What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Yaroslavl?

"What souvenir to bring from Yaroslavl?" - a question that arises in everyone who managed to visit this beautiful original city. To the services of travelers and tourists - a wide selection of handmade souvenirs, products from the gift factory and various crafts from masters of decorative and applied art. And all of them are inextricably linked with the culture and history of the city of Yaroslavl.

  • Balm "Old Yaroslavl»
  • Boots
  • Embroidery
  • Ironwork
  • Bells
  • Beer
  • Poshehonsky cheese
  • Sweets
  • souvenirs with the image of a bear
  • Porcelain
  • Clock «The Seagull»

Balm "Old Yaroslavl»

Definitely, as a souvenir standsbring a bottle of balsam "Old Yaroslavl."It is recommended to add it to hot drinks and use it for preventive purposes. It is infused with 24 natural ingredients, the main of which are medicinal herbs and berry fruit. Such a rich composition gives the balsam a unique aroma and mild flavor, it has a tonic and health-improving effect on the body.

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An original and practical souvenir from Yaroslavl will be warm felt boots. Here, for their manufacture, a unique felting technique is used, which makes this footwear frost-resistant. In the Yaroslavl region, even there is a museum "Russian boots", which is recommended to visit the guests of the city.

And in the souvenir shops you can buy little valenochki-whisperers. This is a kind of amulet.

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Embroidery is very popular in Yaroslavl. Local craftsmen can buy clothes and paintings with national motifs, embroidered with a cross, smoothness, beads and even semiprecious stones. The cost of such a product is directly dependent on the material expended. Machine embroidery, presented in the markets of the city, is no less beautiful, but not so original as handwork.

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Forged products

Attention of tourists attract forged items of Yaroslavl blacksmiths. In large shops and in small private shops you can buy elegant frames for photographs and paintings, a wall panel with metal elements and original candlesticks. Products made of copper, brass and aluminum with decorative coating and beautiful ornaments will be an exquisite addition to any interior.

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Bells from Yaroslavl have become a popular souvenir since ancient times, when local blacksmiths learned to cast church bells. In the city is the famous museum "Music and Time", where you can see the huge collection of traditional and bizarre bells made of various materials. Often, local craftsmen put on hand-made images of the most beautiful places in Yaroslavl.

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Fans of the foam drink will appreciate the taste of dark and light varieties from the Yaroslavl Beer brewery. The company "Yarpivo" keeps the recipe and traditions of the production of the drink since 1974, therefore its quality is checked by time. You can also buy branded dishes "Yarpivo".

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Poshehonsky cheese

What to bring from Yaroslavl from food? Pamper yourself and your loved ones with the famous Poshekhonsky cheese, which is produced in the Yaroslavl region. Cheese product from Poshekhonya has not lost its popularity since the XIX century. It has a pleasant spicy taste with a barely perceptible sourness. This is a high-calorie and absolutely natural product, made without the use of preservatives and dyes.

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Yaroslavl produces excellent chocolate. A candy and cookies from the "Yaroslavl confectioner" will please children and sweet tooth. But still the best sweet souvenir will be the original set of "Fedor Volkov".It includes chocolate delicacies with images of sights of Yaroslavl.

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Souvenirs with the image of a bear

Bear has long been a symbol of Yaroslavl, so souvenir shops and workshops of local craftsmen are full of a variety of products depicting this wild beast.

Here you can choose T-shirts, magnets, calendars and, of course, bear figures from different materials. In the city there is a museum of teddy bears, which you can visit and buy there original figurines and toys.

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Porcelain from the factory "Imperial Porcelain" is famous throughout Russia. Cups, plates, jugs, vases and sculptures of various sizes - the range is wide enough. Especially popular are porcelain products decorated with cobalt mesh - this is a unique pattern of cracks, the shades of which vary depending on the lighting.

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Watch "Seagull"

One of the most popular souvenirs from Yaroslavl is the watch "The Seagull".This accessory is produced by the famous "Chaika" plant, which has been functioning for several decades.

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To date, the factory produces pocket and wristwatches of various materials. The greatest popularity gained items decorated with precious stones and metals. Buy watches "Seagull" can be in the watch shops and shopping centers of the city.

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