Signs of an indoor flower ivy or heder

All plants in nature have a certain energy. Indoor plants are no exception, and being always close to a person, they affect the physical, mental state and life events of the tenants. Ivy refers to one of the most common indoor flowers due to its beauty and unpretentiousness. There are many decorative varieties of it, with the help of which the vertical landscaping of external buildings and internal premises is carried out. But is it possible to keep it at home, and what signs are associated with this flower?

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at home? Ivy is known since ancient times, then it was called hedera in Latin. A lot of legends and superstitions are associated with this curly flower. There is also a Russian version of the origin of its name. It is believed that the word "ivy" comes from the verb spit, in this case, refers to the unpleasant taste of the flower. Some scientists adhere to the version that the name of the loach owes its expectorant properties, or rather the ability to treat various colds.

Signs of

Surprisingly, the signs about ivy in many countries are treated differently, some are sure that the flower brings happiness and luck, others - believe that it promises only evil.

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  • If the house has ivy, then there will always be mutual understanding and kindness. This plant feeds on negative energy and thereby alleviates all misunderstandings of family life, reduces the number of divorces and conflicts.
  • The plant soothes easily excitable people, it is recommended to grow it in a dwelling in which hyperactive children live.
  • If you keep it at work, then things will tend to go up, since this plant is a symbol of the fortitude of the spirit and the personification of vitality.
  • To get a flower for a married woman means to rid yourself of slander, adultery and other troubles.
  • Caring for him an unmarried girl - to a successful and soon marriage.
  • If you plant an ivy in your home with a timid person, then his self-esteem will increase.
  • If an alien came to the apartment with bad thoughts and intentions, then the plant will neutralize this negative and cleanse the surrounding space.
  • A good sign for a young girl is to wear a twig of a curling flower on her chest, as it will preserve its beauty, youth and will give vitality.
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  • Bringing an ivy into the house is like bringing an energy vampire, it will draw positive energy out of the tenants and transform it into a negative one.
  • Curly on the wall of the whip in the house of an unmarried girl steal her happiness, push the opposite sex and prevent marriage.
  • For a woman who is married, the flower is a real enemy, as he drives the spouse out of the house and destroys the family.
  • If from a strong and large ivy suddenly liana disappears, then it promises financial difficulties and serious monetary losses.
  • The plant is energized by the tenants of the house and if you keep it in your room, it will draw all the energy.
  • Suppresses the nervous system and makes melancholy people even more vulnerable and withdrawn.
  • If the plant is poorly maintained, the negative effect is increased several times.

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Other beliefs

  • If a child who has become pertussis drinks from a wooden cup made of ivy, he will recover.
  • If the old flower growing along the wall of the dwelling suddenly falls, it means that the owner of the house is waiting for financial troubles - up to the fact that the housing will change the owner.
  • If the leaves of the plant are placed in water for a day, then the potion can then be washed with sick eyes and they are healed.
  • If a young guy on the All Saints' Day silently rips off 10 leaves of a flower, drops one of them, and puts the remaining 9 under his pillow, he will dream of a future wife and a wedding.
  • The last belief is remarkable in that this is the only love guessing intended solely for men.
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Is it possiblekeep the house

Each person independently needs to decide on whether to grow this plant in his home. After all, if you believe in bad beliefs, you can lose vitality, money, husband. However, believing in good signs, loach bring joy and happiness into the house.

In addition, if according to some opinions in the room a curly flower is not recommended to hold, then in the open air it will become a barrier for someone else's negative energy. In places with a warm climate, it is customary to plant ivy so that it curls the windows from the outside and the entrance to the house. This is the so-called living energy filter, through which no negative energy can enter the dwelling. Therefore, for those who do not believe in bad omens, the plant will become a beautiful decorative element that will decorate and green every room.

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