Cats of all breeds with photos, names and features of character

Cats are pets, independent and independent with a pronounced character. Among a wide variety of breeds of domestic cats, everyone can choose their best friend, guided by external data, characteristics of nature, habits and individual preferences.

  • Abyssinian
  • Australian smoky
  • Asian smoky
  • Asian Cat
  • American Shorthair
  • American polydactyl
  • American Bobtail( Yankee bean)
  • American Curl
  • Anatolian( Turkish Shorthair)
  • Arabian Mau
  • Asher
  • Balinese
  • Bambino
  • Bengal
  • BohemiaRex
  • Bombay
  • Brazilian
  • British Longhair
  • British Shorthair
  • Bramble
  • Burmese
  • Burmilla Shorthair
  • Havana
  • Himalayan
  • Dutch Rex
  • Dvelf
  • Devon Rex
  • Desert lynx
  • Sphynx
  • European Shorthair( Celtic)
  • Egyptian
  • York Chocolate
  • California shining
  • Sphynx
  • Cymric Cat
  • Korat
  • Cornish Rex
  • Kuril Bobtail
  • Munchkin
  • Mekong Bobtail
  • Maine Tailless
  • Maine Coon
  • Minskin
  • Nevskaya Masquerade
  • Nibelung
  • orvezhskaya
  • Oriental
  • Ojos Azules
  • Ocicat
  • Persian
  • Petersburg sphinx
  • ragamuffin cat
  • Russian Blue
  • Ragdoll
  • Savannah
  • Selkirk Rex
  • Serengeti
  • Siamese
  • Siberian
  • Snow shu
  • Somali
  • Thai
  • Toyger
  • Tonkin
  • Turkish Angora
  • Turkish Van
  • Ukrainianlevka
  • Ural rex
  • Foreign currency
  • Chausi
  • Chantilly Tiffany
  • Chinchilla
  • Scottish Fold
  • ScotlandStraight( Scottish Straight)
  • Exotic
  • Japanese Bobtail


Shorthair breed. The back is usually slightly darker than the coat in other areas. Wool overflows with different colors, because each hair has several hues at the same time. Due to the lack of undercoat practically does not shed, for the same reason it is subject to rapid hypothermia. The weight can reach 7.5 kg. Playful and mobile cat, it requires the owner of increased attention. Almost no meows, but he can loudly purr.

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Australian smoky

This breed differs in 3 components of coat color: main background, dark pattern and haze. They occur in marble and spotted variations. The characteristic patchiness is expressed by dark spots and stripes. A friendly, affectionate pet will be an excellent friend for children. These cats are smart, easily perform simple commands, very rarely scratch. In the house perfectly get on with other animals.

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Asian smoky

Shorthair breed. Has a light undercoat, the same coat can be black, chocolate, blue and red. It is distinguished by large expressive eyes of amber or rich yellow color. The maximum weight of the breed is 7 kg. These cats can not stand tight spaces and loneliness. They are very peaceful, affectionate and flexible, able to express gratitude.

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Asian tabby

Muscular short-haired cat with erect ears. Undercoat is absent. Color may be monophonic, striped, smoky, but the lower half of the trunk should be lighter than the upper. The average weight of an adult cat is 5-6 kg. Sociable friendly animals with high intelligence, will become best friends for the elderly and children. Easy to learn and get along with other animals.

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American Shorthair

Adult individuals can reach 8 kg. Athletic body characterizes the hunting breed. Admissible colors are more than 80, wool and undercoat are quite thick and dense. The eyes are almond-shaped orange or green. Clean animals with a calm character. They easily adapt in new conditions. Active throughout life. Immunity is unstable to infectious diseases.

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American multi-fingered

Cats stand out with an abnormal number of well-developed fingers: up to 10 - on the front paws and up to 8 - in the rear. Claws on extra phalanxes need to be cut every month, since they do not stitch off when walking and cause the inconvenience of the pet. The coat is brown and black in stripes or small patches, with pronounced typing. The maximum weight of an adult cat is 5.5 kg. They have unobtrusive and devoted character, habits resemble dogs, they like to play with toys. They yearn for a long separation.

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American Bobtail( Yanki-Bob)

The main feature is a short movable tail( from 2.5 to 7.5 cm).These cats have a long muscular body, low paws and a wide almost square muzzle. There are short-haired and semi-long-haired individuals. Color can be any, the most common agouti. Weight - 3-9 kg. Smart cat, likes big companies and active games.

