue, brown and mustard.

The costumes with this element are also popular.

Modern skirt-trapezoid can refer not only to the usual classical style. Thanks to the use of various materials and decor, the trapezoid skirt can fit into almost any wardrobe. Skirts-trapezium from a combined fabric are popular.

So, this season several designers presented romantic skirts-trapezes, in which the lace perfectly combined with a rough, dense fabric and was decorated with pleating and flirty bows.

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Who is fit for the

Waist should not be too tight, but the trapeze skirt and should not sit too loose. It is also important to pay attention to the hip line.

If you have extra pounds, you should treat the skirt-trapezium with caution, it visually adds them to the hips and buttocks.

Large women are best suited skirt-trapezoid medium length, dark shades and without such decor elements as rhinestones, ruffles, patch pockets.

Slim and tall girls fashion experts advise choosing a trapezium skirt with contrasting horizontal stripes that visually break the figure. Elegant women can wear such a skirt in any color scheme, even the most extraordinary. Those who want to hide excessive leanness, to help come skirts, trapezium, decorated with buttons, pockets and other elements.

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With what to wear

Thanks to its cut, the trapezoid skirt can perfectly match with any style of clothing:

  • classic;
  • business;
  • romantic;
  • everyday.

In the summer it is quite possible to wear a skirt-trapezoid from streaming, air fabrics in a combination with a knitted, open top. The fitted, tight-fitting blouses with a deep neckline emphasize sexuality and elegant silhouette. A jacket or blazer wrapped around his shoulders will give the image elegance.

Leather skirts are well combined with leather top, with tops of calm colors, shirts on top of which you can throw a sleeveless jacket.

Jeans skirts are more suitable for young girls, they are suitable for top in light colors, but look good and leather things, or denim top with spikes and a hint of rock style.

Topical skirt in a cage. They better combine with shirts and T-shirts. Such skirts bring into the image something from the school, something bold and youthful.

Speaking of shoes, it should be noted that the most advantageous is the combination of a trapezoid skirt with classic high-heeled shoes. But this option is more suitable for an evening out, but for a walk it is better to wear simple ballet flats or sandals on a flat sole or wedge.

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In the cold season, the trapeze skirt can be worn with elegant boots and ankle boots, as well as high jockey boots.

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