A sign to see the rainbow in the sky

The rainbow is an unusually beautiful natural phenomenon, which invariably causes a smile and makes the heart freeze with delight. To see it is considered a good sign, foreshadowing luck, fulfillment of desires and pleasant news. Also with the help of this heavenly arch people have learned to predict the weather.

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Ancient beliefs

Each people interpreted the origin of the rainbow in their own way:

  • In the Russian annals it is described as a paradise arc, a raid. Christians considered the rainbow a manifestation of divine grace - according to the Creator, while it shines, the human race will not be interrupted. With the help of the rainbow, the Most High announced the end of the World Flood. In many paintings, God is depicted sitting on a rainbow during the Last Judgment.
  • Bulgarians saw in the rainbow the belt of the Creator, who hung out to dry after a bad weather.
  • The pagan Slavs considered this multicolored arch the yoke of the goddess Lada Perunitsa, by means of which she collects water after the rain.

  • In the Scandinavian pagan beliefs, the rainbow was a bridge between the world of the living and the afterlife. People believed that if at one end she pointed to someone's dwelling, then the one living in this house would soon die and would go straight to the abode of the gods.
  • The ancient Greeks identified the rainbow with the goddess Irid, who was the mediator between the inhabitants of heaven and people.
  • According to Irish legends, fairy-tale creatures of the treacherous leprechauns moved around the celestial arc. Therefore, in a place where the rainbow comes into contact with the earth, you can find a treasure.
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View and size of

The interpretation will differ depending on what part of the rainbow you can see:

  • Half or intermittent. Rainbow, irrevocably leaving in the sky or breaking off in several places, portends happiness and luck in business. Looking at her, you can make a wish - it will come true.
  • Complete. A full arc, leaving two ends in the ground - a phenomenon quite rare. Those who saw him can rightfully call themselves lucky - luck will accompany them in any undertaking, both financial and of a loving nature.
  • Double. The chance to see two or three iridescent arcs in the sky is very rare. The sign promises a huge success and the advent of a happy band in life.
  • Around the sun. The rainbow, which turns into a ring around the star, is called a halo. It heralds the end of the difficulties and the onset of changes for the better in all spheres of life.
  • Lunar. It is an iridescent ring around the moon, but in the twilight its color can not be discerned. Few people have ever witnessed this rare phenomenon. According to the beliefs, such a person will have great magical abilities, and the moon rainbow will bring him tremendous energy to achieve goals.
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On the feast of the

Rainbow on the eve or on the day of an important event is a very good sign, signifying the acquisition of happiness and luck:

  • Before great church holidays such as the Trinity, Ascension, Annunciation - means the blessing of Heaven, peace and prosperity.
  • The rainbow arc for the wedding portends a long and happy marriage.
  • On the birthday - the next year will be joyful and successful, filled with pleasant events.

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Above the river

It is believed that the rainbow can drink water - change the rainy season on sunny days.

With the same belief, it is connected and a sign to see it over the river:

  • Across the river - to establish clear weather.
  • Along - the rainbow absorbs river water, which soon spills to the ground in the form of rain.

When you see a rainbow, do not swim in the river, otherwise you'll drown - a colorful arc will take with you to heaven.

But to drink water from the source over which the rainbow was stretched, it is useful:
  • You can improve your health or protect yourself from disease.
  • To a woman giving birth to some girls, such water will help to conceive a boy. The same will happen if she manages to pass or drive under the rainbow vault.
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Our ancestors perceived the appearance of a rainbow in the sky as a kind of meteorological forecast. Sometimes it can be seen not only in summer:

  • in winter. In addition to the enormous success in business, such a rare phenomenon as a winter rainbow announces the arrival of fierce cold weather and heavy snowstorms.
  • Early spring( in April).The appearance of a rainbow in the sky after the first spring thunderstorms symbolizes the victory of heat over the cold and the final arrival of spring.
  • In the autumn - the heat will last a few more weeks and will be accompanied by frequent drizzling rains.
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Weather is predicted and in the form of a rainbow:

  • Narrow and high portends clear sunny weather.
  • Wide and low - you should expect bad weather.

The time of its appearance in the sky is also taken into account:

  • In the morning - to rain throughout the day.
  • In the evening - tomorrow will be warm and sunny.
  • Before the rain - the precipitation will be short.
  • Immediately after the rain - dry weather will settle for a short while.

According to the ends of the world:

  • In the east or south - to the arrival of good warm weather.
  • In the north or west - the next few days will be overcast and rainy.

The color and richness of the rainbow tones is important:

  • Bright - to dry days.
  • Pale, barely visible - should be prepared for protracted rains.
  • The palette of the rainbow is dominated by the shades of red - to a strong wind.
  • The main tone is green - wait for the rain.
  • The yellow color is highlighted - there is a calm and sunny weather.
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To see the rainbow in a dream - to understanding withpeople. The feeling of a lover turns out to be mutual, relations with business partners or colleagues will be adjusted. If you dream that the rainbow becomes paler and disappears - there is a separation from the dear man's heart.

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