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American Curl

A characteristic feature is ears bent back. They are very fragile and require careful care. A cat of medium size with a fully proportional body and a beautiful coat of medium length of any color. The animals are quite active, they can easily be trained.

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Anatolian( Turkish Shorthair)

Has high set big ears. The wool is soft, pleasant to the touch, without a perceptible undercoat. Color is acceptable for anyone. The maximum weight of an adult is 4.5 kg. Cats have the ability to parody the mimicry of the host and some vowel sounds. They are very funny, they like to play with water and rustling objects. Easily learn commands and rules. They prefer walking in the fresh air.

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Arabian Mau

Large cat( up to 8 kg) of strong build with widely spaced ears. The coat is short, without undercoat, quite tough to the touch. There are cats of monophonic color, two-colored, spotted and striped. The eyes are almond-shaped in color. Mau is playful, inquisitive and very faithful, easily get along with all family members and other pets.

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The most expensive breed of cats in the world!

The weight of an adult reaches 12-14 kg. The body is slightly disproportionate, the ears are narrowed at the tips, eyes are golden or green. Short hair can have 4 types of color: orange-gold with spots, hypoallergenic, snow and leopard. These cats are sociable and balanced, like active games and walks on the street.

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Elegant animal with medium-length wool without undercoat. Eyes almond-shaped blue or blue. Cats do not weigh more than 5 kg, have a narrow muzzle with a strong jaw and large ears are triangular in shape. Hind legs higher than front, tail hlystoyobrazny with plume. More than 20 kinds of color are allowed, except black and red. Cats are not aggressive, friendly and dog-like to the owner. Very cheerful, intelligent and playful.

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Very rare and expensive breed. The average weight of the animal is 3 kg, and the height is 25 cm. Characteristic features are the absence of a woolen covering, a strong body, large ears and short limbs, eyes round, blue. There are 3 kinds of shades of the breed: blue, white, black, expressed in spots. They are gentle and kind. Bambino is well tolerated for moving and changing the situation. Because of the lack of fur coat animals often freeze.

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Rare and large breed. Weight reaches 8 kg. Athletic body with well-developed muscles and long hind limbs. The mouth is square, large wide nose, eyes are green or golden, ears are short. Wool of medium length or short, dense with uniform leopard or marble color. Admissible shades: red, white, gray. Cats are able to learn how to execute commands. Very dedicated, curious and smart, try to accompany the owner everywhere.

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Bohemian Rex

The breed is distinguished by dense curly wool. An animal of medium size with a large head, large cheeks and a short broad nose. The color of large eyes coincides with the shade of the wool, the ears are small with brushes. Paws short and massive. Color: white, smoky, blue, red, cameo, tortoiseshell. Peaceful, affectionate animals, with a calm character.

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An animal of medium size with developed musculature. The average weight is 3-6 kg. The coat is short and dense. Color exclusively black. The eyes are amber-yellow. On the front paws of 5 fingers, on the back - on 4. Cats have a calm character, like attention and big companies, are wary of children and strangers.

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A small cat with smart eyes. Head and nose are of medium size, the ears are large. The neck is long, the paws are small and round. We admit any color and eye color. The coat is short and silky, without undercoat. Playful, developed animals that require increased attention. They have a predator character, like to walk outdoors.

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British longhair

Cats have a medium-length wool, but appear fluffy due to their thick undercoat and short paws. The muzzle is large and massive with pronounced cheeks and large round eyes. There are many variations of color. The color of the eyes must match the shade of the fur coat. Character is kind, sociable. Cats are obedient, calmly parting with the owner

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British Shorthair

The business card of the breed is short plush fur and a muzzle with massive cheeks and round eyes of orange color. The average weight is 5-8 kg. Creations with a character, that is, they can not be pressed until they allow it. The British are neat and obedient, they love order. They remain active all their life. Quietly endure the separation from the owner.

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Cats are graceful. They have rough, dog-like hair. A strong body with a long tail, a beautiful muzzle with large ears and eyes of almond shape. We admit any color. They are affectionate, playful, easily trained, with a well-developed hunting instinct. In the family they choose their own master, but they also communicate with the rest of the household with pleasure.

