Variants of female tattoos on the back

Tattoos on the back came to us from the time of the ancient Incas as their battle color. At the present time, such tattoos also remain very popular due to the fact that you can put on the back of both a small and a large complex and colorful image. Now tattoos are nothing more than a way of self-expression. We bring to your attention the most popular versions of female tattoos on the back.

  • On the entire back surface
  • On the spine
  • On the
  • shoulder blades On the back of the

On the entire back surface of the

Such tattoos are always impressive. This can be partial or full filling. On the whole back, 3D 3D images are popular. The most popular ideas:

  • wings - these can be the wings of an angel, a firebird, a swan;
  • birds - this can be a single large bird( eagle, phoenix) or a flock of flying small birds;
  • patterns - a variety of colorful paintings( symbolic, ethnic, Japanese);
  • inscriptions - Latin, French, English, Russian. Aphorisms, words of great people, literary, musical lines or whole excerpts from works, hieroglyphs, inscriptions on fictitious languages;
  • snakes and other reptiles;
  • dragons and other mythical creatures;
  • predators, especially panthers, tigers, lions;
  • animals, in particular: elephants, horses.
  • flowers;
  • portraits.
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On the spine of

Such tattoos can be forgiven both on the whole spine and on its separate parts(cervical spine, lumbar region).Most often, along the spine and in some of its zones as a tattoo, girls prefer such images:

  • hieroglyphs in a vertical row;
  • fire-breathing dragons;
  • snakes;
  • flowering cherry branches;
  • orchid branches;
  • patterns;
  • arrows, spears;
  • vertical inscriptions.
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blades In this situation, the image can be single or paired, requiring continuation. In paired images, one tattoo from the shoulder blades smoothly passes into the other( complements it) or the tattoo can be symmetrical. Popular topics:

  • small wings( twin tattoo);A flock of birds;
  • muzzle predators;
  • flowers;
  • butterfly;
  • patterns;
  • inscriptions;
  • branch;
  • fantastic characters;
  • names;
  • dates.
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On the back of the

In this zone, the girls prefer abstraction tattoos. Perfect options for tattoos on the waist are ethnic patterns and tribal.

Often you can find on the female back of the tattoo symbols( hieroglyphs, notes, various signs).The most popular ideas for girls on the lumbar zone are:

  • butterflies;
  • roses;
  • birds;
  • flowering branches;
  • cat;
  • crosses;
  • crown.
  • dragons;
  • inscriptions;
  • patterns;
  • eagles;
  • tigers;
  • flame;
  • feathers;
  • snakes;
  • catcher dreams;
  • symbol of yin-yang.

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