What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is an original state in the center of Eurasia with unique traditions and customs. Tourists, imbued with the atmosphere of "land feather grass", want to bring from here something for memory or as a gift to family and friends. So what is Kazakhstan famous for, and what gifts does it offer to its guests?

  • articles of felt
  • Leather
  • Kazi, shuzhyk
  • Pottery
  • Dairy products
  • Tang, Ira, mare
  • Kurt
  • Cognac
  • Corp.
  • Oil "Kyzyl May»
  • National costume
  • Clothing
  • Skullcap
  • Souvenirs
  • Baiterek
  • Kazakh dolls
  • Kazakh matryoshka
  • Tea
  • Jewelry made of silver
  • Do not take out

Felt products

Felt for the Kazakhs is part of the national history. Masters of felting handed their art to children, so that they learned how to make a light, durable and pleasant to the touch material. Indeed, Kazakhstan felt is famous for its quality throughout the world.

If in olden times felt objects served as interior decoration of yurts and as a part of everyday life of nomads( carpets, clothes, decorative elements, etc.), now this material became fashionable and "moved" to apartments in the form of souvenir rugs, bedding and toys. It is also believed that felt protects its owner from evil spirits, evil eye and spoilage.

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Leather products

Children of the steppes, growing huge herds of cattle, learned to work fine with skins.

If you want a piece of Kazakhstan to remain forever with you, get yourself a leather tumar. This decoration has a religious meaning, but it can be left as a souvenir. Outwardly it looks like a triangular pendant with Kazakh ornaments, inside it is hidden excerpts from the Koran.

Traditional leather jars for koumiss are also of cultural value and reflect national traditions. Such a gift can be used for its intended purpose, as kitchen utensils, or simply placed in a conspicuous place as a memorable souvenir.

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Kazy, shuzhik

Nomadic people used horse meat and at the same time could cook it very tasty.

Kazi is a world famous delicacy from horse meat. For its preparation, the ribs are marinated in their own juice and spices for more than two days. Next, the meat is mixed with seasonings, placed in a prepared gut and boiled. The result is a very soft and tasty sausage.

Shuzhyk is made by analogy with kazy, but it is often added also horse fat. Unusual delicacies from horsemeat you can easily treat your friends, because horse meat is stored for a long time, which means that you can easily take it to your native places.

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Kazakhstan is a friendly country, ready to assemble all for one big dastarkhan( traditional low and round table).The table will be decorated with incredibly beautiful ceramic dishes.

In Kazakhstan, be sure to visit the shops of local craftsmen. There are a huge number of beautiful ceramics products decorated with national ornaments. Particularly fascinating are ceramic saucepans( tableware for tea), which are one of the unofficial symbols of the country.

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Fermented milk products

Nomads introduced into the modern culture of sour-milk drinks, which in many countries have become a real delicacy. If you do not know what to bring from Kazakhstan from products, feel free to go for goat cheese, local cottage cheese or leaven. These products are made in the "country of feather-grass" according to exclusive recipes.

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Tan, ayran, kumys

Pearl of Kazakh cuisine - sour-milk drinks.

Ayran is a tandem of goat, sheep and cow's milk. The mixture is fermented with yeast and is often salted. Before drinking, it is recommended to dilute the drink with water.

Tan "comes" to the desired state as a result of fermentation in milk yeast and leaven. The basis for the drink is sheep or goat milk.

Koumiss is made from milk mares. This drink is considered a miracle, as it gives strength and removes all signs of fatigue.

It should be noted that koumiss is an alcoholic drink. It can contain up to 4 degrees of alcohol, which are so invigorating the body.
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The word "kurt" is translated as a bun. This is highly salted cheese, which is made from curdled milk. The finished product is dried in the sun, making it very dry and hard.

Kurt is a universal product. It does not spoil for a long time and easily tolerates high temperatures. With its help you can throw down the thirst, and also prepare soup. Your friends will be extremely surprised if as a gift you bring them a plain-looking white "pebble", which in fact is a traditional Kazakh dish.

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In the country of nomads produce cognac with a very interesting bouquet and taste. Named an alcoholic drink in honor of his country - "Kazakhstan".The firm "Bacchus" produces cognac on the oak of 50 years of aging, in the format of three and five-star product. Cognac will become an interesting and actual gift, and local chocolate "Kazakhstan" will perfectly suit it.

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Corrugated corpse are patchwork quilts( pillowcases, bedding, carpets), handmade by Kazakh craftsmen. The guests of the country, who are considering what souvenirs to bring from Kazakhstan, often give preference to these unique products.