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Smooth-haired cat of medium size. The average weight is 5-6 kg. Developed musculature of the body is emphasized by closely fitting wool, with an unusual silk structure. Clearly expressed round eyes supplement the individuality of the cat. There are many variations in color, while the lower part of the body must necessarily be lighter than the upper.
Playful and faithful cat, requiring constant attention. Alone will be unhappy and may become depressed.

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Burmilla short-haired

Cat with a proportionally built body and perfectly developed muscles. Weight reaches 4-7 kg. The animal has a short coat with a light undercoat. The color of agouti is allowed only on the tail, paws and head. They differ in accuracy and soft character. They are unobtrusive, not whimsical in food and do not show aggression.

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The average weight of an animal is 2.5-4.5 kg. The body is muscular, the head is of regular wedge shape, large ears, eyes are oval green. The wool is medium-long or short, saturated brown, tending to red.

A distinctive feature is the strictly brown color of the mustache.

Sociable animals, well tolerate travel and travel. They can easily make friends with a dog.

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The breed originated from the Persians. Individuals have a stocky body, a fluffy tail and short paws. Wool is equally long throughout the body with a pronounced collar and thick undercoat, it visually rounds the shape of the animal. Himalayan cats are very energetic and emotional, but at the same time obedient and have a balanced character.

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Dutch rex

Feature of the breed - short, stiff wool, covered with curls. The tail, paws and trunk are thin. The ears are relatively small in size. There are many acceptable colors. Cats are characterized by an acute mind and a gentle character. They are affectionate, playful and require constant attention. They have the talent of a mouser.

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One of the smallest breeds. A hairless cat with short limbs and ears bent back. The maximum weight is 2 kg. Body muscular with small folds, eyes of light almond shape. To touch the suede cat. Most often there are light colors, but can be of any color. They are very curious and sociable, not aggressive, like children, are easily trained.

This cat must always be kept warm!
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Devon Rex

Distinguished by curly soft short hair, large low set ears and large eyes. The body is proportionally proportioned with strong, high limbs. The density of the coat may not be the same on different parts of the body. The maximum weight is 4.5 kg. Cats are intelligent, curious, playful, get along well with other pets.

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Desert Lynx

Large cat, similar to a lynx. Weighing up to 10 kg, with a massive muscular body. The paws are large, the jaw is square, the ears with tassels on the tips, the nose is wide. Eyes yellow or emerald color. The coat is plush to the touch, any variation of colors is acceptable. A cat affectionate and faithful, captures the mood of the owner and gets along well with the children.

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The Don Sphynx

Well-developed cats of medium size. Skin wrinkled and velvety, woolen cover is missing completely or partially, therefore the breed belongs to a number of hypoallergenic cats. Weight varies between 5-7 kg. These cats are always balanced, friendly and sociable, adapt easily in new conditions, love games and are easy to learn.

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European Shorthair( Celtic)

Cat with muscular, strong, compact body. Has a round head with round eyes and cheeks. The coat is short and dense, the color admits 35 varieties. Animals are absolutely not intrusive, but at the same time affectionate and sociable. Easily adapt to the rhythm of the owner's life, feel comfortable in the apartment.

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Egyptian Mau

Strong and elegant, very mobile cats.

During the run they can accelerate to 58 km / h.

They have very beautiful eyes of light green color. The wool is medium in length, thick and shiny, silky to the touch. Main colors: silver, bronze and smoke. Mau likes to play games, get along well in a big family and can become a friend to a lonely person.

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York chocolate

Semi-long-haired cats stand out as a characteristic color of brown or slightly chocolate color. They have a long body with a round head, long and thin paws. Playful, curious and affectionate cats like to frolic with children and explore new places, possess the habits of a hunter. They do not show aggression and are able to get along with other animals.

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California radiant

Externally reminiscent of a wild cat. The visiting card of the breed is leopard color - dark spots on the background of a yellow or silver hue of wool. The coat of the animal is soft and short. Animals are non-conflicting, calm and accommodating.

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Canadian Sphynx

Sphinxes have an elegant body with smooth lines, a wedge-shaped head with a powerful jaw, widely spaced large ears, a long tail that is almost always rolled into a bagel and pressed to the body. The maximum weight is 6 kg. Wool is not present, but on a body soft softness can be shown. A mandatory feature is the folds on the forehead, neck and paws. All kinds of colors are admissible. Loving animals with a golden character, they never show aggression.

