Hooded doll popik with their own hands

Under such an original name - popiki, hiding fairly common decorative and applied creativity - making dolls and toys from socks and tights. This raw material can be podnakopitsya just mountains. Throw it out - it's a pity, but everyone can give them a second life. Such toys can be designed for children, be an excellent gift or even be treated as a work of art and decorate prominent places in your home.

  • Required Materials
  • Creating a toy

Materials required

For this lesson you will need the following materials: nylon or cotton sock, you can take a monochrome or colorful - at your discretion. What can be filled with a toy: a padding from an old jacket, soft fabrics, large salt, foam rubber, cotton wool and so on. Black thread for embroidering the eyes and thread for knitting( thick), to create hair.

Take a step-by-step master class on creating an author's doll http://woman-l.ru/avtorskaya-kukla-svoimi-rukami/

As for the hair, you can take any shade of thread, even extraordinary colors. Next: ribbon, beautiful braid or a small elastic band for hair, decorative materials for decoration: beads, small flowers, sequins, beads, sequins and the like.

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Creating toy

This example of the toy is very simple, it is suitable for those who only get acquainted with this technique, and also suitable for children's creativity. Cut the sock into 4 pieces as indicated in the photo to the master class.

Fold them together, one on top of the other, form a bag and fill it with the selected material.

Now it needs to be fixed. The easiest way is to tie it up and hide it under an elastic band, ribbon or braid.

After that, with a few stitches embroider the eyes of the future priest and go to the hair.

Fold a thick thread about 10-15 times and tie it in the middle.

Gently sew or glue with quick-drying glue to the toy. Cut the threads. So that they do not stick out just to the sides, sew them together.

Now it remains only to decorate the product.

Given that the top of the toy is massive enough, then at the bottom you can place massive elements. In our case, this is an artificial flower decorated with ribbons.

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