List of ineffective dummies

  1. The first in the list of ineffective drugs were Actovegin, Solcoseryl and Cerebrolysin, which have their proven inefficiency! These preparations differ in an incomprehensible composition, in which the main element are components of animal origin. In Europe, these medicines are strictly prohibited.

  2. Next in the list of pacifiers go Arbidol, Bioparox, Anaferon, Imunomax, Likopid, Imudon. All these drugs are considered immunomodulators, the effectiveness of which is not proven, but they are quite expensive. Abroad, all of these listed drugs did not even arouse interest for their studies.
  3. In the third position in the list of ineffective drugs were Bifiform, Bifidobacterin, Hilak Forte, Linex, Primadofilus. We know them as good probiotics, which can normalize the intestinal microflora. However, in the same Europe, the diagnosis of "dysbacteriosis" does not exist at all. Moreover, in no other country in the world doctors will not even think about investigating the state of the intestinal microflora.
    For example, the Linex drug is based on lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and enterococci, and is intended to restore the intestinal flora affected by the intake of antibiotics and antihistamines. According to the manufacturer, the Linex capsule contains 1.2 * 10 ^ 7 live, but vacuum-dried lactic acid bacteria. When blistering, about 97% of the beneficial bacteria die. A comparative analysis of liquid and dry probiotics has shown that dry bacteria are very passive, so even those that survive blistering do not practically have the necessary effect on the intestinal microflora. As a result, probiotics are useless and ineffective drugs, they should be replaced with natural sour-milk products.
  4. Strangely enough, but to the ineffective drugs is all well-known Validol. Abroad, this drug is considered to be a usual mint candy, which is quite a refreshing breath. There, with pain in the heart, nitroglycerin is used, which helps prevent a heart attack.
  5. Thanks to its questionable composition Novo Passit also entered the list of ineffective medicines. According to the instructions, it should have a soothing and anti-anxiety effect. However, against the background of all kinds of herbs, the main component of this drug is guaifenesin, which refers to mucolytic agents. As a result, we want to calm our nerves, and we begin to treat a non-existent cough.
  6. Drugs such as Piracetam, Nootropilum, Fezam, Phenibut, Aminolone, Mildronate, Pantogam, Cinnarizine, Pikamilon, Instenon, Mexidol were generally placebo preparations, which also allowed them to be included in the list of ineffective drugs.
  7. Cavinton and Vinpocetine in many countries are banned drugs, because they did not reveal any significant clinical effect in the studies. In the United States, these drugs are classified as BADs, not medicines, and in Japan they are completely withdrawn from the sale because of their uselessness.
  8. Adenotriphosphoric acid( ATP) is also considered ineffective. It can be used only in cardiology( intravenous administration) to arrest certain disorders of the heart rhythm, but the duration of the action will be limited to several minutes. In other cases( for example, the use of intramuscular courses), ATP is considered to be a useless and ineffective medicine, because it "lives" for a very small amount of time, and then disintegrates.
  9. Timogen and Timalin - the active substances of these preparations are obtained from the thymus( thymus gland) of cattle. Previously, doctors often appointed them as biostimulators and immunomodulators for colds, as well as for burns, bone diseases, etc. However, in 2010 a report on the ineffectiveness of these medicines, confirmed by clinical studies, was read at the medical congress. It was said that none of these immunity stimulants showed any appreciable benefit, except for the benefit of the producer's profit.
  10. Cocarboxylase, Riboxin is actively used in Russia: in neurology, obstetrics, intensive care. However, in Europe and the US the drug is banned for use, since it has never been tested anywhere in clinical trials.
  11. Oscylococcinum is a drug produced from a diluted heart and liver extract of a musk duck to combat a variety of viruses, and its effects are not completely described by the manufacturer. As a result of clinical studies, it was found that the homeopathic remedy does not possess the declared performance and safety, so the medicine was declared ineffective and useless in his homeland in France, and also prohibited for sale for medical purposes.
  12. All dietary supplements( Evalar, Omakor, Laktusan, Apilak and others) are not medicinal products and do not have a therapeutic effect, they have a placebo effect, that is, a response to expectations of use. All preparations from the mentioned list are not applied in the USA and Europe.

The pharmaceutical market offers a huge number of medicines, practically from any disease or pathological condition. However, there is an opinion that some of these funds do not bring the desired cure, that is, in fact, are "dummy", and a minor result can be attributed to the placebo effect when the patient recovers due to self-hypnosis. In the list of such ineffective drugs, a lot of drugs popular in Russia got.

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Why drugs become ineffective

It should be noted that this is not a fake of effective drugs that do not contain any or contain reduced amounts of the claimed substances or their analogs. The attention of consumers is drawn to really original medicines that do not give the result promised by the manufacturer.

The term "ineffective medication" as such does not exist, and their list is made up by people who have experienced the inactivity of some medications on their own, and by some conscientious doctors based on their practice. However, the essence of such ineffective drugs can be explained as follows: these are drugs that have not received confirmation of their therapeutic effectiveness as a result of clinical studies.

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I consider the article to be very useful, interesting and necessary!!!I have a higher pharmaceutical education, but I do not work in the specialty, becauseI see a clear discrepancy between the true noble goals of the medical pharmacy and modern pharmacy commercial structures, where the producer's income is the main life goal, often to the detriment of the life and health of ordinary people who believe in the healing from the pharmacy. How much money, often the last, brings to these criminal structures our sick and desperate people in the hope of saving their own and their loved ones! And what do they have in response?. . And these drugs that you described? How many of them I sold personally, because they were convincingly advised and "vparivali" producers. It's not pleasant. And they are not ashamed. ...Business is. ...Thanks to your article, let as many people know about it.

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