Tips cosmetologists on the application of jojoba oil for the face

Natural jojoba oil is a unique product that has long been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The product has many useful properties, many women use this oil to eliminate skin imperfections. There are dozens of proven recipes for masks and home remedies.

Properties and benefits
  • Face masks and facial masks
  • Enriched anti-wrinkle cream
  • Eye wrinkles
  • For facial lifting
  • From deep wrinkles
  • For withering skin
  • Nourishing mask
  • For dry skin
  • For oily skin
  • For combination skin
  • For normal skin
  • Treatment of acne and inflammation
  • Treatment of porous skin and acne
  • Lip balm
  • From scars and stretch marks
  • Properties and benefits

    Jojoba oil is suitable for almost any skin, but thickete of all it is used by owners of peeling and dry skin, if it has lost its elasticity, and to fight wrinkles.

    This product helps to nourish and moisturize the skin of the face, it eliminates peeling, irritation. Therefore, jojoba oil is often used to care for delicate and sensitive skin.

    With this oil it is possible to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminate many of the shortcomings that are characteristic for the problem skin, cure acne and acne, oil also prevents them from reappearing, it can also treat skin diseases such as: dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis. In this case, the sebaceous glands begin to function normally, producing less fat.

    This substance contains vitamin E, which promotes beauty and youth. If you use jojoba oil for the face skin regularly, you can accelerate the process of cell regeneration, and this will slow down the aging, in addition, the skin will be saturated with useful elements. As this oil penetrates deeply into the epidermis, the skin recovers from the inside.

    In addition, the oil gradually creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, and the latter, in turn, keeps moisture and does not allow the skin to dry out, peel off.

    Oil well cope with newly appeared goose paws at the eyes, and also effectively nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin of the eyelids. Moreover, with the help of this substance, women have the opportunity to smooth the complexion, make it beautiful. And also jojoba oil helps vitamin D, which is produced by the sun, it is better to digest in our body.

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    Recipes for masks and products

    The use of face oil is very versatile. With its help you can create many useful home remedies and masks.

    Learn also the recipes for decoctions and tinctures for wiping the skin with ice
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    Enriching the anti-wrinkle cream

    Any face cream with jojoba oil will have a more effective andmoisturizing effect. To improve the cream, add five to ten drops of oil for every ten grams of the base. But jojoba oil can also be used instead of face cream.

    Strengthen the action of oil is capable of argan oil, shea butter( Shea) and grape seed oil. They can be added to the cream in the same amount, as well as 1-2 drops of essential oil of rose, rosemary, ylang-ylang, rosewood, mint and jasmine,

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    From wrinkles around the eyes

    Recipe 1. If necessarymake wrinkles around the eyes less noticeable, apply jojoba oil, enriched with essential oil of rose or rosewood( 10 ml of base 1-3 drops of essential oil), and gently rub it into the skin.

    If you have thin eyelid skin, you can use diluted oil to not harm it. To do this, take one part of jojoba oil and two parts of rosehip oil.

    Recipe 2. Mimic and age wrinkles around the eyes will become almost imperceptible with the application of this mask. Take the usual dry yeast, about 1 large spoon, and dissolve them in warm milk. Leave the mixture for fermentation for half an hour. Before applying to your face, add a small spoonful of jojoba oil into the mixture. Rinse the mixture after half an hour.

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    For face lifting

    Recipe 1. Mix a small spoon of jojoba with a large spoonful of liquid honey, a large spoonful of yogurt, beaten egg whites, 2-3 drops of essential oil of orange or lemon and blue cosmetic clay. Interfere until a lot of creamy consistency is obtained. After adding the flesh of one banana. Wash the mixture in 20-30 minutes.

    Recipe 2. Two large spoons of white cosmetic clay mixed with one spoonful of grape juice. In the mixture, add one small spoon of wheat germ oil and jojoba oil. If the mask is too thick, dilute it with boiled water at room temperature. Apply the mask with a soft brush on the face and neck and leave for 30-40 minutes. Remove the mixture with warm water.

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    From deep wrinkles

    Recipe 1. Combine the oils of avocado and jojoba in equal proportions. Add two drops per 10 ml of essential oil base of rose and ylang-ylang and one drop of mint. Evenly distribute the mask over the skin. After half an hour, remove the mask with a dry cloth or cotton swab. It can be done daily - this remedy is not capable of damaging the skin.

    Recipe 2. Mix 1 large spoon of aloe juice with 1 small spoon of nutritious cream and 10 drops of jojoba oil. Cover the face and neck area with plenty of mask. Leave the mask on your face for 20-30 minutes. Remove the mixture with cotton wool soaked in water or a diluted tonic. A tangible result will be noticeable after 5-6 sessions, which must be done every other day.

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    For fading skin

    Recipe 1. 5 fresh medium-sized psyllium leaves in a blender or other improvised means. Add to the plantain a large spoonful of honey and a small spoonful of jojoba oil. Stir all the ingredients very carefully, bringing to a homogeneous mass. Apply the mixture on the face, neck, décolleté area and soak for 15-20 minutes. You can remove the mask as running water, or moistened with tampons or a wet log.

    Recipe 2. Mix in equal proportions thick honey, cosmetic glycerin and jojoba oil. The mixture should be a consistency like a gruel. Dilute the mixture only with ice water so that the honey does not melt, but breaks up into grains. Keep the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Honey on the face will melt and flow, so put napkins. It is convenient to do this mask in the bathroom.

