What is dill water for newborns, how to prepare and apply it

There are a lot of old good grandmother's recipes that we use in everyday life. And all the women who once became mothers, know about the most useful action of such a unique remedy as dill vodichka. This kind of folk remedy saves babies from intestinal colic that occurs in all newborns 2-3 weeks after their birth.

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Product form

Pharmacy dillVodichka is sold in glass bottles of 100 milliliters. More often, you can buy dill water for newborns only in pharmacies with their own recipes. Such pharmacies prepare dill water before the sale, but there are factory products.

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Active ingredients

The active ingredient in the dill may vary due to the recipe for its preparation and the choice of the main component.

The main components for creating medicinal water, which act as active substances:

  • fennel seeds;
  • fennel seeds;
  • essential oil of sweet fennel;
  • essential oil of dill.
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Indications for use

After the birth of the baby, the digestive system becomes addictive to everything new, as a result of which the baby during cramping or immediately after feeding gets cramps in the tummy and begins to writhe in pain and cry. This behavior of the child is associated with bloating and increased gas production. These symptoms are found in the bulk of newborn babies( 70%). There are a lot of drugs that help with bloating, but the most popular and easiest way is dill vodichka. Medications can harm the child's unconventional body, and dill water is practically harmless.

Dill water is used for:

  • improving the functions of the intestines and removing gases from it;
  • improving digestion;
  • increase in lactation.
And also dill water has a light soothing and antimicrobial effect, which is important for mothers and newborns.
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Method of application and dosage

Pharmaceutical Dill Water

The dill obtained in the pharmacy is given to children in 1 small spoon 3 times a day immediately after feeding, with breastfeeding, or add 1 small spoon to milk or a mixture of 3-6time, with artificial feeding. It all depends on the advice of the pediatrician. You can store the drug during 30 days in the refrigerator.

Dill water for home cooking

Dill water, prepared by parents, I use on my own according to another scheme: 1 small spoon 3-6 times a day and immediately after eating, with breastfeeding, or also added to milk or to a mixture, with artificial feeding. It is impossible to store such a solution for a long time. For each use, it is necessary to prepare a new portion of dill water.

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Cooking recipes

Dillings can be cooked at home with minimal use of raw materials and minimal time costs.

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Dill infusion

For the recipe, fresh fennel will be needed. The greens need to be washed and chopped. Pour 1 small spoon of dill with 100 milliliters of steep boiling water. Insist mixture 1 hour. Strain the infusion, give the baby before eating 1 small spoon 3 times a day.

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Dill water with fennel

Grind using a blender or coffee grinder, and you can crush 1 small spoonful of dry fennel seeds in a mortar. Pour boiled water.cooled to 80 ° C. Insist the mixture for at least 40 minutes. Strain. Give the child 3 times a day for 20 grams up to 2 months, children older than 2 months should be given dill water up to 5 times a day.

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Dill water with fennel oil

In 1 liter of water, 0.05 grams of fennel oil should be dissolved. The mixture can store dill oil water for 30 days to the refrigerator.

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Water on dill

Dried and washed dill seeds pour boiling water in the proportion of 1 small spoon into 300 milliliters of water. Insist the seeds 1 hour. Strain infusion.3 times a day give 1 small spoonful of dill water to a child before eating.

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Side effects of

Side effects on dill water include allergic skin rashes,either the component is not suitable for the baby. In cases of overdose, the child may have diarrhea.

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There are no contraindications to the reception of dill water. There are only cases with individual intolerance to the components, in such cases, side effects may worsen.

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