How to dress properly

Not every person is able to assess the outside with an open mind and honestly. Therefore, many admit annoying and gross mistakes in choosing clothes. Because of this, the appearance is affected, which affects the perception of others. To learn how to properly dress, read the following tips.


Objective self-appraisal when choosing clothes
  • Dress appropriately for age
  • Dress appropriately according to time and place
  • Take into account the combination of colors, shades, color appearance
  • Choose things according to size
  • Objective self-appraisal when choosing clothes

    Often, problems in choosing clothes arise due to incorrectself-evaluation. Women often stupidly underestimate the advantages of their figure, or categorically turn a blind eye to its obvious and screaming flaws. Not knowing their merits, the first hide all that is possible with clothes. Women who have an overestimated self-esteem put their body to the maximum.

    Before you learn how to dress properly, try to look at yourself without prejudice. Note the flaws in the figure and highlight the virtues.

    Use clothing to try to hide unsightly and emphasize attractive body parts.

    Girls who spend a lot of time behind the wheel should also seriously consider choosing comfortable clothes and shoes.

    The internal state is equally important. Your appearance, and accordingly, your clothes, should change along with internal changes. Dress under the mood, then every day you will be unique and self-confident.

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    Dress appropriately for age

    It is necessary to take into account the age differences of clothes in order to dress properly, then you will look stylish and elegant. An adult woman dressed as a teenager looks ridiculous. It's obscene to wear too short skirts to elderly ladies.

    For young women of 20-30 years there are practically no restrictions in the choice of fashion trends and styles. Young, however, as at any other age, when choosing clothes, one should focus only on the features of the figure.

    After 30 women become more confident. Therefore, you can safely experiment within reason.

    But ladies over 40 should be more careful with fashion trends. One should not imitate teenagers. Put under your clothes body parts that give out age.

    The main task for women over 50 is to look elegant. Choosing the classics is difficult to make a mistake. Moreover, among fashionable clothes you can always find something for yourself.

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    Dressing according to the time and place of the

    Many girls do not think that clothes should necessarily correspond to the situation. You can not equally dress in a nightclub, a restaurant and a job. At least in one of these establishments your wardrobe will be inappropriate.

    Bright and fashionable outfits look perfect at a party and at a club. Long stylish dresses are suitable for going to a restaurant or theater, but very inconvenient for other purposes. By the way, getting dressed for work, you need to consider your profession. It's one thing when it's an office and quite another - a barman or a waiter.

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    To take into account the combination of colors, shades, color-type appearance

    In the question of how to dress correctly and stylishly, it is important to consider your color-type. When choosing a wardrobe, this has an important role. Choose your color type will help the following list:

    • Winter. White and pink skin and dark or black hair. Eyes of dark shades of blue, green, gray, brown. Suitable base colors for clothing: black, turquoise, red. Among the celebrities, as an example, you can bring the actress Liv Tyler;

    • Spring. Ivory leather, beige, peach. Hair light-brown, white, copper. Eyes of light shades. Suitable base colors for clothes: chocolate, beige, blue, orange. Here Cate Blanchett is an example;

    • Summer. Ivory leather, pink-beige. Hair color varies from dark blond to light ashy. Eyes of gray shades. Suitable base colors for clothing: white, gray-blue, lilac, blue. A similar appearance is possessed by the light-haired by the nature of Mila Jovovich;
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    • Autumn. The color of the skin is peach, copper-beige. The face is covered with freckles. Bright shades of the iris of the eye from dark-brown to gently blue. For hair, any shades of red are characteristic. Suitable base colors for clothing: bottle, red, camel, cream white. This type of appearance is possessed by Julianne Moore.

    To successfully combine colors, you need to know that cold colors harmonize with cold colors. Accordingly, warm ones are combined with the same warm shades. But there are some exceptions, when you can achieve harmony in the use of different shades. To colors that are combined with all the others, you can include universal black, beige, gray and white.

    For more information on how to define your color-type, read here
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    Selecting items by size

    To avoid making mistakes in your clothes, exclude from the wardrobe the followingthings:

    • An uncomfortable bra. So that you do not dress, how perfect and fashionable your blouse or sweater will be, they will not sit on you perfectly and correctly if the bra is not in size, tight or free. Under thin dresses and blouses do not wear a hard bra. The same applies to push-up and linen with three-dimensional details. They will make your breast look ugly;
    • The neck is too closed. If the cutout is small, the upper part of your torso looks stocky. The best option is to wear things with standing collars and V-shaped cutouts that fit most women;
    • Wrong belt. During the selection of this accessory, its width should be considered. Otherwise, the belt can visually increase the waist, shorten the legs, expand the hips.
    • Unsuccessful shoes. It must match the style of your entire room. Do not wear too heavy or open shoes. You have to be careful with shoes with ankle straps, it visually shortens the legs;
    • Short pants. Visually, the legs are shorter. Therefore, the correct option - trousers, slightly covering the shoes.
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    When choosing clothes, you can follow these rules. But remember the main thing is to dress properly - this is the way you like it.

    When choosing clothes, use the following color combination chart.

    The ability to dress properly should be introduced from childhood. Therefore, having studied all the nuances of this issue and having learned to make up your wardrobe, teach it to your children.

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