How to bind crocheting hooks

There is one important criterion that distinguishes slings from other varieties of beads. This is their unique purpose. Slings in many countries are used in the process of breastfeeding infants. Their main task is to divert the attention of the child during this event, to take him, calm him.

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What are the

slingshots? Slingshops are always designed in such an interesting subject, which also implies exclusively natural materials, wood, cotton, clay and so on.

The use of this product is obvious. But in addition to its main purpose, this decoration will not be superfluous in the summer wardrobe of any fashionista. It will perfectly fit in the style of "country", "hippies" and ethnic style, suitable for lightweight thin fabrics of monotonous color. But you can try this decoration in other directions, experimenting with its design, thus adjusting to the leading criteria of this or that style. For example, white and black beads for the classical style, white-pink or white-blue for a romantic image, painted for steampunk metal and so on.

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Principle of creating

In our master class you will learn how to make classic beads of this type. And for this you need elementary skills in crochet, at least - the ability to tie the easiest hook pattern with a crochet with a crochet.

Even if you only use beads, and they are not meant for feeding the baby, all you have to do is choose only natural materials. For beads - wood, cotton or ceramics, for tying - cotton or wool yarn.

Why would cotton initially need it? It is useful in the case when the bead is formed not at the expense of a wooden or other workpiece, but due to packing when unfastening.

Buy all these materials for the master class can be in any specialized store for needlework. So you do not need to cut the beads yourself or make them out of clay.

The design of the beads also has a clear framework. In addition to materials, it is worth considering that this product should consist of large beads, preferably of different sizes. It is not necessary to tie all the beads.

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Here you can dream up. In the framework of this work, beads can be painted with acrylic or oil paints, burn interesting ornaments on them, make carvings on them.

Original looks and a combination of all the techniques in one product. So it's even appropriate if your slingshoes will contain both knitted and other beads.

As for the color range, initially such products, in the classical view, should always be decorated in several, preferably bright, colors( at least two).

But you already have to answer for this moment, because only you know what things from your wardrobe will fit this product, and with what you will wear it.

In the photo, the master class shows an example of how to tie "clothes" for a bead. It is filled with cotton or inserted into the workpiece already when the half is tied. After that, the content is tied completely.

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