Hippie style in clothes

Not much that is considered good in this world spawned war. Hippies - a pleasant exception, some counterweight, a failure in the system. This unique movement, which became a mass protest, a way of life for millions of people of the 50-60 years of the last century and inspiring the minds of contemporaries, arose from the ashes of the brutal wars of the middle and second half of the twentieth century, the most significant of which were the Second World and Vietnam.

  • Background
  • Features
  • Fabrics
  • Colors
  • Denim( jeans)
  • Native American motifs
  • Oriental motifs
  • Accessories
  • Hairstyle and makeup

Historical background

A whole pacifist wave swept across the US, capturing the countries of Europe and Asia."Children-flowers", namely the so-called adherents of this movement, united in communes, where they lived according to their laws and rules, in unity with nature and all living things on the planet.

Hippies actively opposed the military actions, the senseless destruction of people and nature, advocated the equality of races, calling for love each other, and not to fight.

Their constant slogan: "Make love, not war"( literally: "Make love, not war") has long been transformed into a verbal brand and has been popular since the onset of the current. The result of their movement were significant changes in the constitutions of many countries and the compilation of certain paragraphs of the UN regulations.

The world community could not ignore the large-scale current. It can not be said that it was the hippies who made these changes, but they served as a good catalyst without even participating in conflicts and staying on the sidelines. However, in addition to reforms, there is another by-product of this movement - the emergence of a unique subculture and its unique style in clothing.

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This style includes free cut skirts and dresses to the floor, including stitched out of colorful rags, with ethnic motifs and geometric prints, transparent blouses, colorful, bright, jeans and, of course,flared trousers.

And, the wider the flare, the better. Very often, the adherents of this style deliberately increased the flare, sewing additional wedges into it. It looked ridiculous. But, then it is fashion, and fashion is funny twice - at the beginning and at the end.

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Decorate such pants with beads, painted paints, embroidered mulina and scuffs.

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Fabrics made of natural fibers are used: wool, linen, etc. Less often in our time, as a tribute to the struggle for animal rights, genuine leather is used, but qualitative substitutes are welcomed.

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In terms of the color scheme, the hippy style is considered to be the brightest and most diverse of all styles of clothing. Recently, new acidic colors have been added to the palette and the color spectrum is constantly expanding with the experiments of leading designers. Unwaveringly popular colors remain sandy, blue, unsaturated red, brown and shades of unsaturated green.

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Denim( jeans)

Denim products are the hallmark of the style. Clothing made of jeans can become the base for the formation of the image. Modern style allows a strict cut of jeans trousers. Klesh is appropriate, but it differs significantly from the original one. Now it is accepted only insignificantly to designate, not leading up to the Beatles' extremes.

Jeans waistcoats, shorts, sleeveless jackets, jackets and denim skirts made of loose denim use a special fashion.

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Indian motives

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Also characteristic attribute of the style are concentric circles of the irregular shape of all colors of the rainbow, strange patterns and fractals of bright, sometimes even poisonous shades, inherent in the ethnic culture of the indigenous peoples of North America. In style, in general, much migrated from the culture of the Indians. It became the basis for the flow in terms of morality, rules, and in terms of the formation of style features.

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Oriental motifs

Lightweight, soaring fabrics and spacious, comfortable outfits came in style from the cultures of the peoples of eastern and central Asia. The influence of these crops is relevant in our years, but not so noticeable at the beginning of the movement. Oriental motifs added a style of bold brightness, as well as the use of silk, chiffon.

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Style is very inventive. Accessories in it occupy a central position and somehow form an image. The main ones are the following:

  • Hat is an accessory number one. It is a kind of headgear: wide-brimmed hats, scarves, scarves, often create that special image of the hippie, to which we are accustomed. And, often these accessories were made by hand.
  • Bag - an important accessory for the style. They, like headgear, should magnetically draw on themselves the accent in the compiled image. Bags are made of natural fabrics of different density or leather. The sizes vary from small and to bulky, but the design is similar. Such a bag should be worn over the shoulder, be solid, brightly decorated.
  • Fenichka - handmade goods, braids. Often, such bracelets symbolize friendship, love, sympathy, loyalty to some decision or cause. They are popular with teenagers in many countries, regardless of the style in which they dress.
  • Flowers. They are weaved into hair and this is very symbolic, because hippies are "flower children".It is permissible to use only qualitatively made artificial flowers, which would not be close to cemetery wreaths. The use of natural colors in our time, oddly enough, is not welcome.
  • Jewelery. Style allows the use of many natural materials for jewelry: stone, leather, wood, metals. Previously, there was a condition that jewelry should not be expensive. But modern designers have broken this rule, starting to use gold, silver, platinum, semiprecious minerals in their collections. Externally, the decorations can be pretentious, massive.
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    Hairstyle and makeup

    Loose hair and thin braid on the forehead are also recognizable in this style, like a hat or jeans. With a hairdo, when composing an image, it's better not to be tricky.

    As for make-up: either natural, or make-up using the shades of Mother Nature. And in the second case, it can be saturated, bright, bright.


    I used to like this style very much in clothes)) And now, in the summer, I allow myself a little hooliganism and put on myself a long colorful skirt and bracelets with necklaces in the style of hippies. Immediately you feel yourself for many years younger))

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