All the people's signs about spiders: kill, see in the house

In folk traditions, the spider has always been surrounded by a halo of mystery and mysticism. Ancient people believed that he connected our world with the other world. About these arthropods there is a large number of people's signs, their behavior can even predict the weather. People are afraid of spiders at a subconscious level, but meeting them in most cases is a happy sign.


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  • In the house

    If the spider has settled in a house or apartment,that all household members are expected to have good luck and prosperity. Usually spiders weave their webs in the corners of the rooms, collecting all the negative energy that is there. Therefore, they have long been considered the keepers of the home.

    From the place where it was possible to see the spider, the interpretation depends also:

    • In the toilet - means the onset of stagnation in affairs or relationships, indicates the need to make some changes in your life.
    • In the bathroom - it is necessary to be extremely attentive, this meeting marks the possible loss of things, the leakage of money or information.

    • In a sink or water - symbolizes vanity, a lot of effort and a miserable result.
    • Lives in the web in the kitchen - there is not enough love in the house, the betrayal of one of the spouses is possible.
    • Settled in the bedroom - a good sign for a married couple, means love and harmony.
    • To see a spider in bed - there are long troubles.
    • In the nursery - the child has a personal defender. If there is no danger that the spider will fall on the body of the baby and frighten it, do not remove it from the room.
    • In the corridor or the living room - a good sign, will soon happen a pleasant event.
    • Weaved the cobweb in the corner on the window - shows the unmarried girls on which side the surrender comes: the upper right corner means east, the upper left corner means north, the lower right - the south, the lower left - the west, the cobweb in the center of the window - it will take at least one year to wait.
    • Sits on the ceiling - to the pleasant news.
    • Weaved the cobweb above the door - not all is well in the house, on the doorpost - an influx of money is expected.
    • Has fallen on a threshold - to sad events( illnesses or deaths), it is necessary to sweep it for a threshold and to close doors.
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    In the car

    The car is also a personal space of a person, so the interpretation of the meeting with the spider at home and in the vehicle is no different. A spider swallows a cobweb in the car - takes the owner under its protection. Creeps toward the driver - to profit, from the driver - to losses.

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    At work

    When meeting a spider in the workplace, predictions are superimposed on the business sphere and mean the emergence of new customers or partners, an increase in salary or position.

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    Where the

    crawls It is believed that to see the spider unexpectedly - to a suddenarrived. If the person is frightened at the same time - wait unpleasant news.

    The direction of insect movement is of great importance for interpretation:

    • Crawls up the vertical surface( wall, table leg) - a good sign, marks new acquaintances, material profit. If the spider moves vertically down - you should wait for losses or bad news.
    • Creeps to meet on a horizontal surface( floor, table) - to profit, if runs away from a person - expect loss or unforeseen expenses.
    • Goes down on the web - to pleasant news, if it falls or fell on the head of a man - a lucky winner will fall a sudden inheritance, a big win or a tangible increase in salary. If the spider came down right in front of the face - to an unexpected, but pleasant meeting, dear guests.
    • The spider fell on his hand or in the palm of his hand - to a profit or a wedding.
    • Crawling on a person means moving. If this moves along the arm or leg - indicates that you need to prepare or take some decisive action.
    • Runs on clothes - to the quick purchase of new things. If the spider crawls on the veil or the bride's dress, the marriage will be strong, and the house - prosperous.
    • Fell on the table during lunch - means the appearance of the enemy's family. You can reverse the process by saying: "To the guests - rise, to the news - to descend."
    • Runs back and forth on the table - to the ambulance.
    • To see a spider sitting on a web signifies a quick news. It is also possible to make a wish, and if the spider crawls after this, the desire is fulfilled, down is not destiny.
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    To kill

    People believed that by destroying a spider that weaves cobwebs on icons, you can receive the forgiveness of 40 sins. However, in other cases, it is impossible to kill an insect - this action promises misfortune, loss in terms of money.

    Luck will turn away, and trouble will overtake not only the direct killer, but also all living in the house. If it is impossible to tolerate the presence of arthropods, it should be caught, planted in a glass jar and gently carried outside.

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    Time of day

    Predict events by the time when the spider showed up:

    • In the morning - is a harbinger of failure, on this day one should not start a new business.
    • In the afternoon, great success is expected in any business.
    • In the evening - to the hope, long-term prospects. You can safely go to the goals set, to implement plans - both in work matters and in personal relationships.
    • At night - a lot of trouble in household matters is expected in the near future.
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    The appearance of the spider also has a value:

    • Black - to the chagrin. If such a spider wove a cobweb above the bed, soon the person sleeping there will overtake the disease. Meet a black spider successfully only if it rises up the web.
    • White - symbolizes light, heaven, brings good luck and romantic acquaintances. If his cobweb appears above the matrimonial bed, the couple will be happy in their family life. Lonely people will find their own destiny.
    • Yellow - the lighter the spider, the easier it will be to communicate with people.
    • Auburn or brown - to deal with an unpleasant person.
    • Red-red - is considered a money, a symbol of fast financial prosperity.
    • Gray - brings harmony into the home and relationships.
    • Green - heralds good news or profits.
    • Dead - if you did not die because of your fault, it does not symbolize anything bad. You can throw it into the fire, asking to put in a word for you before the higher forces.
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    To see a large spider means that the promised signs will come true in large volume.

    A small spider symbolizes a small profit or very small, temporary trouble.

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    Number of

    To see several spiders means:

    • Two spiders - finding a pair. It can be a partner for life or a business union.
    • Many spiders - presages a lot of things that will take all your free time.
    • The spider carries an egg - it will be a difficult and painstaking work.
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    The spider's behavior predicts the weather for the near future:

    • Spider hammered into a corner - a windy day is expected.
    • Hides - to the rain.
    • Bars a thick web and sits down in its center - to the onset of an arid pore. To see a spider after spinning means fast riches.
    • Brings prey from the web - to rage.
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    How to avoid the bad omen

    Even if the appearance of the spider is very troublesome, you can level the problem in the following ways:

    • Bring the spider out onto the street and let it out into the grass with the words: "Go away, take your misfortunes and misfortunes with you!"
    • You can not touch the arthropod, and turn to face him and loudly say: "Chur me!".Our ancestors, the Slavs, churily called our mighty keeper of the clan. This ancient warrior will help to cope with spider predictions.
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    There are also interpretations of dreams about spiders:

    • To see a spider - signifies good luck, attentiveness and activity at work.
    • Running away from a spider means running away from success, committing an error.
    • Spider weaves spider webs - symbolizes the acquisition of happiness and peace in their own home.
    • Kill a spider in a dream - to quarrel or parting with the lover. If the spider is poisonous - to victory over the enemies.
    • The spider has bitten - you will become a victim of betrayal and deceit. If the spider is small - wait for gossip and small squabbles.
    • Many spiders hanging on a web are a favorable combination of circumstances, luck and support on all fronts.
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