Beautiful ideas for the spring wedding photo shoot

Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the spring should be light and fresh. Any idea must also contain an easy romantic attitude. The best locations for the event will be blooming spring gardens, lilac groves, birch groves, gardens with spring flowers, especially with peonies, tulip fields, calm rivers, streams and so on.

  • Flowering Gardens
  • Fields and Forests
  • Bohemian Chic

Blooming Gardens

If the celebration falls on this brief period, when the gardens start blooming, then it's a sin not to use such white or pink decorations.

Photoshoot better to spend in the morning, when the inflorescences on the trees completely open after the night.

The shooting itself can only include classic posing on the background of the garden, also blossoming branches and bushes can be played. And similar decorations will be enough for a full-scale photo series and creating portrait works, as well as a photo with poses in a standing and sitting position. But the scenery can be supplemented by creating photo zones.

The most profitable subjects for a photozone in the garden are the following:

  • Fragment of the living room( sofa, armchair, beautiful chair, table, bedside table and so on).All furniture should be in light colors, made mainly of wood. The style of the photozone should be within the framework of a boho, rustic or provence;
  • Fragment of the bedroom. If there is an opportunity to install a real bed under the blooming trees, then it should be a light-colored bed with backs of wood or metal. You can cover it with light pink, blue or pastel blankets, pillows. But you can also arrange flooring from blankets and pillows directly on the ground, and from the branches of the tree make curtains around the improvised bed;
  • Suspension swing. Such swings can be decorated with garlands of flowers of soft colors, translucent flying fabrics;
  • Arches and decor. Selecting a beautiful zone in the garden, it can visually make an arch, denoting it between the branches of the tree, using for this purpose a different decor of pastel shades: fabrics, paper lanterns, garlands of flowers, bird cages, wrought hanging lights and so on.

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Fields and forests

Spring nature is very light and fresh. She and without subjects will be good locations for a photo shoot in a romantic style.

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If the spring is early, then the beauty of the frames will add water, small rivers, cozy ponds and streams. Also, ponds are suitable for shooting in April and May. In the choice of this idea it is worthwhile to play the very beauty of reflection in the water, the solitude and romanticism of such places.

Also spring nature is suitable for wedding walks on horseback, in a carriage, on bicycles.

You can not imagine spring without its business cards, namely, spreading the first leaves of slender birches. Also, the blossoming lilac groves will be an excellent background, in the environment of which you can beat many genres of photography, especially a portrait.

Refreshing and easy will be the idea of ​​shooting in the woods. It is in the spring photo session in the forest is considered the most acceptable, because in the summer time the forest, as a rule, becomes thickened, full of cobwebs, insects, high in the belt of vegetation. In the spring it is only renewed with new leaves and breathes space and cleanliness.

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Boho style is from France. Its founders consider stray artists. This is the style of bohemia. In some ways it looks like a hippie, but more refined.

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The main features of the style:

  • pastel delicate shades of basic decorations and bright accents,
  • abundance of flowers, garlands of flowers,
  • things made of wood, wooden furniture,
  • flying lightweight fabrics,
  • guitars, baskets, wine, candles, amulets and so on.

To realize a photo shoot, it is important to equip a beautiful photozone. It can be a half-swing of fabrics, a fragment of the living room, a meal on the ground, equipped with a hanging swing and much more.

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