Tips for makeup artists, how to apply dry and cream blush on the shape of the face

Many women apply blush only to apples of the cheeks. This is not always right and is only suitable for an ideally oval face shape. For the rest of the forms, makeup artists set their own rules. Skillful application of blush will help visually to narrow facial features, denote virtues, make it thinner and refined.

  • Choice of texture and color of blush
  • Selection of brushes for application
  • Rules and technique of contouring
  • Application to different types of face

Selection of texture and color of blush

The most popular textures are dry and creamy, less popular are liquid blush. Dry is more often selected for daytime make-up, and creamy for some varieties of evening and daytime makeup. Also for a fluffy blush that fits well and fuses with a natural blush.

Dry light blush can be applied to clean skin, if its tone is smooth and there are no disadvantages. But more often dry blush are applied and shaded over the powder.

Liquid and creamy blush are applied over a thin layer of foundation. You can apply and shade them with a brush or with your fingers. On top of such blush to powder it is not necessary.

When choosing the right color, apply a blush on the wrist and compare the tone of blush with the podton of your skin. For the Slavic nationalities there are two main subtonia of the skin: yellow and pink, they should be repelled from them. So, if the pod is pink, choose a rouge within the pink-coral-red palette, and if yellow - within the golden-terracotta-bronze palette.

Matt blush visually make the face flat, and shiny, on the contrary, emphasize the bulges.

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Selection of brushes for application of

Make-up artists advise selecting two special brushes for dry blush: round large brush for applying make-up and flat for correction of cheekbones. A liquid brush is suitable for application and sponge for shading.

Pile of brushes should be thin, then the pigment is better hammered and distributed on the skin.

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Rules and technique of contouring

The first step is to emphasize the line of cheekbones. To do this, you need to slightly draw in your cheeks and apply a brush of rouge to the cavities. In this case, move from the ear towards the corner of the mouth. Then blush should be shaded in circular motions and as if to drive into the skin. After that, blush the blush with long movements, but not circular. The brush should move smoothly around the cheekbone, as if drawing the letter "C".When the brush moves outward, the line is rounded towards the temple, inward - it rises to the nose.

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Step two. Type on the brush another portion of blush and make the contour of the face more clear. To do this, they should be applied to the jaw line. Begin the movement from the outer edge, and finish in the middle of the chin. Apply also blush on the temples to shade them.

Step three. Pick up a lighter shade of blush with a round brush and smile a little. In this position it is necessary to put a blush on the cheeks and shade them to the temples.

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Application to different face types

The oval face does not need correction, you just need to follow the steps above.

To hide the shortcomings of a round face, it is necessary to apply blush to the middle of the cheeks or slightly lower, otherwise the fullness of the cheeks will be emphasized.

For a square face, it is recommended to use vertical lines from the temples to the corners of the mouth, not reaching them about 2-3 centimeters and shading well. Also need to smooth out with blush bulging cheekbones and corners of the forehead.

For an elongated face it is necessary to put blush on the cheekbones, highlighting the area as a half of the ball. Also need to brown the tip of the chin and the middle of the forehead.

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