The Canadian Sphynx is the breed of the smartest cats.
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Kymriki are absolutely tailless, with a short stump instead of a tail, with a short tail in cracks and knots, with an ordinary tail that is cut at birth. The coat can be long or medium with a thick undercoat. Color is acceptable for anyone, except for lilac, Siamese or chocolate.

Strong attachment to the owner, good memory and obedient character makes the cat look like a dog.
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Graceful cat on high paws. Muzzle in the form of a heart with a hump, ears of medium size, eyes large green. The business card of the breed is a glossy smooth wool of the color of a "storm cloud" with slightly clarified tips. Korat highly appreciates attention and affection in his direction, can show jealousy.

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Cornish Rex

These cats have gained popularity thanks to a curly, silky fur coat. They have large ears and a thin, movable tail. The maximum weight is no more than 5 kg. They are very energetic, inquisitive, all movements are inclined to perceive as a game. They require constant attention from the owner.

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Kurilian Bobtail

A large breed of cats weighing up to 15 kg. The body is muscular with an arcuate back. The tail is short, consisting of one or more nodes. Medium-length wool with abundant coarse hair. The breed is characterized by intelligence and tact, they do not like to sit on their hands, but they happily run after toys.

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Quite often they are called "werewolves", as they can scare their appearance.

Body is correct, weight is average, muscles and limbs are well developed. The head is small with large ears and large round eyes of yellow color. The coat is gray-gray in color, elongated in some places. Very kind, loyal to the owner, easily find a common language with large animals. Small animals are treated like hunters.

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They are called "cat-dachshunds", for their short paws.

It is very difficult to find the same Munchkin, they are all completely different both externally and in character. They have a proportional body with rounded contours. There are individuals with long or short hair. Differ curiosity, friendliness, playfulness and accuracy.

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Mekong bobtail

Short-tailed cat with color-point and short mink fur. The body is of medium size with proportional parts, the length of the tail does not exceed the third part of the body. Ears are small, eyes are predominantly blue. They are very curious and try to always be close to the owner.

Differ dog behavior, can walk on a leash, bring toys in the teeth, and in case of danger bite rather than scratch.
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The Manx tailless

The tailless cats are of medium size with a short back, hollowed sides and an elevated rear part of the body. The hind legs are longer than the forelegs, so they resemble rabbits in gait. The head is small round, the tassels are allowed on the ears, the eyes are large round, their color corresponds to the color. The coat is long or short with a thick undercoat. Easily adapt when changing the situation and are equally attached to all household members.

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Maine Coon

Graceful cats of large breed, weighing from 5 to 12 kg. They are proportionally stacked, strong and dexterous. Wool is dense, extending along the back, on the sides and on the stomach, has a thin and soft undercoat. Common colors: chocolate and brown. They are cats with a big loving heart, calm and devoted.

They love water and can take a shower with the owner.
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The breed is characterized by very short paws. Weight does not exceed 3.5 kg. The body is smooth and graceful, the big ears create contrast with a relatively small head, the muzzle is slightly similar to the dog's. Eyes large yellow or blue. These cats are short-haired, fur points stand out on the ears, paws and head. The rest is covered with a rare cashmere coat. Any colors are acceptable. Minksiny playful, smart, smart and smart. Poorly tolerate loneliness.

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Neva Masquerade

The color on the face looks like a mask, hence the name. The popular coloring is a light body with dark spots on the paws, face, ears and tail. Eyes are bright blue. The average weight is 6-9 kg. Body muscular, proportionally folded. Medium-length wool with a double undercoat has water-repellent properties. Tender and balanced cats. They like walks in the street and active games with imitation of hunting.

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Medium sized cat with soft and smooth wool of blue color with silvery tiping and dense undercoat. The muscles of the animal are tightened, the legs are slender and hardy, the head is small with large pointed ears, eyes large amber or bright green. The character is calm, they are affectionate with people and do not tolerate loneliness.

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A muscular cat with long limbs. The main feature of the breed is shaggy water-repellent wool of medium length with a dense stand out "beard" and "panties".They are obedient, they show tolerance for children and dogs, are very attached to the owner.

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Animals have a slender, flexible body and short hair. They have big ears and expressive almond-shaped eyes. The most popular shades of wool are blue, chestnut, white and ivory, but there are about 300 variations. Oriental has a steep temper and is irritated by inattention. Very interesting and "talkative" breed.

