What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Bulgaria

Bulgaria is famous for its ski and Black Sea resorts. Tourists love this country for beautiful landscapes, a healthy microclimate and, of course, affordable prices. Bulgaria is associated with the sea and grapes, but this is not all the dignity of this country. An interesting and unusual local flavor is reflected in the original national souvenirs.

  • Alcohol
  • Wines
  • Liquor ment
  • Mastic
  • Rakia
  • Bracelets martenitsi
  • Seafood
  • Wood
  • Icons
  • Pottery
  • Cosmetics on basis of rose oil
  • Kukerskie mask
  • Lutenitsa
  • Dairy products and cheeses
  • Mursalian tea
  • National costumes
  • Sweets
  • Jam from pink petals
  • Honey
  • Turkish raisin
  • Deo candies
  • Scar
  • Tablecloths
  • Sujuk
  • Turtles with ornament
  • Charena salt
  • HDo not take out


Bulgarians know a lot about alcoholic beverages and make them according to unique recipes. Popular types of Bulgarian brandy "Pliska" and "Black Sea Gold" are of high quality and very low cost. The same applies to elite whiskey, which can be bought here much cheaper than in Russia.

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In Bulgaria for tourists organize special tours, with the purpose of acquaintance of visitors with wide assortment of red and white wines. The most popular Bulgarian white wines are Karlovski Misket, Ludogorsko Bialo, Sofia, Traminer, Keratsuda. The most popular red varieties: "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Merlot", "Cherga", "Khan Krum", "Mavrud".

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Liquor Menta

The Bulgarian liquor of the mentta has a rich green tint and a pleasant, invigorating taste, which is due to the mint that is included in the composition. Especially popular is the Menta "Cave", which is used in restaurants in Bulgaria as the basis for cocktails.

Drinking mint liquor in its pure form is not recommended, because it has a specific taste, but in tandem with the sprite you get an excellent drink.

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If you want to bring a strong alcoholic drink, pay attention to the mastic. Its interesting taste this drink is obliged to anise drawing, which is its basis. The concentration of alcohol in the mastic reaches 47 percent.

The drink is considered an analogue of vodka, however, it has one interesting feature: when adding any liquid to the mastic, the clear alcoholic beverage becomes white( milky).

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Rakia is a strong alcohol based on fruits( apples, pears), honey, herbs or grapes. The drink has a yellowish tinge. The most delicious is the Bulgarian vodka based on apricots - Kaisieva.

The technology of production of cannabis resembles the technology of making moonshine. As a souvenir, you should try to find an original home-made drink, whose strength varies from 50 to 60 degrees. Rakia, represented on the shelves of stores, has a fortress of 40 degrees. The most popular brands are "Carbonat", "Cave", "Burgas 63" and "Slivova".

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Bracelets of the martenitsa

March 1 in Bulgaria celebrate the Baba Marta holiday, which symbolizes the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature. On this day, everyone gives each other bracelets or brooches made of red whites with wishes of health.

These martinits( martinichki) must be worn until you see the first blooming tree or the first returning stork. Then we need to remove the martenitsa and tie it to a flowering fruit tree and make a wish.

If you get to Bulgaria in March, be sure to purchase native Matren. Bulgarians say that they guard against impure spirits, diseases and poverty, bring a long and happy life, health and strength.

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Seafood souvenirs will help you to save the memory of the Black Sea. In coastal shops and large bazaars of the country you can find stuffed crabs and various fish, shells here make paintings, decorations and decorative objects.

For women, you can bring cosmetics based on algae and clay, which are mined in the Black Sea.

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Wood products

Bulgarian masters make quality wooden utensils that can be used both as souvenirs and for their intended purpose. In the country( especially in the villages), you can find a lot of workshops and shops offering tourists a wide range of wooden jugs, wine barrels in miniature, a bowl for fruit and meat.

The dishes are decorated with drawings in carved technique or the national pattern is applied with bright colors, then the varnish is covered with a wooden surface.

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Bulgaria is one of the oldest Orthodox countries. Here you can buy beautiful hand-written icons, crosses and other church attributes. On Vitosha Boulevard in Sofia you can buy inexpensive reproductions of the icon of the Holy Virgin, which in the country are considered miraculous.

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Do not know what souvenirs to bring from Bulgaria, buy products from Trojan ceramics. Beautiful dishes decorated with a national pattern are made in the style of "Trojan shark".This technique is that the drops and stripes of paint applied to the surface to be decorated are mixed together in one direction, forming a pattern.

The basis for the products is brown clay. The most popular among tourists are pots, plates, cups, pots and tajins.

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Cosmetics based on rose oil

Bulgarian rose oil is a component of almost all cosmetic products manufactured in the country. In boutiques, you can buy balsams, soaps, creams and whey with a high percentage of pink essence, for example, from the companies "Rubella" and "Roses".

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But better buy a bottle of natural rose oil without impurities( sold in souvenir shops).You can add it yourself to all cosmetics.

