Beautiful knitted blankets for newborns own hands

Plaid for a newborn is a tradition already established, in which this product is mandatory when the baby is discharged from the hospital. But it is not necessary to buy such a necessary thing, since it is unlikely that you will find a product in the shops namely handmade and at an affordable price. Knitted plaids on the extract for newborns can be tied in several ways, both crocheted and knitting.

  • What is necessary for the work of
  • Knitted plaid crochet
  • Knitted plaid with pins
  • Product variants

This way of purchasing a rug is suitable for those who do not believe in signs or have already given birth. Since many believe( and especially our grandmothers) that during pregnancy one can not knit things for his or her unborn child. However, if you yourself come to this question, then you will get an original, one-of-a-kind thing. Which will radiate the warmth of your hands and heart, as well as the inexhaustible love and care that you put in when knitting.

What is necessary for the operation of the

To begin with, choose a tool of labor - a hook or knitting needles( it is better that with which you already had work experience).Then you need to decide on the yarn. For babies it is mandatory to use natural yarn - cotton or wool. In addition, the yarn should be soft and gentle to the touch.

The color is chosen depending on the personal preferences and sex of the child, but if the floor is a mystery, choose neutral tones: white, beige, green, golden.

Then select the model and the desired scheme. Now you can proceed, be careful and attentive.

Diagrams and patterns for crochet crochet look here

If you yourself can not or do not want to do this kind of work, ask for ita person close to you. In any case, he will not refuse you and when knitting will invest as much care and warmth. In addition, a man who knows how to tie a plaid much better. And you can add that moms, grandmothers and close friends are happy to undertake such a job, since a knitted plaid for a newborn is an unusually sweet and gentle gift.

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Crochet plaid with crochet

The knitted plaid created with the help of the hook will be more openwork and airy than the product made by the spitz. To create a plaid, you need 500-600 grams of yarn( composition: cotton, silk and acrylic), hook No. 2 or No. 3, a satin wide ribbon for decoration and dressing.

Here is a description of a simple plaid scheme for a newborn:

  • Parameters of the finished plaid are: 90 cm by 115 cm;
  • The starting chain of loops consists of 196 loops;
  • Work goes according to the scheme. From the starting chain, we work through the product to the desired length. So, the length of 70 cm will be equal to 21 reports.

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Knitted plaid with pins

The size of the product is 60 by 75 cm. We choose yarn from natural raw materials. If the wool, then about 400 grams, if cotton with impurities, then about 500-600 grams.

The density of the web when knitting is: 20p.x26 p.persons.smooth = 10 × 10 cm.

The work is done with a face loop.

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Product variants

When choosing a plaid scheme for newborns, you can take as a basis some common models. So, the rugs invariably use:

  • composed of motifs;
  • made in the technique of loin knitting;
  • made in the technique of patchwork.
  • loading. ..

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