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Ojos azules

Refined animals of medium size with blue eyes. The wool cover is short, thin and silky with a medium-developed undercoat. Any color options are acceptable. In multi-color representatives, the tip of the tail should always be white. They are distinguished by a developed intellect, capable of learning. Do not endure a long separation from the host and hyperactive children.

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A muscular cat covered with spots, patterns and stripes. The wool is shiny, short and thick without an undercoat with a characteristic ticked color. Very active, fearless and restless animals. Easily trained. They do not tolerate being alone.

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Long-haired breed, has a stocky body of medium size with a large head, short nose and small ears. The eyes are round and expressive, the color depends on the coat color. The Persians are affectionate, calm and faithful as dogs.

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Petersburg Sphinx

The main features are a graceful elongated body, long flexible limbs, a whip-like tail, a long nose, a proud profile, large almond-shaped eyes. They are miniature, their weight rarely reaches 5 kg. Can be born with hair and without it. Popular colors cream, chocolate, color-point, lilac. The character is sociable, friendly. Cats clean and curious.

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Have a large long body with well-developed muscles, long paws and tufts of hair between the fingers. The head is wedge shaped with a wide skull, large ears and prominent cheeks. Eyes are often green or golden green in color. The coat is thick and soft, of medium length and of any color. Animals completely lack hunting instincts, they are affectionate, kind, easily trained.

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Russian blue

The business card of the breed is short, thick, plush wool of blue color with silvery tint. Cats are distinguished by a beautiful graceful body and a narrow skull. Active and very friendly animals with habits of a hunter. Quietly endure loneliness.

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A semi-long-haired breed with a strong body and well-developed muzzle, with a wide nose and prominent cheeks. The ears are tilted forward, the oval eyes are bright blue. Beautiful hair, close to the body.

These cats are balanced and good-natured. They are marked as the most tranquil.

Very sensitive, they can not be scolded and for a long time left alone, they can fall into depression.

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An unrecognized breed that looks like a small cheetah.

The coat is short or medium, hard to the touch, with a soft undercoat. The most common colors are cinnamon, tabby, golden, chocolate, brown and silver. Savannah is a breed of the largest cats, weight can reach 15 kg. Clever, curious, freedom-loving and independent animals. Not recommended for families with young children.

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Selkirk rex

The main difference is the presence of curly soft wool with a thick undercoat. There are short-haired and long-haired species, of any color. Cats have a strong muscular body, a round skull and constantly surprised by large, round eyes. Not aggressive, suitable for families with children. They are distinguished by curiosity, fearlessness, playfulness and devotion to one master.

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They have a muscular body, high strong legs, large ears and beautiful honey-colored eyes. The coat is short and pleasant to the touch, from afar creates a flickering effect. Spotted color, usually oval black or smoky black. Serengeti are lovely, funny, mobile and curious. Difficultly experiencing loneliness.

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Graceful animals with a flexible body, short hair and characteristic color - point and force points, they can also be lilac, blue and chocolate tints. The muzzle is narrow, the ears are large and straight, the eyes are blue oval in shape. Animals are intelligent, curious, prone to jealousy. A loving, sociable and mobile cat from the owner requires constant attention.

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The semi-long-haired cat is of medium size, well developed physically. The animal is very fluffy, the coat is long or medium with a double undercoat. Quiet creatures, able to overcome altitude and long distances. They are very friendly and smart.

Siberian cat - rightfully called the most affectionate breed.
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Snow shu

Rare breed, physique and appearance resembles a Siamese cat.

Color makes the animal unique - its legs are like shod in snow-white shoes.

There are also white spots on the nose and head, and large blue eyes. The constitution is proportional. The coat is shiny and dense. Cats playful, active and dexterous, perfectly get along with other pets.

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A cat of medium build with a slightly curved back and slightly convex chest. Their wool is soft with a double texture. Animals are intelligent and friendly and not prone to aggression. Have the ability to adapt to the nature of the host, very dedicated.

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A muscular cat with small paws and a rounded head. The muzzle is round, the nose is straight, the ears are wide at the base. Eyes rounded from pale blue to bright blue. The coat is short, silky without undercoat. Common colors: force-point, blue-point, red-point, tabby and tortoiseshell. Affectionate and playful, they can perform commands. Poorly tolerate loneliness.

