What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Jordan

Jordan is a very picturesque country with a lot of tastes and emotions. A piece of this wonderful world I want to take with myself to everyone who has visited here once to return to pleasant memories again. Traditional souvenirs, created by the hands of Jordanian craftsmen, store in themselves a piece of warmth of this hospitable ancient country. The article will give original advice to tourists and answers to the question: "What to bring from Jordan?"

  • Arak
  • Decorative knives
  • Wood products
  • Glass products
  • Ceramics
  • Carpets
  • Sand compositions
  • Koran
  • Dead Sea Cosmetics
  • Coffee withcardamom
  • National costume
  • Sweets
  • Spices
  • Ostrich egg
  • Embossing
  • Black iris
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
  • Of gold
  • Of blackened silver
  • Of coral and semidragonnnyh stones
  • Dalleh
  • can not remove


Among the most popular souvenirs of local production is perhaps one of the foremost is arak - Arabic vodka made from grapes with the addition of anise.

The history of this drink is several centuries old, and traditionally it is never drunk in its pure form, necessarily diluted with water and milk. Arak has a very specific taste, so a bottle of this drink will become quite an unusual souvenir.

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Decorative knives

What can I bring from Jordan as a souvenir for men? A great gift will be magnificent Arabic curved daggers. These are real works of art - graceful daggers with carved bony handles and covered with luxurious patterns, scabbards. Do not forget to take a check when buying a dagger, so that there is no difficulty in transporting such a gift.

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Wooden products

Fans of original interior solutions can bring the creations of local wood carvers from a trip to Jordan. The stores offer a wide range of wooden furniture of skilled work: carved chairs, armchairs, tables, which will become a real decoration of any room.

For ease of transportation, some items can be compactly folded. In addition to furniture, you can buy all kinds of boxes, richly ornamented chessboards or backgammon.

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It is worth paying attention to glassware, which differ in Jordanspecial grace. On the shelves of local souvenir shops are abundant glass glasses, wine glasses, jugs and other utensils of the finest work from the famous Nabatean glass.

A thin frosted glass with a pattern applied to it seems airy, and if moistened with water, the colors brightly play in the sun. No less elegant and Hebron glass, products from which are richly decorated with gold and silver.

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Works of Jordanian pottery craftsmen can be found in all souvenir shops and shops. The simplest and most budget option is the magnets with the image of the brightest sights, and if you want something more original, then you can choose the souvenir mugs and other earthenware.

An extensive assortment of ceramics includes all kinds of plates, salad bowls, saucers, aromatic lamps, figurines, and compositions from mosaic.

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Colorful Jordanian carpets, skillfully woven by the hands of Bedouin women - this is a great gift. As well as many centuries ago, these elements of an interior are weaved exclusively by hand on ancient technologies these days. You can buy small compact mats, as well as huge canvases.

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Sand compositions

Very popular are souvenir compositions made of colorful sand that are sold in small bottles. These masterpieces are created directly with you by skilled craftsmen who create their sand paintings right inside the vessel, layer by layer, stacking colored sand and forming various drawings.

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For people who profess Islam, the best gift will be the Koran in a beautiful binding, which can be purchased in Jordan. Such a gift will be a pleasant gift for those who collect books.

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Dead Sea Cosmetics

Women should pay attention to the unique cosmetics containing minerals of the Dead Sea. In Jordan, you can buy products of the world famous cosmetic brands Dolmen, Dead Sea Treasures, Joon, Glory, Solutione.

Sea bath salts, mud, face masks, creams, shampoos, scrubs and other products will help the fair sex to maintain themselves in tone, keep youth and beauty, and bring the skin in perfect condition.

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Coffee with cardamom

One of the main culinary brands of Jordan is coffee, which here is distinguished by a truly magnificent quality. The best sorts of coffee can be bought in the specialized store "Alameed coffee", where the sellers will be happy to help choose the excellent coffee, grind it and, if necessary, combine it with other varieties.

Classic Jordanian coffee is prepared with cardamom. Local people prefer to drink coffee that way.
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National costume

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An element of national costume will become an excellent gift from Jordan. Men in this country traditionally wear a special headdress - a kufi shawl, which perfectly protects from dust and scorching sun rays.

These shawls are made of cotton, wool or silk, they are covered with a pattern, and the number of brushes symbolizes the high status of the carrier of the kufia. Recently, such scarves are gaining popularity.

Women can be pleased with the traditional oriental dress "Burnus", which is richly decorated with embroidery, made by hand.

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Sweets, which are prepared by confectioners in Jordan, certainly are considered the best in the Arab countries. It is necessary to buy delicious biscuits with sesame, traditional baklava with pistachios, pancakes "kataef", a popular dessert "jawafu", which is prepared from guava. In the shops and in the markets are abundantly presented candied fruits.

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Spices in the markets of Jordan can be found in huge quantities. The most common spice is cardamom. Different kinds of pepper, oregano, sage, sumac( ground berries), seasoning with tuna from sesame oil and peas are just a short list of what can be purchased as a culinary gift. Very good cashews in Jordan, as well as mixtures from different varieties of nuts.

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Ostrich egg

An unusual gift will be a brightly painted ostrich egg. Masters of arts and crafts apply an openwork pattern on the shell of eggs in the form of tiny dots. Very delicate and elegant work.

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Walking through the ancient quarters of the city of Amman, you can buy magnificent metal items with chased relief patterns: jugs, sets, lamps, coffee Turks, incense bowls and lots of interesting things. Jordan chasing is a real art!

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Black iris

Black iris is the most popular brand of Jordan, the national symbol of this amazing country. This flower travelers are met everywhere, both in the living and in the dried form. Very often black iris is painted from colorful sand.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

It is impossible to bypass jewelry and jewelery of Jordanian masters. You can buy jewelry in specialized stores or markets, they will be a pleasant surprise for every woman. The country has a huge selection of products made of gold and other precious metals, but they are not inferior to traditional costume jewelery.

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Gold from

Jewelery from gold in Jordan is produced under strict control, so you can buy them without fear of stumbling upon a fake. The main difference between Jordanian gold - in its high sample and almost complete absence of impurities. Earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and other ornaments - for every taste and purse.

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Of blackened silver

Jewelry made of blackened silver is very popular in Jordan. In the town of Wadi Musa there is an enterprise where only women work and with their hands create magnificent bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Buying products at the factory, you can get a decent discount.

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Of coral and semiprecious stones

An ornate gift for women will be coral jewelry, and elegant necklaces adorned with semiprecious stones or amber.

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As a souvenir, travelers often buy a pendant called "dallel".It is made, as a rule, from gold or silver in the form of a small coffee pot. Coffee in Jordan is very popular and therefore the dahl is one of the main symbols of Jordanian hospitality.

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