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Many gardeners gladly grow strawberries in their own plots. This berry is not only tasty, but also useful. It contains vitamin C, which protects the body against colds and other diseases. And the most useful is the one that was grown on its own site. It is not surprising that many actively try to propagate this berry. But what about those who do not have a lot of space and want to eat berries? There is a way out: use car tires. How to plant strawberries in tires, we tell further.

How to make a vertical bed of tires

Owners of small plots usually have to take away for vegetables and fruits very little space. In this case, I do not want to be content with a couple of strawberry bushes. You can try growing seedlings in the wheels. This way not only saves space, but also beautifies the garden, because the tires are located in the form of a pyramid. You can do this in two ways.

  1. It is necessary to find several tires, and all should have a different diameter. One side is to be cut off.
  2. Prepare several tires. They should have the same size. In the circumference of the tires should make holes about 8 cm in diameter. The distance between the holes should be about 13 cm. The number of holes does not matter, it all depends on the desire.

Instructions for

How to plant strawberries in tires? Make a similar design for planting is easy.

  1. First you need to select the lowest wheel. In the first variant it will be the largest. Then the tire must be filled with earth.
  2. As strawberries grow here, it is worthwhile to prepare a good soil. Berry does not like a poor substrate, so the land should be mixed with humus and peat. If there is no possibility to make such a mixture, you can buy it ready in the store.
  3. Sprinkling seedlings in the first case is very simple. But in the second watering a bit difficult. Since all the wheels have the same diameter, the water will not reach the bottom layers. Therefore, you can not do with a simple watering can.
    To provide moisture to all seedlings, it is necessary to install a tube along the entire length of the resulting structure. In this tube make holes with a diameter of 5 cm. During watering, it is sufficient to put a hose on the end of the tube. In general, the use of such a pyramid is convenient.
    You do not have to lean heavily during watering, it is convenient to weed. Yes, and weeds inflict such places less often. The same can be said about pests.
  4. You can then plant the seedlings. If the first method is used, it is worth keeping the gaps between the seedlings. In the second variant, the bushes should be placed in pre-prepared holes. During planting, care should be taken: the root system needs to be carefully spread. The heart should not be buried deep in the ground, but it should not be bare.

Growing strawberries in tires is also a way to decorate the garden. To make tires more attractive, it's enough just to cover them with paint. Strawberry bushes with red berries against the background of green car tires will be interesting and unusual.

Minus of this method: the plants tolerate frosts and colds. With a slight change in temperature can cope with the help of straw, but the severe frosts of strawberries in tires can not survive. Therefore, it is better to resort to this method for those who have enough time every spring to plant new seedlings.

Advantages of vertical beds

Planting strawberries in a tire is called a vertical structure. In recent years, farmers have learned all the advantages of such structures:

  • Space saving. An excellent way out for those who can not afford to berry a berry on the whole site. You can arrange such pyramids in the middle of the yard. The main requirement is the availability of land. At the same time with the help of tires you can also trade with a berry: many places do not occupy the bus, and a lot of fruits are collected from them.
    Decoration of a garden plot and a beautiful view. Elegantly designed tires fit into any garden design, disguise ugly objects, enliven the space, give it brightness and saturation. You can refine this way the old yard or garden.
  • Ease of care. Watch and care for the bush can and small children. Cut off the mustache, do the fertilizing, water the plants comfortably: do not bend over and go from one bush to another: they will all be at your side.
  • Convenient and harvest, as all the fruits are in one place. You can easily select the largest.

Important point. Not all varieties can be grown vertically. It is better to plant a strawberry that does not give a mustache. If the mustache is there, the whole berry season must be formed on them. Such varieties are called ampel. It's not difficult to pick them up, the assortment is big.

For the vertical beds are good grades of Bordurella-Maralla, Rimon. They give the harvest in the first year of planting.

Features of growing

The simple and compact appearance of such designs gives the impression that growing strawberries will be no problem. But there are some features that you should read before landing. How best to plant strawberries in tires?

  • Soil volume is limited. He is not like the usual bed. Sometimes the seedlings may not be enough.
  • Watering. Supply the bushes with moisture is constant, as the soil in the tires often dries up. Not all gardeners have the ability to constantly monitor the condition of the soil, so it makes sense to switch to drip irrigation. Irrigation will constantly maintain moisture in the substrate. Many gardeners advise the following trick: use a hydrogel - small balls. They are sold in many horticultural stores.
  • Fertilizers. Since the area is small, the roots will quickly absorb all the beneficial substances from the soil. Therefore, every two weeks the seedlings must be fed. And it is better to do it once a week. Then the plant will not lack a top dressing.
  • In winter, the soil will freeze. In the cold months, the earth in the tires turns into a solid, frozen coma. For the root system, this is fatal, so rarely anyone can grow berries in tires every year. If you want to make a vertical bed of a perennial, you should take care of its mobility. Then in severe cold it can be brought into the room.

Some advices for the arrangement of

These tips will help the beds to last longer, and the strawberries - to give a good harvest.

  1. If the constructions are not thought of as mobile, you should equip them immediately on the spot. Otherwise, difficulties may arise, and the plant will not survive. It is necessary to arrange tires on the sunny side, as strawberries like heat and light.
  2. Prepare the substrate in advance. Therefore, immediately mix peat, humus, and also hydrogel.
  3. It is better not to have beds near the barrels from the water, since it will take a lot of moisture.
  4. You should immediately think about protecting the plant in winter. If this is not possible, it is better to take a one-year planting.

Growing strawberries in wheels is popular with many gardeners. Compact beds, the convenience of care, saving space - the reasons to build such pyramids, even in small areas. But landing in tires requires attention: plants need to be watered and fed often, and in the winter - to protect from frosts.


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