Master-class on interesting and simple crafts made of wood

The tree is suitable for creating many simple crafts both in the framework of children's and adult creativity. It can be both useful, and it is decorative beautiful things for an interior, and training hand-made articles. The basis of creativity are wood blanks, which can be bought or made independently on a woodworking machine.

  • Keychain
  • Baby cubes
  • Snowmen


To create round keyrings you need:

  • workpiece bar,
  • oil or acrylic paints,
  • thin brushes and a simple pencil,
  • wood varnish.
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The selected timber should be machined to an oval shape, stairs all the irregularities.

After it is necessary to mark the bar into individual rings and cut it, thereby making the workpiece for the key fobs.

These blanks are carefully sanded with several sandpaper. It is necessary to finish polishing the finest grained sandpaper. In the finished rings, holes are drilled.

After that, the surface is applied with a pencil drawings, painted with colors and sent to the dryer.

When the paint dries, the key rings are opened with a varnish and dried in a suspended state.

To create rectangular key fobs you will need:

  • special accessories( chain rings),
  • letters carved from dense multi-colored fabric, or any other images, symbols.
  • glue for wood,
  • brush, pliers and drill with a thin drill.

The manufacturing process is as follows: we apply a thin layer of adhesive to the wood with a brush and glue the letters neatly. When the glue dries, drill a hole in the top of the billet. With the help of pliers insert the fittings into it. If desired, you can open the charms with a varnish.

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Baby cubes

For work you will need:

  • billet cubes of the same size,
  • sandpaper,
  • acrylic paint,
  • brushes thin,
  • sponge,
  • varnish for final coating.

With sandpaper, treat the wooden blocks until visually and to the touch they become smooth and smooth.

After this, paint the cubes with a lighter paint on all sides. Allow to dry and darker paint with the help of sponge treat the ribs of cubes. Such coloring visually will hide shortcomings and irregularities.

After drying on each surface of the cube with a brush write letters.

loading. ..

Wait for the paint to dry and cover the cubes with varnish on five sides, without covering the side on which the cube will dry. Cover it after drying out the other sides. Also you need to act and when staining.

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You can attract children to create snowmen. The process is simple. For him you need:

  • sandpaper,
  • pieces of fabric,
  • baby socks,
  • joiner glue,
  • acrylic paints.

First, grind the wooden blocks to avoid injury, and then color them with the base white color. After the paint has dried, you need to draw a snowman's features.

After you put a snowman into improvised clothes, tie a scarf, attach a small hat and mittens.

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