How to Prepare for a Wedding

Wedding is a wonderful day, dedicated to the love of two people, full of emotions, beauty and delight. Your wedding day should leave a bright and iridescent imprint on the whole of your married life. To make the wedding celebration perfect, you need to do a lot of things long before the appointed date. And in order to not miss anything, we will tell you how to prepare properly for the wedding.

  • General plan for the preparation of the celebration
    • List of the wedding cases
    • 6 months before the wedding
    • For 4 months
    • For 3-2 months
    • For 1 month
    • For a few days

    Overall plan for the preparation of the celebration

    The process of preparing for the wedding,a pleasant lesson, but sometimes it is very tiring. It seems that there is still so much time before the celebration, but the closer the wedding day, the more difficult it is to be in time. You yourself will not notice how a lot of cases are piled up, which can and should have been done in advance.

    In order not to waste your strength and nerves immediately after you have received a treasured proposal of the hand and heart, sketch out the overall plan of the main holiday of your life.

    Remember that the guarantee of an ideal wedding is the fulfillment of all tasks on time and in stages. Start preparation for the wedding event is necessary from the following moments:

    1. Date of the celebration. This should be approached with special responsibility. When choosing the date, consider posts, church and public holidays. Do not combine your holiday with any other events, as this can create some inconvenience to your guests. It is best to choose a date that will fall on a day off.

    2. The budget that you are willing to spend on the wedding. This is an important point in the further planning of the celebration - whether it will be a lavish celebration with a large number of guests and all traditional rituals or whether you decide to arrange a holiday only for the two of you. But in the first, and in the second case it is necessary to think over the themes of the wedding.
    3. Wedding style. Today, it became fashionable to make weddings in the style of "Dandies", "Mafiosi", "Pirates", as well as in a sports or fairy tale direction. Even more popular was the design of the wedding in a certain color, for example, in white and red, white-purple, white-mint and other colors. Please note that even the most modest celebration can be decorated in a stylish and original way, not to mention a lavish wedding.
      But for the creation of such a holiday you need to think in advance every detail, starting from the bride and groom's orders and ending with napkins, balls and other elements in tone.
    4. Wedding dresses of the bride and groom. Preparing the bride for the wedding is always a more difficult and troublesome occupation than creating the image of the groom. Of course, not a single bride will forget about her festive attire, but here too there are some nuances. First, do not wait until the fitting of the dress, because you need to determine the shape and find exactly what you will feel like a queen. And believe me, finding a dream dress is not so easy, so many resort to atelier services, and this extra time, which you then may not have. Second, choose a hairstyle and makeup that will fit your image, and only afteryou can proceed to the next planning stage.
    5. Place of the wedding. Make a list of cafes and restaurants where you could supposedly hold a celebration. Further we recommend to conduct "reconnaissance by battle" - to visit these places, to look banquet halls, to estimate quality of service and kitchen of each establishment.
    6. Choose an agency that will organize the organization of your celebration. If you decide to do it on your own, then you need to find a host, a photographer, a videographer, who will serve your wedding. With these people should agree in advance, as professionals in this area snapped up. Some of the leaders have a recording for the celebrations for the year ahead. Planning a wedding trip. If you are going to go to the honeymoon after the wedding, then in advance choose the country in which you want to spend it. Then decide with the tour operator and book tours, otherwise you risk not getting to where you dreamed to rest after the wedding.

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    List of cases for the wedding

    And now let's make a detailed list of the cases that you need to fulfill before the wedding.

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    6 months before the wedding

    • Choose the date of the wedding.
    • If you decide to get married, then check the church calendar to see if it's the right day for the ceremony.
    • Decide on the budget of the celebration.
    • Make a list of guests.
    • Take care of vouchers.
    • If your parents are not familiar with each other, now is the time to arrange a meeting.
    • Mind yourself in the mirror and decide what you want to change in yourself before the wedding. Maybe it's worth doing sports, like a massage, a tanning salon or cleaning up the skin.
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    For 4 months

    • Choose the wedding theme.
    • Make a list of establishments where you could celebrate the celebration.
    • Decide on your image and make a list of wedding salons that you would like to visit.
    • Think about the image of the groom, especially if the wedding is themed.
    • Select witnesses for the celebration.
    • Make an approved guest list.
    • Order or purchase invitations for the wedding.
    • Make a preliminary list of the leading celebrations, photographers and videographers, among whom you will need to choose the best masters of your craft.
    • Choose the REGISTRY OFFICE, where you will sign.
    • Choose the temple where you will be married.
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    For 3-2 months

