Popular signs and superstitions about the ladybug

In the people since ancient times, the ladybird is considered a servant of the Virgin, therefore she deserved such a reverent and careful attitude towards herself, expressed in superstitions and signs. Until now, there is a belief that an insect can understand human speech, flies to God and passes on to him the requests and wishes of people. It is believed that the bug lives in heaven and only occasionally descends from there, to give the man the will of the Lord.

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  • Yellow - brings happiness, heralds a favorable change.
  • With white spots - to the good news.
  • Black with red dots - carries with it success in business.
  • A lot of bright red insects on the street prophesies a friendly and big family who saw the person. For landowners - this is a happy omen, meaning a rich harvest of rye.
  • Without specks - the ladybird itself was only born and heralds the birth of a baby.

  • With two points - a person will learn to be judicious and begin to make the right decisions.

In ancient times, by the number of specks on the insect's back, we were judged how many lucky months would be in a year. The happiest is the cow, on the body of which there are 7 black dots. In this case, we must release the insect to freedom with the words: "How many specks on the body of the cow, the same number of happy months will be this year."

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An alarming and dangerous sign if the cow is patiently crawling on the outside of the window and enters the web. This can mean that happiness is very close, but something or someone will frighten him. It is necessary to save the insect and luck will come to the house. If you can not save, then you will have to fight for happiness.

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  • On the arm : to the right - to fulfill the cherished desire;on the left - to improve health. Also, the ladybug on her hand is a good excuse for guessing for the future. It is necessary to ask the bug the question and gently blow under the wings: if the bug gets up, the conceived will come to pass, and if it continues to wander on the hand, hope will not come true or will be fulfilled with a delay. When the bug sits on your hand, you need to count to 22, if it does not fly off to the end of the account, then a happy love awaits a person.
  • On the head - a happy sign for work. Career will go on with rapid steps, authority will increase, if there is some unpleasant situation, then it will be quickly resolved for the better. It is important not to be scared and not to brush off the insect to the ground, otherwise the luck and success that it carried will bypass.
  • On the face - promises a happy love.
  • On the hair - to money, promotion, respect and honor. If the ladybug is entangled in the curls, then a person expects a rapid transition to a new, joyful and prosperous standard of living.
  • On the shoulder of - neutral sign. Nothing significant will happen, but the mood and well-being will improve, and happy events in life will multiply.
  • On the back of the - the difficult situation will be resolved quickly.
  • On the chest - to a happy life.
  • On the foot - happiness will come, but a little later.
  • On clothes - to pleasant surprises from the liked person.

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The ladybirds have jaws, but they rarely bite, usually bugs are hunting foraphid. However, if still a ladybug bit, then you should pay attention to it. She can so warn of a foe or an enemy who curses behind her or tries to slander.

Another sign for the bite: the bug did not like the smell of a man, and she expressed it this way.

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In house

  • The ladybird flying into the dwelling is a sign related to the birth of the firstborn. If the children in the family already have, then they will be friendly and happy.
  • An insect will never fly into a house from which bad energy comes, so if this happens, you can be sure that the apartment has a positive, harmonious aura. To drive out the ladybird is not worth it, since this act will destroy the favorable atmosphere in the house. It is better to plant it on a house plant near an open window - soon the spotted creature will fly away on its own.
  • The ladybird has flown into the house - a sign that once the lost thing will soon be found.
  • If the insect has settled on the bed where the child sleeps, it means that it will grow strong and strong. A visit to the bug of a couch of a married couple is a sign of a successful and happy marriage filled with love, respect and mutual understanding.
  • If a ladybug has allocated a yellow liquid, it is a symbol of health. Therefore, if someone is sick in the house, he will soon recover. In ancient times, this toothache was lubricated with this secret.
  • If the insect has flown into the room of an unmarried girl, then soon she will marry.
  • To kill a bug is a bad omen.
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The time of the year also plays a significant role: depending on the season, its significance also changes.

  • The insect settled in the house in the spring - to financial success and profit, in the summer - one should expect career growth, bonus or promotion. In this case, the ladybird should be put on a palm and put on the street: the faster it flies, the stronger and more stable will be the material situation. If the bug is sitting on your hand for more than 1 minute, then you will have to fight for wealth and profit, limiting expenses and saving every penny.
  • In winter and autumn, spotty guests fly into the house rarely, because in the cold season they hide from bad weather or die. However, if an insect visits a dwelling in September, it is a sign that the family will be replenished. When a spotted miracle suddenly appears in January or February, soon the newlyweds will appear in the house or the beloved distant relative will arrive. When in the cold season a divine creature flew into the house, the omen will come true only if it is left in the dwelling, planted on any flower.
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To attract success and success to the house, you need to wear an amulet with the image of a ladybug. In this case, the more spots on its wings, the stronger the talisman.

  • One point means help in any undertaking.
  • Two - will give satisfaction and harmony.
  • Three - will make the owner decisive and judicious.
  • Four - will lead bad people, thieves and robbers.
  • Five - will help improve mental abilities, awaken hidden talents.
  • Six - will help in development and self-education.
  • Seven is a divine sign, a promise of wealth and happiness.
  • Having decorated your home with an object or image of a beautiful and bright bug, you can attract happiness, luck and safety. Such a decoration for children's rooms is considered a particularly favorable sign.
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