Popular voluminous female 3d tattoo

3D tattoos - high-quality, detailed and the most realistic 3D images. Performed in the brightest colors and a variety of scales from micro to drawings on the whole back, buttock or thigh. Such tattoos should be realistic and similar to the true depicted subject. We offer some of the most popular styles for creating women's 3D images.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Mechanics
  • Inscriptions
  • Animal World
  • Realism
  • Abstraction
  • Organics
  • Plants

Science Fiction and Fantasy

3D fantasy tattoos and fiction are considered the most popular. The variety of characters and their colorfulness allows you to create a tattoo artist whole masterpieces. Tattoos in this style are preferred by dreamy natures, who want to know everything that is beyond the human mind. The most popular sketches of 3D tattoos in this direction are:

  • monsters;

  • the gnomes;
  • witches;
  • of the witch;
  • of the skull;
  • skeletons;
  • ghosts;
  • orcs;
  • goblins;
  • are giants;
  • fairies;
  • mermaids;
  • bats;
  • perfume;
  • characters fantasy;
  • characters fantasy;
  • colorful wings.
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This style implies a combination of torn human flesh and various mechanisms. This also includes ideas in the style of steampunk and cyberpunk. Such tattoos will suit non-ordinary natures with a complex character, rich in the inner world. The most popular sketches of this direction are:

  • tearing flesh with visible internal organs;
  • tearing flesh with visible gears and mechanisms;
  • nails driven into the body;
  • up to half stitched deep cuts and wounds;
  • attached arrows.
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3D inscriptions performed on the body acquire a non-standard, bright and colorful look. What happens to the inscriptions when performing them in the form of a 3D tattoo:

  • the tattoo falls on the body in bulk;
  • letters can be combined with any other 3D tattoo style;
  • inscriptions can be read in several directions simultaneously;
  • inscriptions reflect readable shadows;
  • the inscription can be viewed as if from under the skin.

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Animal Kingdom

This category unites insects, predators, fish and birds. Create a colorful 3D image can only be the animal itself, and can be supplemented with plants or combined into one several styles. The most common images are:

  • butterflies;
  • birds;
  • snakes;
  • dragons;
  • dolphins;
  • shark;
  • foxes;
  • wolves;
  • tigers;
  • lions;
  • of the horse;
  • spiders;
  • Panthers;
  • cats.

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The most difficult way to create a 3D tattoo. Such a tattoo should be as realistic as possible. There are two options for creating a 3D tattoo in the realism style - colored volumetric tattoos or black and white. Realism requires the drawing of clear lines and scrupulousness to the smallest details. The most popular are the following ideas:

  • portraits of loved ones or idols;
  • whole photos;
  • birds;
  • of the eye;
  • landscapes;
  • animals;
  • famous characters.
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This style does not require special conventions. Patterns and ornaments can be either clear or fuzzy. In such tattoos, there are no boundaries. The 3D image can combine completely opposite color solutions and shapes, sharp and angular figures. Such tattoos are best suited for non-ordinary and creative personalities with a unique perception of life.

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The direction is very similar to the mechanics, but at the same time is very different. This tattoo combines abstraction, mechanics and organic and merges into a drawing on your body.3D tattoos in this style fit well-balanced and self-confident personalities.

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3D tattoo plants do not have any clear style boundaries. Such tattoos look very colorful, rich, elegant, bright. Most often, girls prefer such variants of 3D plant tattoos:

  • flowering branches( sakura);
  • flower compositions;
  • combination of animals and plants;
  • combination of plants and mechanics;
  • flowers( roses, lilies, lotuses, orchids);
  • a combination of plants and abstractions.
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