3 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

The third anniversary of the wedding is considered the first significant milestone in the married life of the couple. Very rarely the "newlyweds" manage to live the whole period without quarrels, but if the spouses managed to settle all the differences and move to a new phase of relations, then the matrimonial life can not be better. That is why the 3rd anniversary of the joint life is so important, so scrupulously approach the question of congratulations, find out what kind of wedding and think over what to give.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the name of the wedding

3 years of married life in the people called Leather wedding. During this period, the relationship of the spouses have the same properties as this material.

Married life at this time is similar to the skin - with proper treatment and the right approach from it, you can do what you dreamed of. But, of course, we can not do without common efforts, and the most important thing is to be attentive and gentle with each other.

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How to tag

There are many interesting traditions of celebrating a wedding wedding. Some of them can be borrowed for their party:

  1. Spouses should be in leather outfits, or at least have stylish leather accessories.
  2. On the third anniversary of the wedding, the witness should be the toastmaster.
  3. On the eve of the celebration, the couple must pay off all debts, get rid of cracked utensils and all unnecessary things.
  4. The wife should bake the cookies in the form of funny pets and serve them to the table.

  5. The dining table should be decorated with rye loaf. At the beginning of the celebration, the spouse should first eat a piece of cake, thus confirming that he is the head and support of the family.
  6. Meat, red wine and "bread soup" must be present on the dinner table.

A wedding wedding should be remembered for many years to come, so it's best to celebrate the occasion by inventing an exciting script.

For example:

  • Arrange a holiday in the "biker" style. Let the celebration take place in some popular pub or in nature, and guests can put on stylish leather vests.
  • Come up with a unique celebration in the style of "western".The husband can feel himself in the role of a cowboy, who saved his beloved from the hands of the evil sheriff.
  • One of the options for celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the wedding is to repeat the "first" wedding. True, it is best to dilute it with traditional notes of the Leather wedding.

Ideas for a script can be an incredible amount, it all depends only on the preferences of the pair. The main thing is to celebrate this day so that everyone will be remembered at the Golden wedding!

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Gift for the wife

The ideal gift for 3 years of the wedding for the wife is a romantic arrival home with a beautiful bouquet and lots of colorful balls.

And yet - a musical congratulation to his wife. You can even invite professional musicians for this purpose or perform your favorite song yourself.

The gift should be unusual and romantic, but in order to match the theme of a leather wedding, be sure to add a gift from the skin to all this. A surprise can be:

  • leather coat;
  • raincoat;
  • skirt;
  • jacket;
  • bag;
  • clutch;
  • phone case;
  • cosmetic bag;
  • belt;
  • leather jewelry.
Leather wedding - this is one of the reasons to show the couple how much it is dear to you.

On the 3rd anniversary of the wedding you can give:

  • picture or a panel of leather;
  • leather casket;
  • animal figurines;
  • vase, decorated with genuine leather;
  • wall-mounted leather watch;
  • leather photo frames;
  • decorative chests;
  • leather suitcase;
  • book-safe;
  • housekeeper in the hallway;
  • book-bar;
  • photobook with their pictures;
  • album for the photo;
  • eyeglass case;
  • set of wine glasses in the case.
Pay attention to 5 years of living together http://woman-l.ru/5-let-sovmestnoj-zhizni-kakaya-eto-svadba-pozdravleniya-i-chto-podarit/ what a wedding, congratulations and what to give
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What to give to my husband

The choice of men's leather accessories is very diverse. Therefore, when choosing a gift, start from the hobbies of your husband and your means. A good male gift can be:

  • purse;
  • belt;
  • coin;
  • purse;
  • money clip;
  • passport cover;
  • leather shoes;
  • leather covers in the car;
  • boxing leather pear;
  • folder for documents;
  • men's bag;
  • notebook;
  • briefcase;
  • amulet;
  • cigarette case;
  • watch with leather strap;
  • leather diary;
  • camera in a leather case.
  • loading. ..

But the best gift will be a present made by yourself. For the husband, you can make leather slippers or make a small leather pendant in the form of an animal. Present your gift in a cozy romantic atmosphere, the husband will appreciate it.

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A compelling addition to the wedding gift will be a beautiful wish in verse.

Wedding leather, cheers!
Let the children soon run away!
To always always succeed,
To good things in life you have happened!
Live worthy of each other,
Fun to you,
Do not bother each other,
And always inspire everyone!
Three years of joint for eternity are similar,
Separately, now you can not perceive.
Protected with armor made of leather,
Let your marriage continue to grow.
We congratulate you on the anniversary, friends,
Love, work together!
Let your marriage be happy forever,
Congratulations from all, otherwise.
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