Temperament - melancholic

Melanchol is a type of temperament, thanks to which humanity has learned music, literature, philosophy, the subtle creativity of artists and poetry. Melancholics are organized, deep, thinking and purposeful people, but their psyche is light-minded, therefore such persons are closed and silent.

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temperament Description

People with predominant type of temperament melancholic weak nervous system, theyit is difficult to cope with a high load, their psyche is extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Such persons are distinguished by increased anxiety, thoughtfulness, and a negative attitude toward change. Representatives of this type are closed in a kind of cocoon, they cherish their life and try not to change habits. To learn the person-melancholika it is possible on not expressed mimicry, a silent voice, it is not peculiar to them to show often bright emotions. Such people are immersed in themselves, thoughtful, differ stubbornness and are inclined to deep analysis.

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Simple test

To determine if your melancholic temperament predominates, simply analyze yourself and check out the ones below that are more suitable.

  1. Pessimistic.
  2. Inconsolable.
  3. Sad.
  4. Selfless.
  5. Serious.
  6. Dissatisfied.
  7. Nervous.
  8. The Contemplator.
  9. Immersed in itself.
  10. Good memory.
  11. Quiet.
  12. The Thinker.
  13. Restrained.
  14. Dark.
  15. Closed.
  16. Sluggish.
  17. Fallen in the Spirit.
  18. Affected.
  19. Demanding.
  20. Pensive.

"Homogeneous" temperaments are extremely rare, so all the qualities you may not be familiar with, but if more than half of the qualities coincide, you can assume that the melancholy temperament is predominant.

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Approach to communicating

In communication, melancholic passive, easily obey the leader, like to be taken care of. They are emotionally unstable, so you should avoid harsh words in dealing with them, you need to be sensitive and gentle.

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Melancholy child

A melancholy child will carefully study the world from birth, but a baby can be crying, weak physically and unduly emotionally. Growing up and developing, he will love the complex construction of toys and games on logical thinking. Often, such a child will try to avoid contact with other children. In studies such a kid is usually successful, he enjoys doing homework, control of the material passed. A melancholic child does not perceive a heightened tone, so you can not yell at him, in this case he can even not understand what is to blame, speak with him calmly and in an appropriate tone explain what he did wrong.

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Melancholic woman

A melancholic woman is not too active, she has a tendency to contemplation and long reflection, the slightest controversy, not to mention the conflict situations, make her sad and sad. Characteristics of the melancholic girl lies in the closedness, lack of self-confidence and self-doubt. She usually avoids noisy and big companies, such a person will be more interested in watching the film in a home setting. Women of this type - nature romantic, a lot of time they spend in dreams. But she will be a faithful wife and exemplary mistress, for marriage and parenting she usually has serious views, prefers to give primacy to the family of a man.

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Melancholic man

A man with a predominant melancholic temperament usually has good manners, he is punctual and serious, his dignity is sharp. With girls such a man behaves like a gentleman, he tries to fulfill these promises. A representative of this type experiences various troubles hard, because it is kind of sensitive.

Thanks to their deep emotionality, such men are sensitive and responsive to other people's experiences, but they have an increased level of pessimism and anxiety. Self-esteem in a man's melancholy is usually low, next to him should be an understanding patient girl who will take all the qualities of this temperament.
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Melancholy introvert

An introvert is a person, self-contained, focused on his own inner world and experiences, that is, a typical melancholic. Such individuals are hard at perceiving their own failures, because of their closeness, it is difficult for them to make new acquaintances and to make friends. Despite the fact that melancholics are inclined to introspection introverts, they have a well developed logic and intuition, they can independently process and analyze information, and not only perceive the already systematized.

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Melancholic extrovert

An extrovert can be described as a friendly, sociable, open person who is assertive and active in everything, he is extremely sociable and inclined to take risks. Melancholic type of temperament, all these qualities are alien, therefore, if there are melancholic extroverts, then these are extremely complex individuals.

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Advantages of the character

Among the advantages of this type of temperament you can distinguish restraint, sensitivity, accuracy and diligence. A melancholic person is able to create something new in the literal sense of this expression, he can create, because it is kind of dreamy. Such personalities as no one else can empathize with someone else's grief.
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Disadvantages of character

Melancholic is very hard to swing and this is his weak side, carried away by some kind of business, he just can not switch to another, so he often ignores others when he is busy. The reason for many failures is the inability to correctly distribute their own forces, which are usually very few. Because of the strong vulnerability to such a person it is difficult to communicate, because any reproach can be accompanied by even tears and severe sadness.

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