Which jewelry and accessories fit under a black dress

Coco Chanel once said: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one accessory."Almost a hundred years the name of this great woman is synonymous with subtle taste and elegance. And her brilliant invention - a small black dress - an integral thing in the ladies' wardrobe. Cleverly complementing him with the necessary accessories, every woman everywhere will look stylish and confident: at a social event, at the office and on the street.

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Casual image of

Priorities in the everyday image of a modern woman become comfort and practicality. For trips to shops and walks for every day a black dress from jersey will approach. The length can be any. It can be worn with shoes on a wedge or with boots on a platform.

Jewelry is suitable for a variety of metal massive elements, as well as a bright neck scarf or colorful scarf. A similar dress fits well with tights of bright tones, with either an elongated jacket of a free cut or a short leather jacket.

In a long black dress, you can go on a romantic date or in a cafe with friends.

A wide-brimmed hat will add an image of mystery, and decorations with light natural stones( rose quartz, rock crystal, turquoise and others) will refresh the complexion and add softness and romance.

Excellent everyday option - a short black tunic dress. Depending on the season, it can be worn with a light fitting jacket or short jacket. Combining both with shoes and sandals on a wedge, and with polusportivnoy shoes - snickers, styles, high sneakers.

Add an elegance tunic with a varnished black belt and a choker.

Tunic dresses, especially black, are very versatile, they perfectly match with any pantyhose, elk and even skinny trousers. As a finishing touch to the tunic, you can choose a semi-sporting cloth bag or a small leather backpack.

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A small black dress in the daytime should be worn with a minimal amount of accessories. To a strict dress laconic cut fit simple, but elegant jewelry, for example, earrings and beads from inexpensive natural stones, preferably matte shades.

The image for every day for active girls is a cotton black sports dress, stylish sneakers or sneakers with original trim, a capacious quilted bag and acrylic accessories.

Another unbeatable option - a combination of this dress with a denim shirt and jockey boots. The combination of blue and black colors will strengthen products made of turquoise, they will allow to look simultaneously modestly and elegantly.

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Business style

The office dress must be strictly cut,knee, without neck and causing details, frills, ruches. Ideal - a dress-case.

Business style involves the rejection of necklaces and beads in favor of neck scarves or elegant scarves. Of precious metals, it is permissible to wear a thin gold chain, but no more. Earrings are preferably modest and laconic, without pendants. The best option - carnations. You can decorate your hands with a ring or a ring with a precious stone.

It is important to remember that business style allows in the ensemble no more than three ornaments, including an engagement ring.

Inappropriate and vulgar in the office dress code will look cheap plastic jewelry. It is better to replace it with discreet ornaments made of metal with natural stones. In business style, moderation is important, so the smaller the accessories, the better.

Black strict dress for office can be combined with jackets and cardigans of almost any color. Black and gray versions will always be appropriate, you can dilute them with a bright neck scarf or a whimsically knitted scarf. Light blazers will make the image more elegant, bright - add elegance.

Perfectly complement the strict black dress with one-tone tights of black or beige color without drawings. Shoes to dress it is desirable to choose a low or medium heel, because they will have to be all day.

The office style is best suited for a classic ladies' handbag and, of course, a watch - a fashionable and stylish accessory of a modern business lady.

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Evening outfit

As an evening dress many women prefer a black dress. It can be anything: classic and extravagant, free and well-fitting, with long sleeves or without them, lush or narrow, with ruches or simple without frills. However, every black dress needs jewelry and accessories.

The best decorations for evening black dresses will be products made of diamonds and other natural stones, as well as pearls and rhinestones. Not less bright against the background of a black dress will look gold and silver jewelry, as well as a bright massive jewelry.

At the same time, you can not worry that the image will turn out to be defiant, black color, unlike others, will always add restraint. It is important only not to overdo it - there should be only one large element in the ensemble, otherwise the accents will be blurred, and the harmony of the image will be lost.

Accessories in golden colors always help to look respectable. To enter the light, you can choose jewelry with golden topaz, heliodor or amber. At the same time adding an image of clutch and sandals of gold color.

A combination of gold with diamonds: a necklace and a ring or earrings and a pendant will look very elegant.

If the style of the dress does not involve neck decoration, then you can wear long earrings or a stylish belt, and hands emphasize massive bracelets that imitate gold or silver, as well as a large ring.

Dress with open shoulders and sleeveless perfectly complement the high black gloves.

Brunettes in an elegant long black dress should give preference to decorations of emerald shades, for example, long earrings and a ring.

While red-haired girls and blondes can afford even black decorations, and at the same time look chic.

A black-and-white bijouterie will fit harmoniously in a fitted dress-case.

A long asymmetrical black dress will perfectly complement a massive necklace of silver and black enamel with rhinestones, a small handbag, a luxurious ring and high-heeled shoes.

An important role in the selection of accessories is played by the material from which the dress is sewn. After all, the denser the fabric, the larger and coarser jewelry can be afforded, and vice versa.

So, quite impressive with a black dress from velvet or satin look large beads with imitation turquoise or beads of red corals.

Black lace dress itself is already very elegant, so it is suitable for light, miniature and seemingly weightless accessories. For example, a small transparent pendant and earrings made of rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, chrysolite.

However, the first place remains for pearls. Nothing looks so elegant and solemn in combination with black color, like pearl jewelry.

An irreplaceable addition to any evening dress will be shoes with an elegant hairpin, glamorous clutch or a small sparkling reticule. In the tone of a silvery or gold clutch, you can always pick a necklace, bracelet or belt.

A classic option is black clutch, but it can be replaced with a contrasting, rich color that will be combined with other accessories of the evening image.

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