Style vintage in clothes

Vintage is a trend in fashion, the name of which was borrowed from professional winemaking. So called exclusive wine, produced from the fruits of the best varieties of grapes, grown and harvested under ideal weather conditions. Clothing in the vintage style is also of high quality. To this style of clothes are considered models from collections of 20-80 years, created by the best designers.

  • Directions of the vintage style
  • Fashion trends in clothing of past years
  • The 1920s
  • The 1930s
  • The 40s
  • The 50s
  • The 60s
  • The 70s
  • The 80s
  • How to make an image in vintage style
  • Vintage style accessories

In other words, vintage clothing is a very high quality item and a model from the most popular collections of past decades. Here are the main criteria that should be followed when choosing clothes, if you decided to try on this style:

  • "age" of clothes - choose models from fashion collections that were popular more than 20 years ago;
  • quality and brand - fit models of eminent designers, clothes of very good quality, which was at the peak of popularity several decades ago.

The main difference between the models of this direction is the style that reflects the fashion trends of the last century, features that you will not find in modern collections.

Directions of vintage style

Modern fashion divides this direction into three subspecies.

    • Authentic( classic) vintage. This includes wardrobe items, which can be considered a rarity and which really were created more than 20 years ago by famous designers. Such outfits and accessories, characterized by high quality of material and ideal cut, have a high cost. Such things are more like an exclusive, which is not suitable for permanent use. For example, collector models created more than 30 years ago by such famous designers as Coco Chanel, Gucci, Pierre Cardin, have a very narrow cut and a large number of lower skirts.

    • Uninvigorated. Designers, taking as a basis the fashion trends and trends of the past, create clothes in the vintage style using modern technologies. So, the combination of certain types of fabrics and the aging of the material by an artificial method allow modern women of fashion to feel the style and taste of that time. In this case, we use fabrics having a certain texture and color, reflecting the stylistics of a certain period of time.

    • Combined vintage. The right combination of modern things with antique accessories or the combination of modern materials with truly vintage fabrics and accessories.

For connoisseurs of genuine vintage now there are specialized stores of fashionable clothes and accessories of past years, where the choice of models is quite large.

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Fashion trends in past clothes

To properly choose an image in vintage style, you need to clearly understand what clothes were fashionable at this or that period of the last century. It should be noted that the 20th century was marked by the appearance of fashion trends, which were replaced with every decade.

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In this period, very fashionable were skirts to the knee, dresses with an understated waistline and a straight silhouette. Just in those years, for the first time, a coat with a smell began to appear. Clothes were decorated with paillettes and fringe. Very popular were fur garments and collars of natural fur.

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30th years

After a decade, the image of a teenage girl acquires more feminine and mature features. Fashion women change short hairstyles, growing their hair of medium length. During this period in the trend, light flowing fabrics - chiffon, silk, and also satin. For the first time, nylon pantyhose appears on the market. The main features of the clothes of that time - flounces, assemblies, skirts below the knee.

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The war time contributed to the emergence of minimalism in fashion. Become popular simple for the cut things of blue, black and gray shades. The main directions were military and sports style. During this period, materials such as leather and silk were not used in the manufacture of clothing. Models of the 40s are a pencil skirt or on assemblies, long shirts, strict suits and small hats.

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After ten years, the female image regains its subtle and elegant features. Flared skirts, air blouses, heels - that's what characterizes the fashion of that time. Dresses with an inflated waist appear, with which ballet flats were most often worn.

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60th years

In this period, a new youth trend "Baby boomers" appears. Clothing then acquired new features and was significantly different from the models of the past. It was in those years that a mini skirt appeared, platform shoes. Accessories were not used in most cases.

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70th years

In the 70s a wide variety of fashion trends appeared. Young people wear flared trousers, clothes made of natural fabrics. Girls prefer to dress in long dresses with floral prints or coloring in ethnic style. In connection with the popularization of a healthy lifestyle, many things acquired features of a sporting style, this also applied to skirts and jackets.

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80th years

Wide shoulder pads, skirts and mini dresses, bright fluorescent colors - all this can be attributed to this time period. The clothes of these years are largely eccentric and express the rebellious mood of the youth. The trend was metallic shades in combination with acid colors, screaming makeup and accessories, as well as leggings.

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How to make an image in the vintage style

Having decided on the vintage style you like, you can create a fashion image to your taste. Be sure to take into account all the features and trends of those times. It is very important here not to make mistakes and not to overload your image with obsolete things. To begin with, try combining your usual wardrobe with vintage accessories. It will be enough to use a handbag or jewelry in this style. Gradually you can go to the combined image. For example, try to wear things of modern collections with vintage. In this case, one important thing to consider is that the wardrobe items should harmonize with each other and create a single image.

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Accessories in vintage style

Any image can be considered completed only with properly placed accents. You can do it with the help of accessories. Vintage accessories are:

  • Bijouterie, as well as precious metal items - large pendants on a thin chain, brooches and earrings with inserts from expensive stones;
  • bags with floral print;
  • hats such models as "Fedor" or "Gavroche";
  • scarfs and scarves with floral print or ethnic motifs;
  • spectacles in a round shape.

Antique items made over 20 years ago have a fairly high cost. Budget option - modern accessories, stylized "for vintage."Lovers of needlework can create vintage jewelry themselves. For example, make a necklace using old beads and buttons.


Thanks for the informative material! It would also be interesting to learn about the fashion of different years in hats and shoes.

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