List of works by Korney Chukovsky for children

On the tales of K. Chukovsky grew more than one generation. They talk about animals and people, their vices and virtues. Fairy tales are interesting and entertaining. Touch the creativity of the famous author, reading the works of Korney Chukovsky for children, the list of which is presented below.


A fairy tale tells about the need for daily water procedures. In it, Chukovsky narrates about a boy who was a real mess. Therefore, went to bed unwashed. When he woke up, he noticed that all the objects to which he wanted to touch ran away from him. In addition to everything, a washbasin by the name of Mojdodir comes out of Mama's bedroom and begins to shame him. After trying to escape, the boy understands how important cleanliness is and corrects his mistake.


The author of the fairy tale tells that he is called all day long by different animals. Each of them has his own requests. The elephant needs chocolate, crocodile galoshes for dinner for the whole family, rabbits - gloves, marmosets - books. During the day the phone does not stop. In the end, the author decisively decides to save the hippopotamus, who fell into the swamp.

Fedorino Mountain

This is an entertaining tale in which K. Chukovsky narrates about the trouble that happened to the heroine. Due to the fact that Fedor negligently conducted farming, all housewares fled from her. The dishes, shovel, irons and plates did not want to serve the slut any longer. The house has accumulated dirt, cobwebs, cockroaches. Realizing his wrong, Fedor persuades all to return, promising to fix it. After harvesting, the grateful dishes offered the hostess tasty pies and pancakes.

The stolen sun

In the fairy tale "Stolen Sun" tells a terrible story about how a crocodile deprived all the sun. He shamelessly swallowed the heavenly body. Because of this, it became dark, all the beasts were frightened. But no one wants to go to the crocodile to help out the sun. Then they ran to Medved to ask for help. He went to the swamp, flew into the crocodile and let out the sun for the joy of everyone.

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In the work "Cockroach" the reader learns a story about how Tarakan imagines himselfinvincible. He could frighten not only small animals, but even crocodiles, rhinoceroses and elephant. The beasts moustached to the Cockroach and were ready to give their children to him for food. But the fearless sparrow saw before him the usual mustachioed insect and ate it. On the joys of the beasts arranged a grand feast and began to praise the savior. So the beast was not so great, as he thought about himself.

Miracle tree

The fairy tale "Miracle tree" is a story about an amazing tree. Instead of flowers and fruits, shoes and stockings grow on it. Thanks to the tree, poor children will no longer walk in dirty galoshes and ragged boots. The shoes are already ripe so that everyone can come up and choose new galoshes or boots. Who needs to be found on the miracle tree stockings and leggings. Thanks to him now no one will freeze in winter.


The fairy tale is about the confrontation of people and animals. The Crocodile became the beast of animals, who visited Petrograd and, indignant at the situation in the Zoosad, set up wild animals to go into the city and rescue friends. In the city he is confronted by Vanya Vasilchikov, who drives off the attackers. However, the animals captured Lyalya. Having entered into negotiations with them, Vanya liberates the girl and negotiates the peaceful coexistence of people and animals.

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"Mukha-tsokotuha" - a fairy tale about celebrating the name day of the main character. The fly, having found the money, bought a samovar and organized a grand celebration. On a visit to her came insects, cockroaches and even a grandmother-bee. When the evil spider appeared at the celebration, all the guests were frightened and hid. It would not be possible for Mukhe to live, if Comarik did not hurry to help her. He rescued the birthday girl and wished to marry her. In gratitude, Mukha agreed to marry him.

Aibolite and sparrow

In the fairy tale "Aibolit and the Sparrow" there is a narrative about a poor bird, which was bitten by a snake. The young sparrow after the bite could not fly up and fell sick. The big-eyed frog barked over him and led him to the doctor. On the way, a hedgehog and a firefly joined them. Together they brought the patient to Aybolit. All night long he was treated by Doctor Sparrow and saved him from certain death. So he treats Aibolit beasts, and they even forget to say thank you.


The work of "Barmalay" is a warning for young children about the dangers that await them in Africa. There are terrible beasts that can bite and beat. But the most terrible thing is Barmaley, who can eat children. But Tanya and Vanya disobeyed the instructions and, while parents were asleep, went to Africa. Their journey did not last long - they soon got to Barmaleya. If it were not for Dr. Aibolit and Crocodile, it is not known what would happen to disobedient children.


In the fairy tale "Sandwich" the main character is an inanimate object - a sandwich with ham. He wanted to go for a walk once. And to make it more fun, he smeared a bun. They saw the tea cups and shouted a warning to the sandwich. They discouraged unconsumed going out the gate. After all, Moore can eat it there. So, sometimes, a person does not listen to the common opinion of others and suffers from this.

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Fairytale "Confusion" is a fascinating lullaby for little children. In it, Chukovsky tells of an emergency situation, when the animals wished to make sounds unusual for them. The kittens wanted to grunt, the ducklings croak, and the sparrow generally groaned like a cow. Only zainka did not succumb to general disgrace. Everything fell into place only after the fire at the sea was extinguished, the culprits of which were chanterelles. Such confusion does not lead to anything good.

Adventures of Bibigona

The Adventures of Bibigon describes the adventures of a fairy-tale creature. The main character - Bibigon - lives in the country with the author. With him there are always incidents. Then he will enter into single combat with a turkey, whom he considers a sorcerer. That will decide to ride on a ghostly galoshes, portraying a sailor. In different parts of the tale his opponents were a spider, a bee, a crow. After Bibigon brought his sister Cincinnela, he had to fight with the turkey, whom he defeated.

Toptygin and Fox

In the tale "Toptygin and Fox" there is a story about Medvedev, who did not have a tail. He decided to correct this misunderstanding and went to Aibolit. A kind doctor decided to help the poor fellow and offered to choose a tail. However, Fox fooled Medved's head, and, according to her advice, he chose a peacock's tail. With such an ornament, the clumsy became noticeable, and soon the hunters caught it. That's what happens to those who are "on the brink" of cunning.


In the tale "The Scrabble Song" the author tells about a strange place where people and objects are twisted. Man and grandmother, mice and wolves and even Christmas trees are deformed. The river, the path, the bridge - everything is twisted. Nobody except K. Chukovsky does not know where this strange and amazing place is located, in which people and animals live and are happy. A merry description of a world that does not really exist.

Pankov Gleb

If you read these books together with children, you can not only interest the child with truly vivid pictures and instructive, interesting content, but the child can also learn to read and write earlier. So it was with my 4-year-old son: he was delighted when I read aloud to him "Confusion", "Mukha-zokotukha", "Barmaleya", asked about the letters in the book, tried to write them. And when he told poems learned by heart at holidays( this, by the way, developed him a good memory), he always received sweets.

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