What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Georgia

What to bring from Georgia, ordinary souvenirs, chachu, papakha or dagger? What to choose? The country is famous for its wines, tea, mineral water, sweets and spices, and art crafts. In Georgia, a lot of shops, bazaars, souvenir shops, flea markets, art and craft disintegration. Everywhere you can buy a memorable souvenir.

  • Alcohol
  • Chacha
  • Wine
  • ketsi
  • Minankari
  • National costume
  • A hat
  • Horn for wine
  • Sweets
  • Honey
  • Jam
  • Gozinaki
  • Baklava
  • Dried
  • Churchkhela
  • Sauces
  • Tkemali
  • Satsebeli
  • Adzhika
  • Spices and herbs
  • Souvenirweapons
  • Daggers, sabers, knives
  • Shotgun "Machihela" in miniature
  • Cheeses
  • Suluguni
  • Imeretinsky
  • Tobacco
  • Tlapi
  • Khachapuri
  • Chiboni
  • You can not exportAlcohol

be impossible to visit Georgia and does not taste the famous wines and chacha. to the table of contents ^


There are no doubts about the quality of this product. The fortress of the drink varies from 40 to 70 degrees. To taste the chacha is closest to brandy, but it has a pronounced grape aroma. To get a stronger chaste than the factory, a chaste handicraft production can be in any Georgian market. And in stores offer a wide range of patented varieties.

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There is no single answer to the question: "What kind of wine should I bring from Georgia?"The country produces more than 500 varieties of red, white, dry, fortified wine, in each Georgian family make homemade wine according to the recipes of great-grandfathers. Any wine bought at the market or in a wine shop will be of excellent quality. It's not for nothing that "Tsinandali", "Khvanchkara" and "Kindzmarauli" are considered a national treasure. Many varieties of grapes are unique, as are the wine technologies of Imeretia, Kakheti, Racha-Luchekhumi.

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Fans of khachapuri, fried chicken and fish will be interested in ketsi - red clay or black stone frying pans. This tableware is multifunctional. It is suitable for a conventional stove, oven, open fire, coals. For frying and baking ketsi does not require oil, instead of it put grape or corn leaves on the bottom.

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What to bring from Georgia to the girl as a gift, if not minankari - rings, bracelets, pendants of gold and silver decorated with colored enamel overflows, precious and semiprecious stones.

Jewelry made in the technique of cloisonne enamel, amaze with beauty and originality. Author's works in the technique of minankari are usually bought in Tbilisi in the Art Opening Day on the Dry Bridge, in souvenir shops on Shota Rustaveli Avenue or in art galleries.

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National costume

An expensive gift for respected people will be a long caftan without a collar and with expanding sleeves downwards - Choha. In Georgia, it is considered prestigious to have national clothes decorated with bubbles, silver or gold embroidery, chains, clasps, and a belt.

The color and finish of Choh is talking about the status of its owner. When buying, it is important to consider the size: Chokha's caftan is tightened, thereby emphasizing shoulder width and posture.

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An integral part of the appearance of a real jigit is a hat. A colorful souvenir that will accurately show everyone that you have visited Georgia. It is better to buy handmade sheepskin or astrakhan fur on the market.

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Rig for wine

What to bring from Georgia except wine? And it is better together with it. Of course, the famous Georgian horn. A vessel made of turkey or bovine horn, trimmed with nickel silver, silver, brass, gold, is decorated with a chain, chasing, engraving. Collective gift samples are decorated with precious stones.

The Georgian horn can be used for its intended purpose or serve as an expressive detail of the interior. In the art and souvenir shops, at the request of the buyer, individual engraving is made on the vessel.

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What to bring from Georgia except wine and spices from products? Children, of course, will enjoy sweet souvenirs.

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Georgian honey is valued for its medicinal properties and lack of additives. Varieties of honey are quite unusual: mountain honey from alpine flowers, acacia, chestnut, tangerine, from walnut flowers.
A useful gift will be bees and milk, honeycombs, pergas, bee venom, Georgian cosmetics based on bee products.

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As a sweet gift, you can bring jam. In Georgia it is brewed from the most unexpected fruits: green walnuts, tangerines, lemons, cornelian, figs, quinces, thorns, cherry plums and even pine and spruce cones.

Jam from walnuts is a powerful natural antioxidant, from cherry plums rescues from colds. Mandarin and lemon slows down aging and increases immunity. Jam from cones helps in the prevention of stroke.

Shops offer jam from major Georgian agro firms. In the markets a huge selection of home preparations. The price is about the same, quality too. The most expensive is jam from walnuts and figs.

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Gozinaki is an improved version of a kozinak made from honey, fried chopped walnuts or sesame. In Georgia, gosinaki is a traditional New Year's dish.

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The finest, almost transparent sheets of dough, greased with butter and interlaid with nut-honey filling, according to popular beliefs, strengthen men's strength and give beauty to women.

