How to make a family tree with your own hands

It is very important to know the history of the origin of your family. Today, many are engaged in the compilation of genealogical trees - pedigrees that help people know the name of their ancestors and who they were. Would you like to create your own genealogy? Then read our article, in which we will tell you how to make a family tree with your own hands.

  • How to start
  • Sequence of manufacturing
  • Original pedigree charts

How to start

Before starting to compile your family tree, it is necessary to perform a number of preparatory works:

  1. To study the pedigree of your family. Some are well aware of their ancestors, while others do not know their great-grandfathers, cousins ​​and cousins ​​brothers and sisters and other distant relatives. Before creating a family tree, you need to collect all the necessary information about your family( names, surnames, dates and birth places, the degree of kinship).To do this, ask your family members for information.

  2. Decide how big your family tree will be. Of course, everyone is interested in learning about the earliest origins of their family, but if you are going to draw a tree on a sheet of paper, then it will be difficult to accommodate so many names. Many prefer to dwell on the last generations, including parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers on both sides.
  3. Prepare to work on the drawing: choose high-quality paper of large format, prepare pencils, eraser, and paint or markers for coloring.
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Sequence of manufacturing

Before starting to draw a tree, it is necessary to decide what form it will be. Most often, tree pedigrees are depicted in the form of the most real trees, with each branch reflecting the "branch" of the pedigree.

You can choose this option as well as draw a tree in any other way. So, take a sheet and a pencil and start drawing.

Imagine what your tree will look like, calculate the number of branches and the distance needed to write data about relatives. At this stage it is best to work with a simple pencil. If you can not keep within the allotted area or draw the branches in a wrong way, then the drawing can be easily corrected with the eraser.

Now you need to determine the area that will be assigned to your name, since you are the originator of the family tree. Write your name in such a place that around it there is enough space for the names of all your relatives. You can use the area on the tree from the top, bottom or side.

Next, you need to place on the sheet information about your parents, brothers and sisters. The names of the parents are better placed above or under your name, depending on the direction of the growth of the tree. Names of brothers and sisters are on the same level as yours so that they have a connection with your parents.

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At this stage, do not forget to write the names of the spouses and children of your siblings. When writing, stick to the principle - the couple next to, and the children under them. If desired, generic lines can be joined by arrows, approach the figure creatively.

Now you need to inscribe all cousins ​​and brothers, grandparents on both lines of parents. Above your mother write the names of her parents( your grandparents), then at the level with her write all her brothers and sisters, and under them the names of their children( your cousins ​​and sisters).Do the same with your father's line.

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When you are done with the transfer of the next of kin, take on other generations - enter your cousins ​​grandparents, their spouses, children and so on, until you complete your family tree to the level you determined. At this point, your tree will grow "much".

To make the tree more attractive, it needs to be properly designed. To do this, use colored markers - circle the trunk and branches in brown, and select "leaflets" with names green. Also you can add some decorative elements - so the picture will become more vivid and interesting.

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Original pedigree charts

We present you some original schemes for creating a genealogical tree. Here, for example, the option of creating a pedigree on the wall of the room. The trunk and branches are made of monochrome brown wallpaper, and as the names are hanged photos of relatives, located in the correct order.

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Another pedigree is presented in the form of a small crafts made in the form of a tree on which medallions with photographs of relatives hang. The handicraft has a small size, so it will look organically on the mantelpiece or on the coffee table in the hall.

Stylish picture, which depicts the family tree, will be an original decoration of the wall of the room. To create such a picture is very simple - take the workpiece, paint it in blue, paint the trunk and branches of the tree in contrasting colors and place the nameplates of your relatives.

Another version of a small picture with a pedigree. As the tablets with names, the author decided to use iron covers, in which he placed photographs of his relatives. As a result, an original and stylish genealogical tree was obtained.

An interesting addition to the interior of the apartment will be such a large tree on the whole wall, which, by the way, is very simply done. It's enough to draw a tree with contrasting colors on the wall( if you can not draw, then you can use the services of an artist) and hang frames with photos on the crown.

Very beautiful and interesting looks like this is a family tree. This is a large sheet on which a pedigree template is printed, into which you can then enter all your relatives. Such a family tree can be stored in family documents or hung under a glass on a wall.

Another variant of the genealogical tree template is suitable for owners of a large number of relatives. There are a lot of cells in which it is necessary to inscribe their relatives. The scale of such a template will allow you to trace the pedigree of many generations of your family.

Thanks to such genealogical trees you can introduce your children to relatives who have already died or live far away, and also save and share the history of your family with future generations.

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