Stylish options for styling quilting with a bangs

Some women mistakenly think the classic haircut is very strict. Modern varieties of this haircut allow you to create any individual image. Kare always looks stylish and elegant, and, most importantly, it goes to any type of person. The advantage of square in its universality. It can be short, elongated, classical, asymmetric, spherical or graduated.

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Types Bangs

Bangs to the square must be chosen carefully and be suretake into account the type and features of the face.
Girls with an oval, round and pear-shaped face should choose an oblong oblong bangs.

A straight, thick and fluffy bang suitable for owners of triangular and square shape, it will help close a large forehead, add volume to an elongated, lean face.

A torn or graded bang helps to soften sharp features.
A short fringe will look great on the oval face.

Other possible variants of bangs, which are perfectly combined with the cut of the square can be seen on the diagram.

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Variants of stacking

Kare - an ideal haircut for both business women and young windy individuals. The main advantage - styling quads do not take much time, sometimes thanks only to the correct drying of the hair dryer, it looks beautiful and well-groomed.

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Classic square

The square or bean in the classical version reaches the earlobe or below. Its lines are even and clear, so a straight fringe for such a haircut is very suitable.

During hair laying, it is not necessary to perfectly straighten the hair, light natural bends look very noble. It is enough to level the bangs and fix the result with varnish.

Or divide a thick bang on two sides and twist it a little.

In addition to smooth, you can choose an asymmetrical or elongated oblique bangs and lay it, twisting the tips up.

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Crown on the foot

In this version, the hair can be of different lengths, this is necessary for giving volume. The cut lines are clear and straight. The length of the hair is up to the earlobe or slightly lower. The bang here will approach a dense even to the level of the eyebrows or oblique.

The laying of this square is very simple: the hair is leveled and fixed with gel or foam.

Learn about hair styling with a long bangle

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Kare for an extension

This haircut is ideal for fine hair. Kare can be cut at any angle - it all depends on personal wishes. If the angle of the straight line - the haircut is similar to the carat in the traditional version, but the strands in the face are slightly elongated. A smooth, even bangs fit here.

If the cutting angle is sharp - behind the hair will turn out to be very short, and in front will reach the line of the clavicles. For this option, the quads are better to choose a long oblique bangs - it visually lengthens the face and emphasizes the clear cutting lines.

Stacking an elongated square is harder. In addition to straightening the hair, the front strands need to be screwed inward with a round brush.

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This variant of the quill even on thin hair will help to create density and volume. As a rule, when doing a haircut, the strands are cut from the bangs to the crown, stacking on top of each other. As a result, graduation is obtained and the uniform shape of the square is maintained. The strands on the vertex are milled to make the haircut look more lush.

The torn bang perfectly complements the graduated square and corrects angular facial features.

Stacking of such a rack is carried out with the help of foam and a hair dryer. First, you need to give a haircut volume at the roots, then straighten the hair along the length and lay in random order, fixing with a varnish. Loading. ..

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In this haircut, the hair on the back of the neck is cut short, exposing the neck, and the strands of the face remain long, but have different levels. The massive chin and broad cheekbones fit well with asymmetric quads.

A bang in this square can be any, but ideally, if it is long and oblique.

Stacking of an asymmetric square suggests hair alignment and good fixation of individual strands.

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On curly hair

Kare made on curly hair from the nature, looks a little randomly and in a hooligan way, but always voluminously even without stacking.

The owner of curls is better to choose the option of a haircut in the form of a trapezoid, the main thing is that the bangs are the same length with strands in the face and lay on one or two sides.

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In retro style

Based on the classic carat, you can make a Greek style retro style. To do this, all the hair must be wound and divided evenly into two halves. In the end, put on an elegant bezel.

The quads for lengthening can be laid in waves in the style of the 30s. Especially this styling will suit girls with thick hair and a long bang. Styling requires ironing and styling. Such a hairstyle wonderfully complement the make-up of the apple ice and a large pearl necklace.

No less interesting will look stacking quads in the style of pin-up with a characteristic rim or bow.

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Evening laying

With the help of a hairdryer, curling iron and modern styling products, you can create impressive styling for the evening image. For example, to wind curls in a chaotic order, thanks to this hair looks fashionable and feminine.

Originally looks like a messy styling, which can be created with a diffuser nozzle and a lot of mousse.

Also for the evening image, the hair at the roots can be stretched to the ideal smoothness, and at the tips make uniform waves.

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Wedding Paste

To create a wedding dress yourself on a haircut, you need to dry your hair with a hairdryer with the help of brashing, giving them volume at the roots. Then comb the curls back from the face. Using a small pinhole, wind the hair along with the bangs and make out the resulting locks in small strands. Hairstyle to decorate with a neat flower of feathers.

For the wedding laying, you can make nests at the roots, comb your hair back, and on the temples braid tight braids.

And as to wind all the hair to the middle of the length for large curlers, curling iron or ironing.

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