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  • When the reception of vodka with cold pepper is especially effective?
  • Why does vodka and pepper treat colds?
  • Contraindications to the use of vodka with pepper
  • How to prepare vodka with pepper?
  • How is a common cold treated with vodka and pepper? Folk remedies
  • Preparation of vodka with honey and pepper
  • Should I take vodka with cold pepper?

Vodka with cold pepper is a very effective folk remedy, often helping a sick person to overcome the coming illness and not get sick.

In the life of every person there are situations when an accidentally caught cold destroys pre-planned plans: disrupts an important business meeting or a trip, makes it impossible to participate in the long-awaited holiday, laying for a long time in bed.

This usually occurs in the spring or in the autumn-winter period, when a low air temperature creates ideal conditions for the development of pathogenic viruses and bacteria that weaken the human immune system.

When taking vodka with cold pepper is especially effective?

In the first hours of the appearance of the characteristic signs of the common cold:

  • sensations of weakness;
  • headache;
  • slight malaise;
  • is a common cold;
  • with zalozhennosti in the ears a proven folk way of treatment with vodka can give good results.

As a rule, this symptomatology occurs immediately after a severe hypothermia or a walk through the soaked shoes. In this case, emergency measures - rubbing the body of a chilled person with peppers and taking a small amount of it inside - will help almost instantly and warm it, and prevent the possibility of developing a cold.

Why does vodka and pepper treat colds?

The ability of hot red pepper to help in the treatment of colds has been known since time immemorial. Ancient healers, unable to substantiate the causes of the healing effect of burning pods, intuitively used them to heal their patients.

For modern doctors it's no secret that hot red pepper:

  1. Contains a large amount of ascorbic acid , which is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen weakened immunity.
  2. Includes the active antibiotic capsaicin , giving it a specific bitter taste and sharpness, and also detrimental to the painful microflora.
  3. Has the vasodilating effect of , which contributes to a significant improvement in the circulatory system.
The combined effect of several factors inevitably facilitates the patient's condition.

And where does vodka come in?

What role does it play in the drug that the people have been using for decades to cope with the coming cold?

  • In this case, vodka is used in the role of anesthetic , which alleviates pain from taking a lot of hot pepper.
  • The vasodilating properties of vodka are also widely known: in combination with the similar action of the components of red pepper, it significantly increases blood flow.
Thus, the mechanism of action of vodka with pepper is to maximize the activation of blood flow and stimulation of the protective functions of the human body.

Contraindications to the use of vodka with pepper

Vodka with pepper is a very radical remedy with a number of serious contraindications. As a medicine, it does not fit:

  • for children. Because of the high risk of penetration into the blood and the likelihood of alcohol poisoning, peppers can not be used either as a compress or for rubbing small children.
  • In pregnancy. Any woman expecting a child should remember that when she consumes alcohol while pregnant, she puts his health in great danger.
    The use of pepper for the treatment of colds in a pregnant woman is completely unacceptable.
  • For people, , who is allergic to for vodka and ingredients that are part of hot pepper.
  • For the treatment of angina and pharyngitis , accompanied by a strong inflammatory process in the pharynx and tonsils. Inflamed mucosa can undergo a severe burn, which will only exacerbate the severe condition of the sick person.
  • To patients with hypertension and various diseases of the digestive system .

Why can not I use vodka with pepper at elevated temperature?

Another serious contraindication is the presence of high body temperature. The use of vodka with pepper at a temperature is fraught with extremely serious consequences:

  • The heartbeat of , especially dangerous for people suffering from a number of cardiovascular diseases. The fact is that vodka contributes first to the expansion, and then narrowing of the blood vessels. This can cause all sorts of heart rhythm disturbances.
  • Dehydration of the body , in need of a plentiful drink.
  • Strengthening intoxication, interfering with the body to fight with penetrated into it by pathogenic microflora.

How to cook vodka with pepper?

Vodka with cold pepper can be easily prepared at home. Here is the simplest recipe for making it:

Vodka with cold pepper, recipe №1

  1. In a bottle( 500 ml capacity) with quality vodka add three or four small pods of red hot pepper. If there is no vodka, you can use medical alcohol diluted to the required proportion to prepare the pepper.
  2. Pods can be fresh, and dried, whole or cut into pieces.
  3. Pepper tincture prepared in this way can be used to treat colds within 24 hours, but the most effective will be a remedy that has been insisted for at least two weeks.
  4. The place where the pepper is to be infused must be dark and cool.

