How to sew a secret zipper in a skirt

If you sometimes sew for yourself, sooner or later you will have to learn about how to sew a secret zipper in a skirt. Having practiced on a skirt, it will be possible without difficulty to sew secret flashes into dresses, trousers, tops and other products. The advantage of a hidden fastener is that it is almost invisible, which means that the product will look beautiful and neat!

  • Materials
  • Work process


You will need such materials for work:

  • secret zipper;
  • sewing machine;
  • chalk;Overlock or oblique silk bake;
  • pins;
  • fabric for the future skirt.
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process It's only at first glance that it seems difficult to sew a secret zipper. In fact, it's pretty easy. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions and then you will succeed!

Before sewing on the sewing machine the seam of the future skirt is better not to grind, but to sweep. If you have a fabric that stretches, then it is better to glue it with nonwoven. Sweep the seam allowances under the zipper. This is done in order to avoid skewing on the finished product.

Sweep the seam allowances with an overlock or sew them with an oblique silk bake. Then walk through the iron at the seams, first ironing, and then ironing them.

We put a zipper on the sour cream stitch. The teeth must lie exactly on the seam. We pin with pins, passing them only under the denticles. The lock can be pushed out to make it more comfortable.

We take zippers to the fabric, grabbing just one layer. This is very important, because otherwise, the finished product can wrinkle. We sew the zipper in the middle and take off the pins.

Sew the zipper on the typewriter. It is necessary to bend the denticles and make a line under them. We sew the teeth to the end and make a bite. Do not forget that you do not need to sew a lightning tip!

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When the zipper is sewn, the denticles need to be bent and check if you have done everything right. The prepared seam should not be visible under the teeth.

When both sides are stitched, it remains only to iron it. As a result, you get a neatly sewn secret zipper, which will not be visible on the finished skirt.

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