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The main feature is tiger color. The physically developed body is of medium size, the tail is long and strong, a long muzzle with a wide nose, small ears and deep set eyes. The wool is dense, soft and silky. Color necessarily two-colored with dark strips and rosettes on a yellowish-bronze background. Very intelligent, loving and devoted animals. to contents ^


This is a medium-sized cat with a wedge-shaped head, triangular muzzle, slanting almond-shaped eyes and large ears of triangular shape. They are characterized by a soft short coat with colors: point, mink, solid. Clever and easy to learn, very friendly and dedicated creatures. It is not easy for them to part with their master.

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Turkish Angora

An elegant cat with a narrow muzzle, long hair and a fluffy tail. The nose is small, the eyes are large, oval in shape, the ears are large and highly planted. It is acceptable for almost any color, but white cats are popular. Angorki are very mobile and intelligent. During the game can make a mess in the house.

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Turkish Van

Cat large size, with predominant white color in color. For them it is necessary to have symmetrical red spots below the ears and red rings on the tail. Acceptable eye colors: copper, blue or different. Paw pads and nose necessarily pink. The coat is long, soft and silky. Color red with white, cream or tortoiseshell. Capable of training, energetic and friendly animals.

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Ukrainian lefthand

Cat small in size with well developed muscles. The head resembles a pentagon in shape, with pronounced cheekbones. Legs strong with graceful legs. The ears can be curled and straight. There are hairless gillyflowers and with a full wool cover of any color. They are dog-like playful, prefer active games with the host. They are very patient and loving.

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Ural Rex

A well developed and athletic folded cat of medium size with a proportional body. The main feature is wavy wool of short or medium length. Recognized all the colors, with any acceptable amount of white. Exceptions are only chocolate, cinnamon, tabby, ticked tabby and bicolor. Loving and contact cats. They can show jealousy.

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Foren White

Graceful short-haired white cat with blue eyes. Stretched, with a long neck, a triangular muzzle and almond-shaped eyes. These cats are real intellectuals, able to find a common language with any other animal. They can spend hours with children, while they remain freedom-loving and independent. Have a loud voice.

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Unrecognized breed of large sizes( 5-10 kg), with an elongated well developed body and flexible slender limbs. Brushes on the ears are a must. There are individuals in 3 variations of color: ticked tabby, black and ticked silver. The coat is thick and dense. Temperament complaisant, they are sociable and affectionate, playful and mobile.

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Chantilly Tiffany

The virtue of the breed is in a luxurious fur coat. Wool is soft, medium length, without undercoat. The species is characteristic of the color tabby and solid, brown, lilac or blue, fawn and cinnamon shades. The body is strong, the muzzle is wide, the ears are small, the tail is fluffy, the eyes are oval yellow or amber in color. Animals are patient with children, calm and balanced. Favorite games are games with balls and toy mice.

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Cats with a soft character and bright appearance, stand out with a beautiful fox fur coat and expressive green eyes. Color with the effect of typing obscures ⅛ part of the wool. There are golden, cream and silvery individuals. Coat thin with long hairs and glossy sheen, undercoat of white color. Very contact animals, like noisy companies.

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Scottish Fold( Scottish Fold)

Small cats with snub nose, round big eyes and small overhanging ears. There is a large number of acceptable colors of wool. They are obedient and devoted cats, requiring constant attention of the owner. The breed lacks hyperactivity, and even the dog can brighten up its loneliness.

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Scottish Straight( Scottish Straight)

The breed is famous thanks to the advertisement "Whiskas".

They are often confused with the British. The Scots have an elegant long body, a rounded head, and a characteristic letter "M" on the forehead. Weight ranges from 3.5 to 5 kg. There are short-haired and long-haired straights, all of them have a pronounced undercoat. They are very independent, have a calm character.

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Distinctive features - a stocky body with thick squat paws, thick tail and large eyes. The coat is short, velvety, like plush toys, with well-developed undercoat. They have a quiet voice and a subtle nature. Very loyal and affectionate animals that suffer from loneliness.

Shorthair exotics are the kindest cats.
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Japanese Bobtail

Medium sized breed, slender with oblong body and physically developed muscles, limbs long and strong. The tail is short, vertical, about 7 cm long, can be movable and not. The head is triangular with neat bends and large eyes. The coat is short and dense, without undercoat, most often tortoiseshell with white. Very smart and active, they do not like to stay alone. Ideal for living in urban apartments.

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