Traditional patchwork carpets and blankets are a piece, handmade product. The master selects the flaps suitable for color and shape individually for each product. Previously, such products were on the mandatory dowry list for the bride and were used for their intended purpose. Now they serve as a decorative element.

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Oil "Kyzyl May"

"Kazyl May" is a reflection of knowledge and skills of Kazakh healers. The oil has a dark red color( in Kazakh, red is pronounced "kyzyl") and is made from medicinal herbs.

"Kazyl May" perfectly cleanses and tones up the body. It also soothes irritations and burns of the throat and nose. Such a gift will become for your friends an indispensable assistant in the fight against beriberi and condition of spleen.

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National costume

Kazakh national costume is a refined garment, richly embroidered with ornaments. Such clothes are literally pleasing to the eye.

Presenting a national costume, a native Kazakh, most likely, will show you wedding dresses of the bride, as they are just the top of the art of local masters. What is the embroidered gemstone adorned with precious stones and embroidery? Well, the pointed saucele headdress, reaching a height of half a meter and adorned with silver pendants, will amaze the imagination of any modern fashionista.

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The female version of the clothes consists of a long dress( keilek), a fitted vest decorated with national patterns, and caps( taki), a top that crowned the owl feathers. In the festive version of the costume, the dress was decorated with undulating frills along the perimeter of the hem and sleeves.

The basis of the man's suit was a robe in the floor( shapan).More often than not, Kazakhs put on a "buck" hat, which was trimmed with fur. Men's cloth trousers and shirts, embroidered smoothly.

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It is customary in the Kazakh tradition to cover your head. History stores the memory of many headgear, but the most popular remains skullcap. Today it is one of the symbols of Kazakhstan culture.

The skullcap is a small cap that is worn on the top of the head. As a rule, it is expanded by gold threads and has a conical top.

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Baiterek is worth remembering from Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan. This is a copy of the monument, which symbolizes the unity and power of the Kazakh people. It reflects the idea of ​​the ancient Kazakhs about the mythical "tree of life", which holds the earth roots. Outwardly, the monument is a tree trunk and a symbolic egg, which according to legend in the krone is laid by Samruk every year.

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Dombra is a national Kazakh stringed instrument. According to legend, the ancient ruler, flooding the mouth of the messengers for bad news, lost his beloved son. Nobody dared to tell him about the tragedy. Then the music-making master created a tool with which he came to the ruler.

Through a surprisingly subtle game, he told the lord about the sad event. The ruler did not break his word and the master remained alive, but dombra paid for the story. The tree was flooded with hot lead, as a result of which an opening appeared on the instrument.

So it turned out a real dombra. Today in Kazakhstan you can buy an original instrument or its miniature copies.

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Dolls of Kazakhs

Puppet traditions in Kazakhstan have the oldest roots. Once upon a time the steppe people made figurines of felt, wool, wood and feathers. In the course were all the improvised materials. But doll clothes were always decorated as beautiful and richer as possible.

Now the dolls are made dressed in national costumes and with a face typical for the oriental person. Such souvenirs will be a wonderful gift, because they fully reflect the culture of the country.

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Kazakh matryoshka

Kazakh matryoshka will be an interesting gift. Particular attention deserves nesting dolls in the form of a yurt( a house as the main doll, in which one after another hides the Kazakh family).In souvenir shops you will find various variations on this topic.

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tea The eastern country honors tea traditions. The "Assam" and "Rahmet" teas are produced here. In the culture of Kazakhstan there is even a special tea ritual, and the guest can not be let go without having a drink with a fragrant drink. True Kazakhs drink tea 5 to 10 times a day.

Both Assam and Rahmet have a rich, vivid taste. The welding is a little bit tart, but opens very softly and interestingly. Surprise your friends with real oriental tea.

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Jewelry from silver

Kazakhs are excellent jewelers, so their women always wore silver jewelry. As a rule, these were large earrings and necklaces, bracelets and rings with precious stones. In this case, jewelry was made in the style of strict geometry or national ornament. Sometimes, when creating jewelry, the animal style was taken as a basis.

Kazakhs evaluated jewelry not only in beauty, but also in size. Girls wove in braids heavy and sonorous pendants, which should not have been ringing when walking( so young beauties accustomed to smooth running).Silver made out and caps of Kazakhs. Today you can also buy these unique ornaments.

The most popular are sholpes( earrings in the form of coins), saukelenin syrgas( pendants for wedding headgear), and wide bracelets - bilezik, which can be worn either on the arm or on the leg.

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Do not export

  • Drugs;
  • Objects of cultural value;
  • More than 5 kg of fish and more than 250 grams of sturgeon caviar;
  • Animals and plants from the Red Book.
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