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Dried fruits

There is a huge selection of dried fruits in Georgia. Lovers of dietary sweets can be pleased not only with traditional dried plums, apples, pears, apricots, but also sea-buckthorn, barberry, thorn, dogwood, nectarines, quince, blackberry, dog rose, cherry, black currant.

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The most famous and popular Georgian sweetcake is a walnut sausage in the frozen pelamushi grape sauce. However, there are many varieties. The filling can be from almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, apricot kernels and peaches. The color of the sweet stick depends on the type of grapes - red, yellow, green, black.

The matured churchchel is solid and slightly powdered with white sugar coating, this is suitable for storage and transportation. The church glass is sold literally on every corner, you can buy it just before you leave.

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A good gift will be traditional Georgian sauces that make the flavor of any dish rich and fragrant.

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An acid-spicy tkemali is made from plums of the same name, fragrant spices and garlic. It is suitable for all main dishes and side dishes. Supermarkets offer a large selection of green, red and yellow tkemali from local producers.

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The universal tomato sauce of satsebeli in Georgian houses is necessarily served to meat, fish, poultry. In the market, you can try and purchase the satsebels of varying degrees of acuity and taste of Caucasian herbs.

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Do not neglect the usual adzhika. In Georgia, there are many variations of hot sauce and dry seasoning. Only the base remains unchanged - tomatoes, paprika, hot red pepper.

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Spices and herbs

It is spices and herbs that make the Georgian cuisine recognizable all over the world. Small bags will be a fine budget, but a memorable gift. From Georgia it is necessary to bring red, black, mingrelian pepper, crushed nuts. Be sure to buy dried herbs: wild garlic, coriander, basil, tarragon, marjoram, uzho-suneli.

In the bazaar you can ask to make a mixture for a certain dish or buy famous hops-suneli and Svan salt - a mixture of salt with garlic, cilantro and dill seeds, hot red pepper, blue fenugreek, mountain cumin and saffron.

All seasonings have a very strong flavor, so that the rest of the baggage does not smell better than to carry hermetically packed.

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Souvenir weapon

For dagger, saber, rifle it is necessary to go to specialized weapons or antique shops. Any weapon, including souvenir, for export from the country is subject to a declaration.

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Daggers, sabers, knifes

Daggers, sabers, knives, drafts and even scimitars are presented in Georgia in the widest range. For blades use different alloys. Handles are very diverse: bone, silver, iron, nickel-silver, carved from the horn.

The real traditional scabbard is carved from wood and covered with leather or made of metal, decorated with blackened silver, notches, forged pads, scandium, precious stones. Gunsmiths offer both modest samples, and inlaid items, which are respectively.

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Shotgun "Machihela" in miniature

"Topi Machahela" is the legendary weapon of masters of Ajaria, invented in the XVII century to fight the Ottoman conquerors. An amazing rifle hit the enemy at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. Souvenir copies of "Topi Machahel" are easiest to buy in a souvenir shop at the museum located in the Machahel Gorge - the Shield of Georgia.

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From Georgia you need to bring cheese. There are a lot of varieties: sheep's sheep, Dambalhacho cheese, soft creamy Nadugi, Chlechili, Chogi, Kalti, Huda, Kartuli Kveli. But the most famous of the Georgian cheeses are the pickled varieties of Suluguni and Imeruli.

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Georgians eat suluguni for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With this brine-layered cheese make khachapuri, it is fried, smoked, cooked in milk, braided in pigtails, watered with honey. For a gift, smoked and suluguni in pigtails are suitable.

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Imereti cheese or Imeruli kveli refers to lightly salted young cheeses made from cow's milk. But for a gift it is better to choose more salty and firm Imereti cheese, which is stored up to 8 months.

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In local markets, the home-grown samosad of different quality is sold, from light to very strong. In addition, they offer cigarette paper. In tobacco shops you can find Georgian cigars from a mixture of tobacco grown in Georgia and brought from Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

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As an exotic gift, you can use clapps - sweet and sour cakes made from dried plum, apple, fig or dogwood puree. Traditional Georgian Georgian cuisine is served with such fruit cakes. Tklapi is added to salads and eaten as an independent dish.

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Literally khachapuri means "curd bread".A cake with cheese can be called the national culinary brand of Georgia. In each region of the country they are proud of their recipe for cooking khachapuri. But the general rule is one - cheese should be no less than a test. The most suitable for the present will be closed Megrelian and Imeretian khachapuri.

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Unexpected gift can become chiboni - Adjarian bagpipe. However, it is unlikely that your friends will be able to use it for their intended purpose. The game on chiboni is taught from early childhood, but such a gift will undoubtedly produce the proper effect.

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Do not export

  • Items of cultural and historical value;Spirits spilled in non-industrial containers.

According to tourists, Georgian customs officers let home wine and chacha, but the packaging must be securely sealed.

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