Benefit and harm of micellar water, its popular brands

Micellar water is a cosmetic product, which includes micelles( tiny particles of fatty acids), repelling dirt from the surface of the skin. It has no color and a specific smell( except for the subtle and delicate flavor with which some firms release the product).Recently, it is believed that this water cleans the skin better than other means.

  • composition micellar water
  • What is the micellar water
  • How to use
  • Popular brands
  • Nivea
  • Garnier
  • Black Pearl
  • Bioderma
  • L'Oreal
  • Clean Line
  • Yves Rocher
  • Librederm
  • Biore
  • Contraindications

composition micellar water usually

this cosmetic contains various natural extracts( for example, a rose or chamomile extract), nutritious oils( olive oil, peach seed oil), vitamins. Often the composition includes hyaluronic acid, supporting moisturizing, panthenol and glycerin, which nourish the skin.

A distinctive feature of the composition of micellar water is the absence of alkalis, soaps and other chemical compounds.

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Why micellar water is needed

Micellar water does not bring much benefit and has no significant disadvantages, but it greatly facilitates everyday life for girls:

  • does not dry sensitive skin, does not cause irritation and redness;
  • is suitable for all ages;
  • copes with the removal of even persistent makeup;
  • does not injure the skin;
  • cleans and moisturizes the face.
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How to use

It is not difficult to use this water: you need to moisten it with a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin of the face carefully. After using micellar cleansing water, you do not need to wash, the product perfectly performs the function of cleansing, nutrition and moisturizing.

If before micellar water for the skin was an unusual remedy, now every cosmetic firm is engaged in the production of this product. To properly select micellar water, you need to know not only your individual characteristics, but also the composition of the goods of different firms.

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Popular brands of

The following brands of micellar waters are considered to be the most popular on the market of cosmetics:

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The product gently cleanses the skin, moisturizing it, does not require flushing. Well suited to sensitive skin, rarely irritating. Of the visible disadvantages - not enough removal of makeup.

Pros: Affordable price, suitable for sensitive skin type, moisturizes, does not require washing after use.
Cons: badly gets rid of makeup.
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The product cleans the skin well, but often causes irritation, especially around the eyes, since it contains alcohol. Many consumers noted a lack of sensation of cleanliness of the skin, a desire to wash, although the correct micellar water should not require washing after use.

Pros: affordable price, skin cleansing, makeup removal.
Cons: irritates the skin, causes a desire to wash( contrary to the recommendations of the company).
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Black pearl

It removes cosmetics very well, but often causes skin irritation and even allergic reactions. Micellar water of this company has a sharp odor, which is not typical for this type of product.

Pros: affordable price, quality removal of cosmetics.
Cons: causes irritation, has specific smells.
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This remedy is considered acceptable for regular use. Suitable for all skin types. In the micellar water of Bioderma there are practically no harmful chemicals. It cleans, nourishes and moisturizes.

Pros: the product is suitable for every type of skin, cleans and moisturizes, rinses make-up, does not cause irritation.
Cons: high price.
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One of the inexpensive and high-quality products has hypoallergenic properties. Cleans the skin without causing irritation. The water does not contain alkali and alcohol. Many consumers found the product too sticky, requiring flushing.

Pros: Affordable price, makeup, gently cleanses the skin, does not irritate.
Cons: need to flush.
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Clean line

This brand's water copes well with cleansing, quickly removes make-up, does not burn eyes, does not cause irritation. It has a fragrance.

Pros: Affordable price, removes makeup, does not pinch eyes, has scent, cleans.
Cons: small bottle.
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Yves Rocher

This micellar water contains plant ingredients that moisturize and soothe sensitive skin. The product cleans well, does not cause irritation and is harmless to the skin, does not require washing. However, it can not cope with rapid removal of makeup.

Pros: composition, moisturizing, suitable for any skin, does not irritate, does not require flushing.
Cons: high price, not suitable for quick removal of makeup.
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It moisturizes and completely removes make-up. Has a weak, pleasant smell. Slightly pinching eyes, sometimes can pinch the skin. Micellar water to remove makeup does not leave a sticky sensation.

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Pros: affordable price, removes makeup, has a fragrance, does not leave a stickiness.

Cons: Pinches eyes and skin.

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Micellar Biore water perfectly copes with the removal of make-up and cleansing of the skin of the face. It nourishes the skin, does not cause a sensation of dryness or stickiness. Has a convenient bottle that allows you to evenly wet the cotton pad.

Pluses: removes cosmetics, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, does not cause dryness and stickiness of the skin, it is suitable for sensitive skin type, it has a convenient bottle.
Cons: high price.
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First, when choosing micellar water, it is necessary to take into account the skin type, individual characteristics, the tendency to allergies, pay attention to the composition.

Incorrectly selected micellar water can lead to skin problems( allergies, redness, rashes, itching).

Secondly, it is not recommended to use micellar water for girls with oily skin.

The micelles in the product mix with natural skin fat and, instead of cleansing, form fatty layers that can lead to clogging of the pores( acne formation).

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