How to drink this drug?

The dosage of the home pepper tincture is not more than one pile with a capacity of 50 ml per reception. To achieve a quick effect, you can consume three such portions throughout the day.

How is a common cold treated with vodka and pepper? Folk remedies for treatment

Treatment of colds such a folk remedy, like vodka with pepper, can be carried out in many ways. Here are a few of them.

Vodka with cold pepper, recipe №2

Half a pod of burning( chili or cayenne) pepper carefully chew, and then washed down with a pile( not more than 50 ml) of quality vodka.

Chilli tincture for colds - prescription in video:

Vodka with cold pepper, recipe №3

Adding 1/3 of a small spoonful( or 1 pinch) of chopped hot pepper to a pile of vodka and mixing the contents thoroughly, it is drunk with a volley.

Some sources say that 50 ml of vodka should take a dessert spoon of pepper. Is this correct? Such a portion of the burning powder can result in serious burns of the mucous membranes of the esophagus and oral cavity and, instead of the expected benefit, cause irreparable harm to human health.

Vodka with cold pepper, prescription number 4

Colds often ask the question: "Which pepper is best used for healing from ailment?" If the hostess did not have red ground pepper, it is quite capable of replacing chopped black pepper.

Despite a slightly different list of chemical components and less sharpness, it will not less effectively warm the chilled person, relieving it of the first signs of a cold.

A therapeutic drink made of vodka and black pepper is cooked exactly the same way as in the above recipe: on a pile of 50 ml with vodka - 1 pinch of black pepper.

Vodka with cold pepper, prescription number 5

  • People with severe pain in the throat are helped by a warming vodka compress. After drinking a glass of pepper, a piece of cotton cloth is moistened in a solution of vodka( one part of the vodka is taken with two parts of water) and put it on the throat, warmed with a woolen shawl or a terry towel.
After drinking peppercorn or putting a vodka compress, you must immediately go to bed, wrap yourself up properly and sweat.

The next morning from slight malaise there will be no trace. Will only take a hygienic shower to wash off the body traces of profuse sweating, which is always accompanied by procedures using peppers.

Recipe for peppermint - video:

Vodka with cold pepper - folk remedies

Folk remedies for colds using vodka also include:

  • Body wash with a compound made by mixing equal amounts of vodka, vinegar and water. Such rubbing is performed both in order to warm the patient, and to lower the body temperature too high.
  • The reception of therapeutic cocktails , consisting of a small amount of table mustard or radish juice and 40 ml of vodka.
  • The use of vodka with honey .Such a recipe is suitable for patients who are allergic to hot pepper. To prepare this medicine take a pile of vodka and 50 g of lime honey, add a lemon slice, a pinch of cumin or a piece of ginger root and, slightly warmed in a water bath, take in a warm form.

Preparation of vodka with honey and pepper

Here is another popular recipe for a medicinal beverage, which you can manufacture on your own. Vodka with pepper and honey is made as follows:

  1. 500 ml of vodka is poured into a glass jar of liter vodka, honey is added( three tablespoons), a pod of bitter cayenne pepper, three cloves and eight peas of black pepper.
  2. Mix well the ingredients, tighten the jar tightly and put it in a cool, darkened place for several days. Once a day, its contents are shaken( enough three such procedures).Over the next two days, the bank is not touched, since the drink must be settled.
  3. After taking a piece of dense fabric, the pepper is filtered and poured into a clean bottle.

Should I take vodka with pepper for a cold?

  • Based on the numerous testimonies left on the forums on the Internet, we came to the conclusion that the usefulness of vodka with pepper for the treatment of the first manifestations of the common cold is not a myth, but rather an effective practice.
Reviews of people who at least once tried to use peppers for cold treatment, overwhelmingly testify to the extreme effectiveness of this simple folk remedy.
  • Concluding the conversation about the treatment of colds, we emphasize once again that vodka with cold pepper can help only in the first hours of the onset of the disease.
  • If the moment has been missed and the symptoms of the cold catch have gone further than mild ailment, the use of pepper should be abandoned and a doctor called at home who will prescribe the appropriate medication course.

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