    • Decide which ceremony you want - visiting or classical in the Palace of Marriage.
    • Apply to the registry office.
    • Buy wedding rings.
    • Arrange with the leader of the celebration and make an approximate plan for the wedding banquet.
    • Pre-arrange with a photographer and videographer.
    • Choose a melody for your first dance, think through the movements and, if necessary, contact a professional choreographer.
    • Choose a company for making wedding cakes.
    • If you decided to resort to the services of the agency for the celebrations, now is the time to turn to them.
    • Begin to send out wedding invitations to guests and relatives.
    • Decide on the banquet hall where the celebration will take place.
    • Choose a wedding dress or order a tailoring exclusive model in the atelier.
    • Also do not forget about buying additional accessories of the bride: veils, gloves, underwear, stockings, bandages, hair ornaments and so on.
    • Buy shoes.
    • Get the groom's suit.
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    Pay attention to the list of documents for changing the passport after marriage
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    For 1 month

    • Make sure that the wedding invitations were received by everyone to whom they were sent out. Make a final list of guests.
    • Think about the menu of the banquet taking into account the number of guests. Leave the deposit in the restaurant to finally confirm the room.
    • Order wedding bouquet and boutonniere groom and witnesses.
    • Choose a hairdresser and make-up artist, go for a make-up and a hairstyle.
    • Contact the company for decorating the halls with balls or flower arrangements. Think together with them how your banquet will be decorated.
    • Order wedding cars for yourself and guests.
    • Think about the wedding route with the photographer.
    • Get props for photo shoots and competitions.
    • Choose and order a wedding cake.
    • Order fireworks or any other pyrotechnic show for a wedding.
    • Think about the stag and hen party, invite guests to them.
    • Describe a detailed plan for the wedding day, from hairstyles and make-up to the banquet and the departure of the newlyweds.
    • Book a hotel room if you plan to spend your wedding night out.
    • Get all the necessary accessories for a honeymoon trip( swimsuits, hats, glasses, sunscreen products and beauty care products).
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    For a few days

    • Make a seating plan for the festive table and write cards with names so that guests know where to sit.
    • Spend the stag and hen party.
    • Walk around in wedding shoes to carry them out a little.
    • Collect the purse of the bride.
    • Prepare champagne and glasses for a walk.
    • Make a list of people who will serve your wedding. Call everyone and confirm their participation.
    • Take all the props to the restaurant so that on the day of the wedding you will not forget anything.
    • Prepare for the wedding ceremony - make an oath to the groom. And remind the groom that he also thought through the words that will be spoken during the ceremony.
    • Discuss the foreclosure plan with the witness. Make sure that all the props for this tradition are ready.
    • On the eve of the wedding, forget all the worries and worries, get enough sleep, try to relax and enjoy what is happening around you.

    In conclusion, we add that it is impossible to think about everything, so do not be nervous if there are any inconsistencies. The main preparation for the wedding you have done, but for little things you should not pay attention. On the most important day for you, you should enjoy triumph, and not worry about trifles. Believe me, in the future you will have only the most pleasant and bright memories from this important solemn event. Happy wedding to you!


    Girls, yes all descriptions in the article are correct, but there is one "but".Order a hall and a toastmaster for at least a year, but all the other events can be done in a month. We started thinking about it for 6 months, it's horrible, my thoughts were only about the wedding, with the future husband we swore more than once a day. All six months I was nervous, and the wedding was over in a minute.


    Devchenki) I want to say about planning a wedding in advance. You probably know this in the movie it turns out to plan a wedding almost in a year, during preparation to maintain a relationship with the groom, and a bunch of relatives who want to participate in the preparation. I know an example when a friend ordered a restaurant, and there two days before the wedding, the pipe broke, respectively, about any feast was not even a question. It's good that we found a restaurant where the chef really was a wizard without workpieces and problems made a table. During the planning of my wedding, we almost strangled each other with my husband, and at that moment I understood one man in a given situation is morally weaker than women. My advice to the girl and her husband is to determine the date, restaurant and guests. For the rest of combat training, take the best friend, such a crazy must be for everyone. I did so. And all the nerves, abuse and waste are worth that happy moment. This episode of the fairy tale, which wants to hit every girl.


    , totally agree! In general, I do not understand what can be prepared there in six months? In my opinion, the best option is to prepare immediately after submitting an application. That is 2 months before the solemn event.

    And first of all you need to choose a place for a festive celebration. Especially it concerns those cases when the wedding will be in the summer period, on the day off. For a free restaurant, cafe, hall may simply not stay!

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