Examples of dyeing hair of different lengths in the technique of rattles

Any woman wants to be stylish and keep pace with the times. To help them in this, there is a whole industry of beauty industry, aimed at finding its own individual image. To date, at the height of popularity is an unusual technique of coloring hair - the hippopotamus. Its name was given in honor of a rare and expensive kind of wool( from the English word "shahtoosh"), from cashmere fabrics that are known for their tenderness and subtlety.

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Photos before and after

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The essence of the procedure

This technique can be compared with expensive cashmere fabric, as it allows you to gently slide from color to color, which gives strandsnatural appearance.

Chateau is the use of two closely related shades, which allows you to achieve the effect of light hair burning in the sun. Stain in this style can be like hair along the entire length, and in the style of the ombre, touching only the tips. This creates the feeling that you have only recently visited hot countries, and if you are the owner of tanned skin, the effect will be doubly winning.

The advantages of this technique is that it fits any age category, from young girls to mature ladies, regardless of the hair itself. Straight or wavy, thick or thin - this will not affect the image.

Do not forget about some limitations:

  • on a very short haircut, this technique will not look very appropriate, because the length does not allow to reveal the color to the fullest;
  • owners of bright red head of hair should also choose for themselves another method of staining or choose a method of toning the hair along the entire length.
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Well this technique looks on blondes and brown-haired women. Blond strands will take away unnecessary years and give their owner an expressive image.

Blondes should stop only on two shades, not using variegated combinations, but only shading their natural color.

Holders of gold hair it is better to turn to another technique of staining - Californian marking.

The procedure of the stoleta lasts for a long time on the hair, and the coloring itself will take a couple of hours. The effect will persist for about 3-4 months.

Also learn about the characteristics of carving and see the examples of the procedure http://woman-l.ru/karving-volos-s-foto-do-i-posle/

Advantages of this technique:

  • soft effect on hair;
  • skilful painting of the growing roots;
  • gray and completely lost in light strands, becoming invisible;
  • giving extra volume and shine.

If you skillfully arrange the color accents, then you can forget about the curling irons and hair curlers, and the "ponytail" or the usual bundle will look like a festive hairstyle.

Do not experiment with this technique at home, otherwise you can hopelessly spoil your appearance: the curls will look dull and untidy, and the transition between the colors is rough and not finished. It is more appropriate and safer to turn to an experienced master. Competent selection of colors and compliance with all the nuances of technology allow you to achieve charming, living and voluminous ringlets.

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