C מאשר ללבוש מגפיים הקרסול כראוי

For several years in a row boots ankle boots remain at the peak of their popularity and are not yet going to disappear from there. At the moment they are the most popular women's demi-season shoes in the world. This is a neat and versatile footwear that is suitable for any of your outings.

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How to choose

Ankle boots are a tandem of shoes and classic boots, from which they took the main features. They are lightweight, so even with prolonged wear you will not feel tired, and a comfortable and stable heel allows you to ensure the right foot position.

Before you decide on the version of shoes, you need to note soberly the shortcomings of the figure. This is important, because correctly selected boots will help put emphasis on the merits, and wrongly selected will play a negative role in your image.

If you decide to wear ankle boots of classic models, please note that they make the legs visually fuller and shorter. Shoes of this length will suit those women who are confident in the harmony of their figure. Also they can wear girls of high growth.

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Too thin women are better not to wear ankle boots on a wedge, they visually weigh the image,especially if you combine them with a skirt. Open shoes of this type can visually facilitate the leg, making it not so cumbersome in the case of a large foot size.

The main problem is that these half boots make a clear line on the ankle and thus make the legs shorter. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear ankle boots to girls of short stature. This is the kind of boots that do not forgive negligence. Therefore, the entire image must be thought from beginning to end.

Massive heeled boots are very often used for street walks with friends. They create a spirit of informality and so you can wear ragged jeans, long dresses or black jeans. Also in the cold season you can wear knee socks. In the same style, you should choose clothes, if you decide to buy tractor boots.

Buying short boots, it is worth remembering that together with a short dress they will make you taller and slimmer.

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With what to combine

Under what is best to wear ankle boots? As for outerwear, ankle boots can be worn, combining with a coat below the knee, better flared, leather jacket or cloak. Accessories can serve as elegant clutches and large bags. Add an image of a fashionable scarf and stylish leather strap, and you will be irresistible.

Ankle boots will help you solve a lot of problems in composing ensembles for both the office and the youth party. The versatility of this type of footwear makes it possible to complement any suit, adding a zest to the outfit - overalls, knitted dresses and suits will look great with them.

The most successful combination with ankle boots is skinny jeans. They tightly tighten your legs and emphasize all their dignity. With ankle boots it is recommended to wear tight jeans. So they will make the image more feminine and elegant.

Brown boots are very popular and most often made of suede, wool or knitwear.

They perfectly will be combined with a skirt of burgundy or red color. And also with a pullover of gentle shades.

The coat should be tone-to-tone like your shoes or whether it is cherry, terracotta or beige. Boots of red color will look great with an additional thing of the same color. This can be a scarf, gloves or handbag.

As the red color reminds us of cowboys, the checkered pattern on clothes will always be appropriate. With red ankle boots wear the following colors: white, black, blue, purple and red. With any of these shades, red boots will look harmonious.

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Neutral beige color will look great with a light silk blouse of the same color. Beige ankle boots and a pencil skirt together will make you slimmer and longer. With such light boots you can go in the days of disco and wear leggings or leather pants. Stylists recommend that brunettes wear red or coral sweaters with such shoes.

Red ankle boots can be worn with white, orange, yellow, black and brown clothing.

The gray color is neutral and therefore the botilions of this shade can be worn with clothes in the same color combination. Also, gray can be diluted with more vivid and saturated colors such as raspberry, orange, lime, bright pink, purple.

Botillons are already pulling attention to themselves, and if they are also blue, then it is better to choose the rest of the clothes for more neutral shades. In harmony with the blue color is green, so do not be afraid to combine these two shades.

In addition to black boots, it is best to wear one more thing of the same color. This will help to be a cardigan or jacket, black pantyhose or a dress.

If you want to wear ankle boots in winter, then it's best to add a down jacket or winter coat to the image.

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Not recommended

When wearing ankle boots with wide trousers, consider that the stylish effect of shoes will be lost.

Refuse and the combination with this footwear lush and voluminous skirts. Also, ankle boots do not combine with fur products, such as a fur coat, fur vest.

Universal material today is considered suede. For botilions also chose this material, because it is very practical. But the only thing with which you should not combine suede ankle so it is with velvet clothing.

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High boots should not be worn under pants or jeans.

When choosing wide boots, remember that you can wear them. These shoes are designed for long walks with friends around the city, but not for a date for which you dressed a cocktail dress. The outfit will look ridiculous.

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