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    Nourishing mask

    Recipe 1. One ripe banana needs to be softened into gruel. Add to the banana egg yolk and a small spoonful of jojoba oil. All components must be mixed. Apply the mask to a slightly damp, clean face for 40 minutes. Wash off the mask with plenty of warm water.

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    Recipe 2. Take 100 grams of young birch leaves and chop them. In the resulting green mush, add 1 large spoonful of jojoba oil and a little oatmeal to thicken. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Rinse the mixture and wipe with a decoction of the same leaves( per 100 grams of water one spoonful of leaves).

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    For dry skin

    Recipe 1. Pour a small apple into a small grater. Add to the apple one small spoon of jojoba oil and olive oil. Stir the ingredients and apply the mixture on clean skin. Soak the mask for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mush from the face with a dry napkin, and then wash with warm water.

    Recipe 2. For dry and flaky skin, use jojoba oil for the face in pure form. It is best to apply it before bedtime. Open the pores of the face with the bathhouse over the herbal decoction. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Pat the face with a towel. Apply with gentle massage movements no more than 10 drops of oil on the face. If the skin around your eyes is sensitive you do not apply oil to it. Leave oil on the face for the whole night, do not rinse, it will completely absorb.

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    For oily skin

    Recipe 1. Rub on a small grater a medium sized cucumber. Add a large spoonful of lemon juice and 20 drops of jojoba oil. Stir all the ingredients and apply the mask on clean and dry skin. Leave the mask on your face for 20-25 minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove the mop from the face with a dry cloth. Rinse your face with warm water.

    Recipe 2. Take 2 or 3( depending on the size) of the cabbage leaf. Rinse them with plenty of water. Keep them in boiling water for 1 minute. Cool and spread with a mixture of olive oil and jojoba oil, taken in the same proportions. Smear the cabbage leaves on your face for 15 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the oil with a warm decoction of chamomile.

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    For combination skin

    Recipe 1. Take a handful of any washed berries( raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries).Smash the berries in puree and add to them a large spoonful of cottage cheese and jojoba oil. Apply the mixture on the face and soak for 30 minutes. Clean the remains of gruel with a dry napkin, and wash your face with warm water.

    Recipe 2. Brew a glass of boiling water 3-4 bay leaves and cool. Add in the chilled broth 5 drops of avocado oil, jojoba and tea tree. Use the product as a tonic for the face. Each time before use, it must be shaken.

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    For normal skin

    Recipe 1. Toning face mask with jojoba oil for normal facial skin. Soak the cosmetic napkin with jojoba oil and almond oil. Oils should be taken in equal proportions. Place the napkin on clean skin for 20-25 minutes. Remains of oils on the face clean the cotton disc.

    Recipe 2. For general enrichment of the face with essential vitamins, use once a week a mixture of oils as a night cream for the face. Take oil in equal proportions: jojoba oil, rose essential oil, santal oil, lemon oil. Prepare a fresh mixture before each use.

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    Treatment of acne and inflammation

    Recipe 1. Mix 1 large spoonful of wheat bran, 1 small spoon of honey, 15 drops of jojoba oil and 15 drops of lemon juice. Dilute with a warm boiled water mixture to produce a medium density paste. Apply mask to face for 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove excess mask with a dry cloth. Wipe the face with a soft tonic.

    Recipe 2. Mix 15 drops of tea tree oil, 15 drops of jojoba oil and 1 small spoon of cream with the egg yolk. Apply the mixture on clean skin. Leave the mask on for 40 minutes.

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    Treatment of porous skin and acne

    Recipe 1. Mix a large spoonful of jojoba oil and a small spoonful of tea tree oil. It is best to apply the oil at night, beforehand, ripen the skin well above the herbal bathhouse. Rinse your face with mild soap. Massage movements apply a mixture of oils, avoiding the area around the eyes.

    Recipe 2. To 1 small spoonful of jojoba oil, add 5 drops of lemon oil, rosemary oil and thyme oil. With this mixture, treat the porous areas of the face skin in the morning and in the evening. To wash out oil it is not necessary.

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    Lip balm

    Recipe 1. 5 grams of cocoa powder dissolve with a steam bath. Combine with 40 grams of jojoba oil, 10 grams of calendula oil, the same amount of natural beeswax, 10 drops of vanilla oil. After mixing all the ingredients, allow them to cool completely. This balm is best stored in the refrigerator.

    Recipe 2. 1 large spoonful of beeswax melted on a steam bath. When the wax is finally melted, add 5 small spoons of cosmetic almond oil, 1 small spoon of honey and 8 drops of jojoba oil. Choose small convenient containers with tightly closed caps and pour in them the prepared mixture. The mixture should be poured warm until the wax has set. You can use balm for one year. Keep the balsam in the refrigerator.

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    From scars and stretch marks

    Recipe 1. Take in equal proportions jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosemary essential oil, lemon oil, spruce oil. Heat the oil mixture on a steam bath. Treat skin areas with scars and stretch marks with a warm mixture of oils with a cotton pad. Remains of oils can be removed from the face with a dry cloth one hour after application.

    Recipe 2. An excellent mask for lightening of scars and traces of acne. Dissolve in a small amount of boiled water 2 tablets of aspirin. Add a small spoon of jojoba oil and 1 small spoon of honey to the slurry and mix. Apply the mixture to the problem areas for 30 minutes. Rinse the mask with warm water.

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