Favorable days for hair cutting on the lunar calendar

1 adverse May lead to significant reduction in life.
2 Adverse Can contribute to litigation, quarrels and scandals.
3 Adverse May cause accidents and financial plan losses.
Has a bad effect on human health.
4 adverse May cause discomfort, mouth and throat diseases.
5 favorable Will help to get rich, will bring a small profit.
6 adverse May cause colds and impairment of smell. There is a risk of looking bad after visiting a hairdresser.
7 adverse leads to a deterioration in health and the occurrence of serious diseases. It provokes quarrels, various conflict situations and even legal proceedings.
Creates a threat of deterioration and personal relationships, and relationships at work, especially with superiors.
8 favorable Can attract health, provide good physical shape and longevity, lead to better life and improve the social status of its owner.
9 adverse Involves disease.
10 adverse Involves diseases.
11 favorable May affect the increase in intuition and ingenuity, exacerbates a person's feelings and his ability to foresee.
12 Adverse May attract various misfortunes: accidents, injuries, bruises and even life threatening.
13 favorable Attracts luck and happiness. The haircut on this day man and feels good, and looks attractive.
14 favorable Promotes career advancement and good relations with superiors. Perhaps the improvement of financial position and profit.
15 Adverse Causes headaches and increased pressure, can cause unreasonable feelings of fear and mental disorders.
16 unfavorable Can attract all kinds of problems and misfortunes, negatively affect the behavior of a person, his thoughts and actions, show his worst qualities, including a tendency to abuse alcohol and sexual relations. There may be treason and venereal diseases.
17 Adverse Problems in professional activities may occur. There may be a violation of mental state, there is a high probability of injuries and bruises.
18 adverse entails trouble - theft, and other property loss, pet disease. Yes, and the health of the person can be much worse.
19 favorable Can prolong a person's life. Can extend a person's life.
20 unfavorable Able to cause disgust for life, everyone will not be happy, nothing will attract him.
21 favorable Brings joy and luck, beauty and well-being.
22 favorable Will lead to profit and property acquisition. Thanks to her, you can recover by typing a couple of extra pounds.
23 favorable Provides an opportunity to improve life and material well-being. The person becomes more healthy and beautiful, the complexion improves.
24 adverse May attract a variety of diseases.
25 adverse Promotes the onset of eye diseases, increased eye pressure, impaired vision, the likelihood of inflammation and the appearance of barley.
26 favorable Will bring joy, good luck and good mood.
27 favorable Give a good mood, pleasure from life, happiness and luck.
28 favorable Will make its owner more charming and attractive. He will like and will be able to fascinate others with his appearance.
29 adverse It is capable to lead to negative changes in destiny of the person.
30 adverse It is capable to attract accidents, various troubles and even death.
Lunar day Period Effect of haircut

Our ancestors treated the process of hair cutting very responsibly, because they knew that changing the length of hair on a certain day could change a lifetime. Usually, to determine such a day, they were guided by the position of the moon. And this is not accidental, because each lunar phase affects the human body in different ways. It affects the growth of hair.

  • Favorable period
  • Unfavorable dates
  • Lunar calendar
  • Moon in zodiac signs

Favorable period

To hair growing faster it is necessary to perform a haircut during the full moon period or the time of the growing Moon. Also this period is most suitable for nutrition and hair coloring.

So that the hair is no longer confused, become more obedient, and the roots are strengthened - you should do a haircut in the period of the waning moon. This will help stop the rapid hair loss. However, after shearing at this time, the hair will grow very long.

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Adverse dates

Absolutely not favorable for hair cutting are days of sunny and lunareclipses. In the old days it was said that with a haircut on such a day you can cut off memory and mind, and attract illnesses.

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Lunar calendar

By the lunar calendar, absolutely any day has its own meaning, and the haircut done is a certain influence on the person.

So, choosing the date of the trip to the hairdresser, it is advisable to look at the lunar calendar.to the table of contents ^

The moon in the signs of the zodiac

The location of the moon in the sky with respect to the signs of the Zodiac is also important. You can find out its position at any time in the lunar calendars calculated for a year.

The Moon in the sign of Aries and Aquarius is unfavorable for hair cutting. After it, the body's immunity weakens.

The moon in the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - the most favorable period for haircuts and, in general, visits to the hairdresser. The haircut made during this period promotes the growth and strengthening of the hair.

The moon in Libra and Gemini promotes active growth of the head of hear and helps create airy hairstyles.

The moon in Pisces and Cancer saturates the hair with vitality, but slows their growth.

The moon in the Leo sign can change the rhythm of life. For those whose affairs are already moving well, this is not a very favorable time for a haircut.

The moon in Scorpio is extremely insidious and can both worsen and improve your personal life.

The moon in Sagittarius promotes positive changes in work and career.

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