Directions in women's black and white tattoo

To date, the art of tattoo has gained large-scale turnover of popularity. Girls, guys, men, women - all try to stand out against the background of the grayness of being. Tattooing is a way to show one's eccentricity and reveal the inner world. We suggest you get acquainted with some popular among the girls styles of black and white tattoos.

  • Abstract
  • Blekvork
  • in Indian style
  • In the style of geometry
  • Dotvork
  • Maori
  • Minimalism
  • Inscriptions
  • Polynesia
  • Symbols
  • Tribal
  • Trash
  • Fauna
  • Veterinary
  • Chicano


Style does not require any precision and specificity in the lines. Such patterns can consist of all sorts of motives and elements. They can combine several styles and directions at the same time or have their own wonderful disorder. Abstraction tattoos can be both coarse and angular, and smooth and feminine.

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Style of drawing tattoos on large areas of the body. It's like pouring a whole lot. Most often use such variants of tattoos: a black square or a triangle, black patterns with small skin lumens, a black abstraction pattern, almost completely filled areas of the body with black paint. Often tattoos in the style of Blackwark become a way to get rid of scars and old tattoos.

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In the Indian style

In ancient times, it was believed that thanks to the patterns on the body of the Indian warrior, he became fearless and invulnerable. And on the body of an Indian girl this or that pattern promised promising marriage and a bright future.

Perform tattoos of mahendi, hindi or tilaka. They are created with both paint and henna. Also it is possible to attribute to this style such tattoos, as: images of sacred animals, religious images, amulets and so on.

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Tattoos are executed in the form of various lines, geometric shapes and their interlacing, which can be folded into whole patterns and pictures. Also very often when performing tattoos in a geometric style, arcs, broken lines, curved and deformed figures are used. Such a genre of tattoos can be extremely independent, and can absorb elements of abstractions or tribal patterns.

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Receptacles Tattoos in this style are made using a special dot pattern technology. In the style of the artwork depict a scale and symmetrical pattern, consisting of small dots. These patterns are always very complex, with high color density and contrast. Such tattoos are not universal and not numerous. Each picture is individual. Black and white picture in this direction will attract a lot of attention to yourself and to your owner.

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Maori is an ethnic direction in tattooing. In ancient times, such tattoos were an indicator of a representative of a particular tribe or tribe. Such tattoos include thin and smooth lines, the smallest details that form luxurious patterns. A distinctive feature of tattoos can be considered a spiraling character of the image, the pattern must begin and end in such a way that it is possible to draw one whole line along it. Style is considered an ancestral tattoo.

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This is the most simple and concise style of tattoos. Compositions in the style of minimalism are small enough, but they do not lose high level of elegance. A tattoo in the minimalist style can be inscriptions, flowers, patterns, animals, symbols, signs and so on. This option tattoo is suitable for people who do not want to stand out, but at the same time cherish the dream of a small native image.

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Black and white tattoo inscriptions can be very diverse. The language of the inscriptions can also be any. Here, when choosing a tattoo, you need to know specifically what you want to convey by one or the other phrase. The inscription will mean exactly what is written and readable. As an option, a tattoo can be a simple decoration of your body that does not carry semantic loads, performed in a beautiful font. But in order not to seem stupid you still need to know the meaning and translation of the written.

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Polynesia is also considered an ancestral art of tattoos. Distantly Polynesian patterns can resemble carvings. Tattoos consist of symmetrical figures and clear lines that coil, intertwine and intersect each other. Figures in Polynesian tattoos are ornaments, fish, seahorses, sea animals symbolizing the Polynesian Gods. Such tattoos testify to the high position in the society of its owner and help to bring luck to life.

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Symbols of

Symbols in tattoo art can be very diverse. Symbols can be state( flags, coats of arms), musical( notes, violin keys), religious( crosses, images), amulets( runes, stones, horseshoes) and so on. Each symbol means exactly what the image transmits. A black and white picture can in fact not be a symbol at all, but it can bear an important symbolic meaning for its owner.

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These are scale drawings consisting of geometric figures and angular motifs with interlacing of rings and sharp corners of figures. Such tattoos originate in the tribes of Africa and the Mayan civilization. In those days, tribal tattoos carried the character of military color, the sign of the tribe and the clan. Now tattoos in this style do more as a tribute to fashion. Tribal Tatu can carry deep meaning for their possessor, show his rich inner world or fully reflect his character.

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A style that is able to reflect the attraction in the most nasty or horrible. Trash is translated as "garbage".Most often tattoos in the style of trash - a black and white drawings associated with death, decomposition, destruction, garbage, vulgarity. Often, such pictures are very difficult to perceive by others. People doing trash-tattoos are extraordinary people who want to stand out from the gray mass. Sometimes such tattoos help their owners to understand their essence and open themselves.

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Tattoos in this style are an animal image. This includes not only all beloved large and small animals( tigers, elephants, mice, cats, leopards, panthers, dolphins, horses, sharks), but also representatives of insects: butterflies, scorpions, spiders, and birds. The image can be either realistic or fairy, or simply supplemented with some kind of image of another style.

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In this style, the body depicts plants and everything associated with them. The most popular options for girls are considered to be tattoos of roses, lotus, flowering branches, lilies. Tattoo can be performed as a complete object or as separate components of floristry. In tattoo art among women, floristry is the most popular style.

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Tattoos in this style appeared in the 40s of the twentieth century. Such tattoos were made by criminals and members of bandit groups as their personal identification mark and belonging to one or another gang. Such drawings could tell about the principles and moral values ​​of their owners. The images were rude and even carried prison values. Nowadays such a tattoo does not carry gangster significance, rather such a tattoo becomes a magnificent decoration. Represented in the form of black and white tattoos in the style of Chicano Jesus, Virgin Mary, Babies, Mother of God and so on.

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