Useful properties, types and recipes for cooking dishes Urbech

Urbech or Urba is a sweet liquid or pasty dish, based on rubbed seeds or nuts, honey and melted butter. Urbech is a traditional Dagestan dish, prepared only from natural products and can be used as a sweet dessert for tea, as well as as a medicine for restoring the strength or treating colds. Urbech looks like a chocolate paste.

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      This product contains the following useful substances:

      • vitamins A, B, C, E, F, K, H, PP;
      • calcium;
      • magnesium;
      • iron;
      • phosphorus;
      • fluorine;
      • iodine;
      • potassium;
      • sodium;
      • cobalt;
      • sulfur;
      • chlorine.

      Per 100 grams of the finished product, Urbach contains on average:

      • proteins - 13 grams;
      • fats - 34 grams;
      • carbohydrates - 43 grams.
      The calorie content of the urbech dish per 100 grams is 543 kilocalories.
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      Useful properties

      Urbech is a very useful product and works on the body as follows:

      • Pumpkin Urbech improves skin condition, preventing its aging, helps to cope with fatigue.
      • Linen Urba normalizes the nervous system, improves the appearance of the skin, is used to treat peptic ulcer.
      • Hemp - improves the performance of the immune and nervous systems, kidneys, eliminates cholesterol in the blood and increases the potency.
      • Sesame urbech eliminates constipation, increases muscle mass, strengthens nails and hair, helps with gastritis and cough treatment.
      • Sunflower seed Urbech lowers cholesterol.
      • Dish from hazelnut improves immunity and heart function, and also maintains muscle tone and dental health.
      • Urba from walnut has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune system and helps in the treatment of anemia.
      • Urbech from almonds increases the male potency, and also helps with urolithiasis and is considered an excellent choleretic agent.
      • Urba from apricot kernels restores the body and helps with the treatment of respiratory diseases.
      • Peanut Urchech improves the blood, alleviates hunger and helps with weight loss.
      • Pistachio - strengthens the nail plates, hair, teeth and walls of blood vessels, and also helps to remove toxic substances and bile from the body.
      • Poppy Urba affects the body as a sedative, and also improves the digestive system.

      In general, Urbets, cooked according to any recipe, is an excellent means for replenishing energy reserves.

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      Varieties of such Dagestan sweets are large:

      • amaranth;
      • from apricot kernels;
      • of peach bones;
      • from milk thistle;
      • from chia seeds( Spanish sage);
      • of hazelnut;
      • coconut;
      • hemp;
      • sesame;
      • linen;
      • poppy seed;
      • almond;
      • nut( peanut, cashew, walnuts);
      • sunflower;
      • pumpkin.

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      Cooking recipe

      For all kinds of urbeche the way of cooking is the same:

      1. In a mortar, blender or coffee grinder, crush the seeds. If you use a blender or coffee grinder, the mass is obtained dry, so you will need to add the original oil( for example, to flax seeds - flaxseed) or to use refined deodorized sunflower oil. The mass should be obtained by the consistency between thick and liquid.
      2. In a water bath, melt the butter and honey in equal proportions with the weight of the ground seeds.
      3. Add the ground seeds to the obtained honey-oil mixture, mix and remove from the plate. Also, as additives, milk, cocoa powder, grated chocolate, sugar or any other sweet ingredients can be used to taste, since the taste of the finished urbech is slightly astringent.
      4. Pour the resulting paste into a separate container and leave to cool.
      5. loading. ..

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      How to use

      On the day, the amount of urbech used should not exceed 3 teaspoons.

      This dish can be used in such ways:

      • spread a thin layer on bread, pita bread or bread and eat at breakfast or lunch snack with tea;
      • add to the cereal for sweetening;
      • use as a dressing in fruit and green salads or dunk in it pieces of fruit;
      • is used in sweet baking as a filling;Add
      • to milk and whisk in a blender with fruit and milk.
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      Ways of using

      In addition to using this delicious dish in cooking, Urba is used as a medicinal and cosmetic means. Immediately after 15 minutes, the skin is applied to the skin, it gives the first positive results, it accelerates the healing of wounds, eliminates furuncles, acne, acne and ulcers, and the addition of goat fat will make Urbets a good remedy for colds. Urbets is also used in the treatment of gastritis.

      The mixture of Urbets with water in mountain conditions helps to easily transfer strong physical loads.

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      Contraindications to

      Contraindications for this product include only individual intolerance to the components of the dish.

      Urban abuse can lead to excess weight gain.
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