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Cooker masks

Cooker masks are one of the unofficial symbols of Bulgaria. According to legend, the cookies are the spirits of fertility and prosperity that patronize people. Every year in the country there is a festival dedicated to these fertility spirits. Participants of the action dress up in masks made of wood, decorated with the help of leather and feathers. You can buy a mask for yourself in the souvenir shop.

In addition to the masks themselves, tourists usually buy dolls-amulet in the same style.

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For tourists, gourmets, luteen is of particular interest. This vegetable Bulgarian snack is made from tomatoes and peppers. In gastronomic shops of the country you can find an incredible amount of ready-made lyutenitsa with various additives( spicy spices, eggplant, carrots, apples, greens and much more).

This preserved product is stored for a very long time, which means it will not be difficult to bring the lute.

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Dairy products and cheeses

The Bulgarian brynza "sirene" is a cheese made fromgoat's milk. Prepare it for a special technology for prolonged soaking in the brine, so to taste it is strikingly different from the familiar to us weakly salted brynza.

The famous "jelly mash" is a special kind of yogurt, based on cow, sheep, goat or even buffalo milk. Very useful thing!

Izvara - this Bulgarian snack. It resembles cottage cheese, but it has a fresh, hardly salty taste.

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Mursal tea

This mountain tea will become just a unique souvenir, as the plant from which it is made grows only in Bulgaria in the Rhodope Mountains at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level.

Mursal tea has amazing healing and toning properties, it acts as an immunomodulator, reduces cholesterol and increases potency, and also has an excellent taste and aroma.

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National costumes

Traditional Bulgarian costumes deserve special attention. The men's set includes an embroidered shirt with wide sleeves and a high collar, a sleeveless shirt, a red belt and wool trousers. The two main styles are "beledreshna" and "chernodreshny"( predominance of white and black, respectively).

A women's outfit consists of a sarakan sackcloth, an embroidered shirt and a brightly embroidered apron. The girl wore a headscarf on her head.

Manually embroidered Bulgarian national costumes are quite expensive, so many tourists prefer to buy only their elements or miniature versions.

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Jam from pink petals

In Bulgaria, a stunning jam of rose petals is cooked. By its consistency, it looks like jelly, while it has a pronounced floral flavor and sweet, but not cloying taste. Especially popular with tourists was "Confitur from Rosie" from the company "Gem and Jem".

If you want to bring jam from the rose as a souvenir, look for a treat in a transparent jar with integral petals inside. Such a gift will definitely make a splash.

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Bulgarians love honey. Here it is sold in clay pots right on the streets. You can buy pink honey( made from roses), lime, lavender, oak and sunflower. The pride of the country is "manov honey".This is nectar made from the sweet juice of trees that grow high in the mountains. With prolonged storage, the delicacy darkens, and over time becomes saturated, almost black.

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The most popular sweet in the country is rahat-lukum. It is quite unlike the eastern version of the delicacy, since it contains much less sugar and is very "viscous".Guests of Bulgaria certainly should try a floral version of the dessert - lukum with the addition of a pink extract.

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Deo candies

Unusual lozenges of Deo are sweets that make the skin of a person to smell for six hours after consuming sweets. On the Bulgarian market there are DEO lollipops with the aroma of rose and lavender. They have a specific but pleasant taste.

On the assurances of the manufacturer for a person weighing up to 55 kilograms of consuming one candy will be enough to get a pronounced deodorizing effect.

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The Bulgarian Scar is analogous to a grill. It is a small electric stove, where it is very convenient to cook meat, fish, sausages, vegetables and hot sandwiches, and if necessary, you can cook soup.

Scar is an integral attribute of every Bulgarian house, most often it is installed on a terrace or balcony. A huge plus of scars is that you do not need to use oil for cooking. It is inexpensive and small, so you can easily bring it with you.

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Bulgarian embroidered tablecloths are made of sheep's wool. These homespun products can be recognized by the characteristic floral floral pattern placed on the edge, enclosed in a national ornament. In the local market you can find hand-made tablecloths in scarlet, white and crimson colors.

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Meat lovers should certainly bring soujuk - jerky from Bulgaria. It has a piquant, dryish taste, a fairly firm consistency and a slightly flattened shape( because of this sujuk is called "flat sausage"), as it ripens under pressure.

One of the varieties of Bulgarian soujuk is the raw sausage Lukanka, which is equally popular.

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Torches with ornament

Bags of the torba, covered with national ornament, are worn in Bulgaria as an everyday accessory. They are made by hand, so that each bag is an exclusive thing. In view of the popularity of the ethnic style, the torba will be a wonderful gift for any fashionista.

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Charena salt

Charena salt is one of the favorite seasonings for Bulgarians. In translation, "sharena" means colored. Spice is made from classic salt, thyme, pepper, pumpkin seeds and corn. The result is a universal seasoning that fits almost all the dishes of Bulgarian cuisine.

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