Variants of a female hairstyle "Gavroš"

One of the retro variants of haircuts popular today is the "Gavroche".It appeared in the mid-fifties of the last century. The peak of its popularity falls on the 70th. And today the haircut "Gavroche" has again received a new breath, thanks to this, new interesting variants are being created.

  • Features of cutting
  • Technique for
  • For short
  • For medium
  • For long
  • Laying

Features of cutting

The hairstyle "Gavroche" has become widespread due to its versatility. It fits under any shape of the face and looks wonderfully on the thick, even curls.

Haircut does not require much time and effort for styling. However, it can look absolutely different depending on each specific case - everyday, sports or evening.

Any coloring and highlighting techniques that effectively highlight the strands will be wonderfully combined with this retro haircut.

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Technique for performing

As a rule, when cutting, the hair in front of the head is cut short, and the back is left long.

Whiskeys are cut in the form of a triangle. At the end, the head of hear can be milled to reduce the volume and ease of styling.

The resulting torn strands help to give the haircut a more stylish and modern look.

There are two types of haircuts "Gavroche":

  1. Classic. The shape of the bangs and temples visually forms a triangle.
  2. Asymmetrical. Characterized by the presence of oblique bangs and temples of different lengths.
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When creating this haircut, you can prefer a different length of the main strands and bangs.

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For short

In a short version, the haircut looks harmonious on any, even strongly curly hair.

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For medium

On medium hair it is customary to leave a large length of parietal and temporal strands.

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For long

The haircut option "Gavroche" on long hair looks like a cascade or a cap with a significant lengthening of the occipital zone. If desired, long curls can be twisted.

For any variant of "Gavrochech" haircut, bangs are suitable:

  • in the form of a cap;
  • torn, not too thick;
  • asymmetric or elongated;
  • ultrashort.
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The easiest way to lay the haircut "Gavroche" on short, medium and long hair is done so - they apply mousse on curls and dry them with a round comb and hair dryer.

Alternatively, one can make a bang on the bangs or put all the hair back.

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